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Yuan was full of anger and grievance, but on hearing him, Ji Hao was so delighted that he even wanted to applaud. If he weren't considering the face of this potential future ally, he would have leaped up, clapped his hands, and maybe even danced a little.

The golden light beam expanded in all directions and became a soft light screen that wrapped up the entire palace. The wind roared out from the light screen, and following the wind, Yu Meng disappeared, while a boundless dessert appeared in the light. As the desert showed up, a very real, scorching and dry air came over from the light.

"Ah, the smell of my hometown!" Su raised his head, shaking his head as he sighed.

"My family is lucky. In a hopeless situation, my ancestors discovered Pan Sha world. Relying on this small desert world, my family went through the roughest time, slowly developing and expanding." Yu Meng's voice could be heard from the light screen. With a deep affection, he sighed, "But, my family is also so unlucky..."

Hearing his story, Ji Hao began nodding.

Unlucky indeed. His family found Pan Sha world in a desperate situation. In Pan Sha world, his ancestors resumed their spirits, had the first income, earned their seed capital, and started their expansion and innovation.

But, what frustrated them was that the worlds surrounding Pan Sha world were all infertile, predominated by deserts. Sands everywhere, sandstorms every day; small, large, numerous suns floated in the sky. In these worlds, plants and water were the most important resources.

The images in the light screen changed, showing a rapidly flowing river. The river flew across a yellow dessert, connecting a series of oases like a pearl necklace. Triangular white sails were moving on the river; in oases, weird-looking intelligent creatures lived a peaceful life.

The image then zoomed out to show the countless oases by the riversides. Because of this great river, the desert was decorated with different scaled oases. Even though the deserts were still the absolute dominators of this world, but based on a rough calculation, the oases had occupied about twenty-percent of the world.

One could see that in the early stage of the invasion, Yu Meng's ancestors had already built a hegemony in this world. Countless dark-skinned local creatures were floating in the air with reverence, kowtowing to the Jia Clan warriors treading on metal plates. Supervised by Jia Clan warriors, they dug out golden rocks from under the sands, building pyramids and enormous statues.

Surrounding each pyramid, beautiful halls were built. Large groups of Yu Clan nobles in luxurious clothes, as well as Jia Clan commanders and Xiu Clan masters were leisurely walking in the hall. The spring water and wine were served everywhere by countless local creatures in golden armors devoutly. Troops of local warriors gathered to the military camps around the halls from every direction.

Yu Meng's family was growing rapidly. Trained by Jia Clan commanders, those local warriors turned brave and battlewise. Their great potentials were inspired, and they mastered countless types of strange magic, attaining great powers.

Trampling across the Chaos, Yu Meng's family invaded more and more worlds. Under Yu Meng's leadership, the number of the worlds conquered by his family finally reached one hundred!

Those were one-hundred words ruled by deserts, but with abundant water resources and oases. Yu Meng and the species he ruled lived free lives in these worlds. Led by Yu Meng, the enormous powerful army composed from local creatures of these worlds even began trying capture natural stars from the Chaos, then plant the stars with rich water resources in their worlds to moisturize these desert worlds.

Everything was going in a good way until…

A secret survey corp from the Holy Realm in Pan Yu world suddenly showed up outside the base of Pan Yu's family, which was located in Pan Sha world. At lightning speed, they paid surprise inspections to all the worlds that Yu Meng's family controlled, and next, in a very aggressive way, they ordered Yu Meng's family to come back under control of the large suzerain family, to be under their protection, while paying enough tributes to them.

"So greedy, Pan Yu world and those bloody nobles." Murmured Yu Meng.

The images in the light screen changed quickly. In these desert worlds, the great rivers flowing across deserts were taken away one after another, directly sent back to Pan Yu world through portals.

To Pan Yu world, a great river was not worth mentioning, but to the desert worlds ruled by Yu Meng, any river could be the lifespring of tens of millions of lives.

Forced by the suzerain family, Yu Meng and his family yield without a choice. Helplessly, they watched the worlds they ruled being drained one after another. The rivers were drawn away one after another, leaving them the deserts and the withering oases.

What was even worse — Those suzerain family people didn't even let pass the plants in the oases in these desert worlds. They accurately calculated the numbers of each of these worlds, then plundered a giant amount of green resources from these worlds, over and over again!

Under the unlimited looting of the suzerain family, the worlds controlled by Yu Meng's family withered quickly, collapsing and dying. In the light screen, tens of purely dark, six-meters-tall wolf-headed creatures walked on the desert. They looked at the sky, opened their mouths to inhale towards the sun. Then, they scooped some sand from the ground and put it into their mouth, chewing and swallowing.

"Are they poor? They are so poor!" Yu Meng's voice gave an indescribable feeling, "These people of mine used to fancy sizzling grilled meat, clear spring water, thick yogurt...But, after that bloody suzerain family found us, in mere twenty-thousand years, my people evolved into monsters which can feed on sand!"

Ji Hao popped out his eyes in shock.

Mr. Crow widely opened his mouth, cawed out loud, then sighed, "Caw, that's a great ability. So much sand! They can't eat it all no matter how hungry they are, right?"

"That isn't the problem!" Yu Meng growled with rage, "Dignity is the problem! My people want to eat meat and drink wine. They want everything that they deserve! But now, in those poor worlds, they can only stuff their stomachs with sand!"

"So, Emperor Ji Hao, let's fight together and kill those bloody scums!" Yu Meng roared out in fury.

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