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Ever since the ancient heaven fell, the original divine gods of Pan Gu world disappeared, and their descendants turned weaker and weaker.

The Zhu Rong Family followed and served the humankind as the Great Libation, sharing the natural fortune. For this reason, Zhu Rong Family always kept developing. But, except Zhu Rong Family, the other divine families, even including Gong Gong Family, had all been depopulating and weakening.

Kua E, his brothers, and the divine descendants from the other few divine families stayed in the heaven and guarded it, wishing that the heaven would rise again one day. But, they barely lived a life in the heaven. They survived under the protection of the divine heaven and earth formation, but even though their divine bloodlines remained, their powers turned weaker and weaker.

For example, Kua E and his brothers were born with tremendous physical strengths, far beyond the level of Divine Magus. But, their magical powers weren't even as great as those of the Senior Magi from the Magi Palace!

However, today, having been nourished by the natural rewards power, the powers of Kua E and the other thousands of divine descendants were improved rapidly, and their physical strengths soared, especially Kua E. Kua E made a major progress and suddenly broke through the bottleneck, reaching the level of ancient divine kings.

His tremendous power rolled in all directions, with a hazy mountain faintly visible above his head. He expanded his body to a thousand miles and wielded his arms. He let out giant streams of divine power, roaring across the sky and hovering around his body like raging dragons.

The pair of yellow snakes coiled around his arms also expanded like balloons. As Kua E's spirit creatures, they had also been upgraded rapidly. Their powers were raised, their bloodlines were purified, and within a couple of breaths, they turned into a pair of yellow dragons, coiled around Kua E's body.

The pair of yellow dragons suddenly opened their eyes, raised their heads, and roared deeply and strongly towards the sky.

Lying lazily on Ji Hao's shoulders, the pair of fire dragons were stimulated by the roars. They leaped up and expanded to hundreds of meters long, floating above Ji Hao's head. They also raised their heads high and roared out sonorously. They were letting out streaks of flame, which rose into the higher sky, forming dense fiery clouds and interweaving with the yellow mist arising from the pair of yellow dragons. The fiery yellow clouds spread out in every direction, gifting the heaven gate a splendid glow.

"We will be loyal to Emperor Ji Hao to the end!" Kua E growled resonantly towards the sky. Sensing the divine marks and spell symbols inside his body which suddenly turned so much clearer than before, he deferentially kneeled and seriously took an oath of fealty to Ji Hao, along with the others.

They stayed in the heaven and guarded it for so many years, all because they believed that a powerful divine emperor would emerge one day to lead them and prosper the heaven, to retrieve the glory of the heaven. The heaven had fallen for too long. The only motivation for Kua E and his brothers to keep guarding the heaven were the stories about the old days of the heaven, when the supreme, mighty heaven ruled over the whole world, that they heard from their ancestors when they were kids.

Finally, the heaven now had five divine emperors. More importantly, Ji Hao gave them a chance to earn this great natural rewards power, which boosted their strength and strengthened their bodies, allowing their almost dying bodies to regain their inexhaustible life-force. Therefore, they decided to pledge loyalty to Ji Hao, just like how their ancestors swore an oath of fealty to the ancient divine emperors.

As for Donggong, Ao Bai, Qing Qiang and Zhu Rong...

They didn't know Donggong well. The dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind never had a good relationship with the heaven, for which reason, the divine gods and their descendants would never follow the leadership of phoenixes and dragons. As for Zhu Rong, in the eyes of Kua E and his brothers, Zhu Rong was just like them, and as proud divine beings, they had no reason to follow Zhu Rong, did they?

Ji Hao, who surprised them and benefited them over and over and over again, was the only person that they wanted to be loyal to!

"Alright!" Ji Hao solemnly looked at Kua E and his brothers, then seriously accepted their oath. He took out his divine seal and gently pressed towards them. Beams of divine light landed on their bodies. Immediately, strands of colorful light rose from a treasury in the heaven, following which, some enormous divine armors flew over, clankingly putting themselves on Kua E and his brothers.

"From this day on, you are my divine commanders, higher than the other divine commanders!" Pointing at Kua E, Ji Hao let out the nine dragons chariot, "When I go out, you will be guarding around my chariot.

Kua E and his brothers shouted out loud in excitement, and even started dancing.

Back in the ancient times, guarding around the chariots of divine emperors was a great honor, reserved only for the top-grade divine warriors. The ancestors of Kua E and the others were mostly river gods and mountain gods, at the medium level among divine gods.

But this time, Ji Hao let Kua E and his brothers guard around his chariot, to be in charge of his own safety. This was the greatest honor and the best award to these divine beings, who had guarded the heaven so loyally and determinedly for so many years.

Watching Ji Hao bring thousands of extraordinary powerful divine beings under his command so easily, Donggong glanced at the hundreds of male cultivators scattered around him and sighed helplessly.

The eyes of Qing Qiang and Ao Bai were almost burning in fire because of jealousy. However, they each wore a proud face and scornfully turned their eyes away, gazing into the distance. Those were just thousands of remnants in the heaven, beggars who built cities for human beings for living. How could these divine people...ever be compared with the pure-blooded elite dragons and phoenixes? The dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind were both greatly powerful, and these thousands of divine beings meant nothing to them.

Zhu Rong grinningly looked at Ji Hao, feeling nothing but delighted.

Ji Hao was a natural ally of his. Therefore, the more powerful Ji Hao became, the more powerful Zhu Rong would be. When Ji Hao and Man Man had kids, the one who would succeed to the divine throne in the future would be a possessor of the Zhu Rong family bloodline! Thinking of this, Zhu Rong gave an even brighter grin.

A deep roar could be heard from down below while a heavily armored Yu Clan noble, who was holding a dark staff with a black skull on top, cursed with a shrill voice. He trod on a dark cloud and marched straight to the heaven at lightning speed.

From a long distance away, this Yu Clan being burst into shouts, "Cowards, sneaky shameless a*sholes, besides killing our brave warriors with those dirty tricks you played, do you dare to fight me one-to-one like a true warrior?"

While flying up swiftly, he continued, "I am 'Skull Staff Mingmo' from Pan Yu world. Which one of you dares to fight me?!"

Mingmo's eyes glowed with a misty dim light, with a grey-colored circle spinning and sparkling behind him. Every time the circle flashed, it would bring him up by hundreds of miles. Ji Hao and the others didn't do a thing to stop him. In about ten minutes, he finally stepped onto the ground of heaven.

"You didn't try to stop me, did you?" Mingmo chuckled and said, "You can go to hell then...I can wipe all you cowards out all by myself!"

Banging his skull staff heavily against the ground, he laughed out loud, "Once I kill you, I will become a 'crown'!"

"Eh? Do you know that Blood Crown is dead already? You're well-informed!" Ji Hao smiled with surprise.

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