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"Perhaps, only my master can answer your questions."

Su carefully let out a golden bead from his mouth. On the golden bead, weird patterns were inlaid with obsidians. He glanced at Ji Hao, seeing him show no signs of objection. Then, he carefully put the golden bead on the ground, pushed his hands before his chest, and cast a spell.

Following a muffled bang, the golden bead split up into a beautiful, blooming flower. A beam of golden light shone from the flower, then clouds of tiny golden light spots drifted down from the light beam. Within the light spots, a tall and sturdy, dark-skinned, handsome man showed up.

The man's erect eye was gone, but his face was featured obviously as a Yu Clan being. The beautiful face was predominated by a strong pride, and hiding deep behind that was cunningness and evilness. All these features proved that he was a pure Yu Clan noble.

"A dark-skinned Yu Clan noble? First time I see one!" Seeing this man, Ji Hao immediately gave this mean comment.

"I tanned myself, so my skin can share a color with the people under my leadership. My dark skin gives me this affinity." Said this dark-skinned Yu Clan man. His long hair were coiled into a strangely shaped bun on top of his head, and he was wearing a golden armor, decorated with emeralds and luxurious patterns. He smiled and nodded to Ji Hao, then continued saying, "I am Yu Meng, the Divine King of Pan Sha world and the other ninety-nine desert worlds."

Before Ji Hao said a word, he spread his hands and laughed, "But of course, as a title, 'Divine King' means nothing. Some of my friends call themselves emperors, some call themselves rulers, some created weird titles like 'governor-general'...But in fact, we're all the same. We're the claws and tusks of Pan Yu world, on the millions of conquered worlds."

Ji Hao calmly looked at Yu Meng. Judging by what he said, he was clearly very different from the other Yu Clan nobles.

"Unlike the others, I prefer to manage the worlds I rule in a mild way." Yu Ming gave a bright grin and said, "Therefore, ninety-nine deputy commanders and subordinates of mine are powerful local creatures from the worlds I ruled, like Su... Su is loyal and devoted. He is my messenger, my envoy. It was me who sent him to you, dear Emperor Ji Hao."

"Just say what you want to say." Ji Hao continued looking at Yu Meng and said coldly, "I think you didn't send Su all the way here to deliver these superfluous words, did you? What do you want? What do you need me to do? And, what can I get?"

In the light, Yu Meng bowed slightly to Ji Hao and said something that Ji Hao had been expecting.

Yu Meng had conquered a whole hundred worlds. His subordinates were countless, and the creatures he ruled over were vast in number. In the hundred worlds he conquered, he was the highest leader, the king of gods, the ruler of gods.

However, Yu Meng wasn't born in a noble family.

Back in Pan Yu world, Yu Meng's ancestors were the members of a branch family of a low-grade family. The family fell, so Yu Mengs's ancestors recruited a group of weak warriors and started a journey of universal expedition with their humble possessions, without a foreseeable future. After countless dangers and difficulties, his ancestors luckily discovered a small world with no mighty power. They carefully invaded this small world, looted resources, and accumulated strength. They spent hundreds of years, but finally, they conquered that small world.

With the efforts of twelve generations, Yu Meng's ancestors used that small world as a springboard, and began invading the surrounding worlds. When Yu Meng took over the family, his family had already controlled thirty-five worlds.

As a powerful being, with the great strength of his family, Yu Meng spent merely thirty-thousand years to conquer all the worlds that he could find. Once a whole hundred worlds were ruled by his family, he titled himself as Divine King. Thus, he became the highest ruler of all creatures from one hundred worlds.

Everything seemed to be so wonderful.

Vast territories, numberless people, the highest power, great strengths, and a long span of life. He should have nothing to complain.

The only flaw was —

"Those 'holy beings', who are even greedier than the blood-sucking mummies in deserts, those greedy b*stards from top-grade large families!" In front of Ji Hao, Yu Meng wasn't trying to conceal his anger and hatred at all. "They blew up everything. They refuse to die with the rotten Pan Yu world, but insist on dragging us to hell with them!"

Yu Meng's family had conquered so many worlds. During the long conquering history of his family, inevitably, they had to make connections with Pan Yu world — They needed stronger Jia Clan troops, more flying forts, more functional battle puppets, they also needed more divine towers...

As a low-level small family, Yu Meng's family had many great shortcomings. Therefore, they had no choice but looting resource of the worlds they conquered to purchase what they needed from Pan Yu world.

As the conqueror of so many worlds, Yu Meng's family was generous, and this generousness quickly caught the attention of the true power-holders in Pan Yu world!

"They didn't even bother to find an excuse!" Yu Meng looked at Ji Hao with a sullen face and said coldly through gritted teeth, "The small family my ancestors belonged to was a vassal family of a top-grade large family."

"When the small family fell, that top-grade large family dumped them like garbage, without even taking an extra glance at them. They let my ancestors live a vagrant life, let them risk their lives...But, when we built our own foundation, they just pounced on us like greedy zombies to suck our blood and marrow."

That was a top-grade large family in Pan Yu world, with one 'crown', two 'seals', and five 'staffs'. That family had the noblest bloodline, a great power and a terrifying strength. When the people from that family found out about Yu Meng's family, they gave a simple word, because of which, Yu Meng and everything he had became the private properties of that family. After that, Yu Meng had to send a giant amount of resources and over a billion elite warriors to that family, added with millions of beautiful female slaves. Besides, he needed to spend so much time and energies on maintaining the relationships with the member of that family...

"Pan Yu world is on the verge of collapse. Currently, that world has to loot as many resources as possible to slow down its collapse." With a heart-deep hatred, Yu Meng sneered, "Among the hundred worlds that belong to me, sixty-three are about to die because of the endless looting...In thirty-five mediums-scale worlds, you can't even find a large pool."

"They are way too greedy, and their boundless greed will destroy everything earned by my ancestors and me with our greatest efforts."

Looking at Ji Hao, Yu Meng continued honestly, "So, Emperor Ji Hao, we hope that we can combine our powers with yours and... let them die!"

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