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Divine gods had the powers to move the mountains, dry the oceans, and turn the deserts into a sea.

Led by Kua E and supported by thousands of divine gods who were building experts, billions of Magi, dragons, phoenixes, Ji Hao's disciple, Shermie and his uncountable water-kind elite forces, along with the help of all kinds of powerful tools found in the heaven, the new Yao Mountain City was built in ten days.

The new Yao Mountain City was an enormous fort.

Surrounding the city were twelve-layers of, thousand-miles-tall city walls, glowing splendidly, embossed with legendary creatures. Every single embossment on each wall contained an amazing power, and was highly lethal.

The outermost wall was tens of millions of miles long, connected with the earth meridians and the stars. Under the orders given by the five divine emperors, the powers of the natural stars were poured into this wall. This wall was nearly transparent, with the beautiful lights flowing in it. The starlight swirled swiftly in the wall, causing a deep, muffled buzzing noise. Under its effect, any stranger who approached the wall even slightly would feel a sharp pain from his or her soul.

All twelve walls were especially sturdy. Unless all the earth meridians and natural stars connected with the walls were shattered simultaneously within a moment, these walls were unbreakable. Not even a mark would be left on these walls, no matter how strong the enemies could be.

Not to mention the fact that all kinds of cruel machinery and evil dark magic created by the group of Master Magi through years of studies had been buried in the walls. These walls seemed to be motionless, but in fact, each wall could be as dangerous as a thousand life-eating beasts.

Surrounding the outermost wall, twenty-seven rivers had been flowing around the city, including nine rivers of flowing sand, nine of lava, and nine rapidly flowing water rivers. Each river was a thousand miles wide, filled with traps. Falling into any of these rivers, even an iron man would be melted in a moment.

Surrounding the twenty-seven dangerous rivers was a vast ocean, expanding for millions of miles. In the bottom of the ocean, undercurrents and hidden ditches were interweaving. Numberless water-kind creatures raised giant waves from the ocean. Giant clouds of poisonous gas and paralyzing mists had been rising from the ocean, with thunder bombs and whirlpools everywhere. Any living being who stepped into this ocean without a divine token given by Ji Hao would die.

Following Ao Bai's orders, dragon troops had been heading to this area, wave after wave. Large groups of pure-blooded dragons led numberless flood dragons, boa dragons, carp dragons, centipede dragons, and all other kinds of mix-blooded dragon-kind members, along with oddly-shaped, powerful water-kind spirit creatures, entering and stationing in this ocean. Thousands of crystal palaces belonging to the dragon-kind stood on the submerged flowing sand beaches in straight lines, turning this vast ocean into a dead zone with a fierce aura of killing.

Each day, numberless pure-blooded dragons would hover around above the ocean, raising enormous waves while roaring and training the water-kind army on the water surface. Square ten-thousand-men arrays lined up perfectly on the water surface. Looking from the sky, one would see the heads of uncountable water-kind creatures, without a single drop of water visible.

Surrounding this vast ocean, cliffy mountains were scattered. Countless deep, dark valleys and bottomless naturally formed pits were hiding in this mountain area. In east, south, north, and west, a hundred-miles-wide broad path was lying in each direction, leading to the ocean. If the non-humankind army intended to attack Yao Mountain City, these four paths would be their best choices.

The four paths were clean and flat, without any trap or ambush. But, at the end of each path was a giant, blood-red bay, filled with cold and sticky blood. Numberless blood sea shura warriors from the Netherworld had been waiting quietly in the four blood bays, and the four blood bays would be the first dangerous zone that the non-humankind army had to face.

Ji Hao contacted Netherworld Hierarch. With the bodies of all the warriors who would die on this battleground, he traded for Netherworld Hierarch's full support.

No one knew exactly how many zombies and evil ghosts Netherworld Priest had accumulated in the Netherworld during the past countless years. But without a doubt, that would be a terrifying number. With a full support from the Netherworld, at least, Ji Hao wouldn't encounter a shortage of military strength. Mentionably, the zombies and evil ghosts from the Netherworld were even much fiercer than the warriors under Ji Hao's command. The longer they fought, the larger their number would grow. Therefore, these four blood bays would become four horrible death traps to cause the enemies heavy casualties, as heavy as possible.

The right time, the right location, the right people; fighting a war in Pan Gu world, Ji Hao wasn't prepared to give up on any of these three factors.

He was building the best battleground under the most advantageous natural conditions to harm the non-humankind as much as possible, with the most favorable battle formations. No matter how many troops the enemies would send, Ji Hao would try his best to destroy them all. If everything didn't work, if he failed, he believed that Priest Dachi, Priest Qingwei and Yu Yu would show up and make their moves by then.

Mounting on a whale dragon, Ao Hao, who called himself 'Ao Ritian', stayed on the boundary of a blood bay and the water area of the ocean, clicking his lips while looking at the countless grey figures which had been quietly and swiftly moving in the sticky blood.

"My dear ancestors, where the hell did he find these scary things? Oh my, I'd rather challenge the human emperor one-on-one than fight these monsters. So damn scary!" Before he finished his sentence, he grabbed a giant shark and threw it into the blood bay.

Following a shrill scream, the blood and flesh of the shark were corroded instantly by the blood, and before long, the bones melted too. All that was left was a hazy pale-grey shark silhouette that quickly merged into the blood, turning into one of those swiftly moving figures.

Seeing this, Ao Hao and the group of dragons standing behind him widely opened their eyes. Just now, they had one more dreadful impression of the Netherworld.

As they were sighing about the terrifying power of this sticky blood, a cloud of dust rolled up from the north path, which was right in front of them. With all the dust, groups of dark-skinned weird creatures rushed over, wearing golden armors.

These six-meters-tall creatures had wolf heads, human bodies, and horse legs, along with dark-green eyes. A thrilling coldness had been releasing from their entire bodies, while the heart-shaking winds gusted around them. Wherever they trampled across, the earth turned into sand. The dark sand rose into the sky, quickly approaching Yao Mountain City along these strange creatures.

Tens of thousands wolf-headed creatures showed up, but their leader was a nine-meters-tall, muscular creature with an eagle head and a pair of bull legs. Holding a golden staff, the eagle-headed creature walked to the edge of the blood-red bay, raised his head and looked at Ao Hao and the other dragons.

"I want to talk with your master...I bring a message from my great, supreme master. Barbarians, we aren't here to fight a war. We are here for our mutual benefits...Bring me to your master. Otherwise, you will regret!"

Ji Hao had been closely watching the whole Yao Mountain City area, without giving Ao Hao one chance to cause any trouble. A quarter of an hour later, Ji Hao met this eagle-headed messenger in a great divine hall.

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