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Standing on the platform before the heaven gate, Ji Hao lightly kicked Mingmo's head with his tiptoe.

He was surprisingly weak. His skull staff was powerful indeed, that according to Ji Hao's estimate, even Ao Bai and Qing Qiang couldn't eradicate those crying souls without a suitable secret magic. If the battle happened between Mingmo, Ao Bai and Qing Qiang, the latter two would end up being torn into pieces without a doubt, having their souls devoured. Even under the protection of the natural fortune of the heaven, the best they could have done was keeping themselves from being slaughtered. But, it would never be easy for them to launch any counterattack on those crying souls.

After all, the staff was a scary secret treasure made from the souls of all creatures from thirty-six worlds. Its power was great enough to make even some powerful beings despair.

However, as to Mingmo's own power...Ji Hao had been fighting against Yu Clan nobles for long. Based on his experience, he clearly sensed that the source of Mingmo's power was the Nether Moon, the power of death and soul. Mingmo was a 'staff', but he didn't have a full control of the Nether Moon power, or the power of the original great Dao in Pan Yu world which was represented by Nether Moon. In other words, he was just average.

Perhaps, he controlled one percent of the power of the Nether Moon. But for sure, he was far weaker than Blood Crown, or the few 'crowns' under Yu Man's leadership.

The mill of Dao had still been spinning quietly, shredding crying souls and sending soul grains into the Dao of reincarnation of Pan Gu world. Streams of natural reward power had been descending from the sky, flowing into Ji Hao's body along with a beautiful natural melody.

Ji Hao's mill of Dao had turned golden and shiny. He gave a heavy kick and sent Mingmo's head down from the platform, then conveniently kicked again, sending his body down as well. But before that, he seized the space bangle worn on Mingmo's wrist.

As a 'staff', Mingmo's bangle was jammed with all colorful kinds of treasures. Ji Hao recognized some of them, but some were completely strange to him. Many of these treasures shone blindingly and gave weird, vast sense of power. Clearly, these were incredibly valuable pieces.

"That thing didn't buy himself this 'staff' title, did he?" Ji Hao frowned and said, "It seems that we know too little about Pan Yu world. If we have the chance, we need to capture a few high-level ones to see exactly how things are working in their world, and to figure out the backgrounds of those 'crowns', 'seals', and 'staffs'!"

Ji Hao looked around while pondering. With the power of the sun which covered the entire world, Ji Hao clearly saw that in Liang Zhu City, a group of high-level non-humankind beings had been sending out black bells. Each black bell stirred up large space ripples, then disappeared in a giant portal, without a trace.

Obviously, Pan Yu world nobles had been gathering military forces. They were preparing to raise an even greater army to attack Pan Gu world.

Ji Hao knitted his brows, thinking about a plan for what was going to happen. He wouldn't be as honest and straightforward as ancient divine emperors who chose to leave the heaven and the divine heaven and earth formation, which provided them with a strategic advantage, to fight the non-humankind all over the world.

The divine heaven and earth formation could be counted as the most inclusive magic formation in Pan Gu world, as it provided the fiercest offense and best defense. Fighting the enemies with the divine heaven and earth formation was the smartest thing to do.

Pu Ban City couldn't serve as the battleground, because with one exchange of moves, the whole city would be flattened.

The ancestral lands of large families and clans couldn't become battlegrounds either. Even though each ancestral land was covered in powerful defensive formations, it wouldn't be able to stop the tide-like non-humankind army.

The heaven could be relied upon. Ji Hao wanted the enemies to attack the heaven first. However, after watching Ji Hao throw Mingmo's body directly down from the heaven, no matter how stupid and arrogant these non-humankind beings were, they wouldn't let it happen twice.

"So, I need to find you a target that you have to attack. I need to find the most suitable target for you." Ji Hao grinned abruptly, said, "It turns out that having Emperor Xun in Pu Ban City is a good thing to both the city and the humankind!"

Emperor Xun colluded with the non-humankind. Basically, he was now on their side. For this reason, the non-humankind army wouldn't attack Pu Ban City, and Pu Ban people would be spared from the flames of war. Also, because Emperor Xun was on the enemy's side, the large clans and families who followed his head wouldn't be attacked by the non-humankind either, and the people from these families and clans would be safe.

Letting Emperor Xun ascend to the throne, letting him be the human emperor, this was such a frustrating thing at first. But now, it seemed to be not so bad, right?

Ji Hao couldn't help but feel a bit surprised. Did Emperor Shun truly have his mind controlled by the enemy, or did he let this happen on purpose?

As he knew more and more secrets about Pan Gu world, Ji Hao now dared not to underestimate anyone in this world. Did Emperor Shun send Emperor Xun to the throne on purpose? Did he? The more Ji Hao thought about it, the deeper he believed it.

"Pu Ban can't become the battleground, neither will they be stupid enough to fly up there again. In this case, we should find them the best target underneath the heaven!" Ji Hao laughed and turned to the northeast side of Pu Ban City, looking at the Yao Mountain City.

"The God of Mountain, follow my order!" Ji Hao raised his divine seal and waved towards the Yao Mountain city. Then, he turned around and grinned to Kua E and his brothers, "Half a month… Expand Yao Mountain City by a hundred folds, with twelve layers of city walls, all connected. Can you do that? Every living being in the heaven will be available to you."

Kuala E had his eyebrows knitted. He was going to tell Ji Hao that it was an impossible mission. However, once he heard Ji Hao say that the entire heaven would be available for him, he puffed out his chest and laughed, "If the five divine emperors will follow my directions too, ten days… In only ten days, we can easily expand Yao Mountain City by a hundred folds. Back in the ancient heaven, a city could be built in just one night!"

While Kua E was talking, the Yao Mountain City quaked.

The earth waving like water pushed the entire Yao Mountain City and the surrounding fertile lands for over ten-million-mile in radius, including the tens of mountains around the city, to the area right under the heaven, where Buzhou Mountain used to stand.

The Yao Mountain city area moved as slow as running horses at first. But, as Ji Hao activated a greater and greater earth meridian power, the vast area began moving at lightning speed, leaving shreds of afterimages behind. At last, hundreds of thousands of miles could be covered within one second.

Giant clouds of mist were rising from the city. After twenty-four hours, the entire city was moved to the area right under the heaven.

"Expand the city. This will be the battleground for us to fight the non-humankind!" Looking down at the Yao Mountain City, Ji Hao said mildly, "Expand it by a hundred folds, and connect the earth meridians in the city with the entire divine heaven and earth formation. I will drain the enemies' blood in this place."

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