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Dark clouds rose into the sky. The earth was shaking, covered in lavlike flame which had been burning strongly.

Countless non-humankind beings died within a blink of an eye. Their bodies were crushed and their souls perished directly under the strike of the steel mountains. Some lucky Jia Clan warriors with especially strong bodies weren't hit directly by the steel mountains. They stood between the mountains with their bodies curled, screaming heartbreakingly while being burned by the fire on the earth.

They weren't crushed by the steel mountains directly, but the destructive impact force broke their bones and harmed their internal organs. The fire was burning their bodies, but they could not struggle up from the ground. They had no choice but to watch the fire spread on their bodies and burn out their skin and muscles layer by layer.

As for the dark-kind warriors and non-humankind slaves within the area affected by the steel mountains that fell from the sky, they were destroyed instantly, without leaving a trace. Who shared the same fate with them were those wise but fragile Xiu Clan craftsmen.

Only a few cities of great calamity managed to hold off the effect of the magnetic force, and luckily dodged the steel mountains. At the moment, these few cities floated in the air, with clouds of black smoke rising from them.

Standing on these few cities, countless Yu Clan nobles looked down with deathly pale faces. They watched countless strong Jia Clan warriors being turned into nothingness in the fire.

Emperor Xun stood on the wall of a flying fort, dumbly looking at the suddenly destroyed allied army with Wu Bi. His crotch area was wetted, then a strong smell of urine could be sensed. He actually peed himself in fear.

"Revenge, revenge! We Chu Wu Clan never suffered such a great loss before!" Wu Bi yelled hysterically, his body twitching. Nearly a hundred Chu Wu Clan, who had already turned into devils, stood around him, their eyes occupied by a blood-red light.

The casualties were way too heavy. The Chu Wu Clan offered countless living sacrifices to turn tens of thousands of their people into devils, but now, except for Wu Bi and the group of commanders around him, all the others were killed by Ji Hao. Those tens of thousands of devil members were the best of the best, absolute elites among the entire Chu Wu Clan. The number of these people wasn't huge, but still, losing them could bring the Chu Wu Clan down!

"Damn it! Damn it! Dirty! Lowly! Shameless!" Tens of 'crowns', 'seals' and 'staffs' teleported themselves back to the few surviving flying forts, their faces paled. They tremblingly looked at the heaven and cursed in rage.

Earlier, tens of thousands of trusted subordinates followed them up to the sky, but only around ten percent of them survived. These survivors all had one-time-use powerful secret treasures which teleported them away from the dangerous zone and saved them from the deathly disaster before the steel mountains landed on them.

They watched their warriors disappear under those violently falling steel mountains. These top-grade Yu Clan nobles, who had trampled upon countless worlds, conquered countless species, who were able to harvest the lives of uncountable livings beings with one simple word, were now with awfully pale faces. Their faces seemed like those of rotten zombies which were dug out of an ancient tomb.

"Gather military forces! Gather a stronger military force from the worlds we have conquered! Ten times stronger! A hundred times, ten-thousand times!" A 'crown' shouted hysterically with a dark face and a malicious tone, "This slight loss is nothing. Evenly, each of us has lost no more than fifty-million warriors. But, every single one of us has thousands of worlds and uncountable warriors under our command!"

Each of these high-level Yu Clan beings controlled thousands of conquered worlds at least, which were like Pan Xi world that Ji Hao once visited. All local creatures from those conquered worlds were their slaves. Even the smallest conquered world had the population of hundreds of billions. If one warrior existed among every ten local creatures, any small conquered world would be able to provide tens of billions of warriors, not to mention the medium and large scale worlds.

If these tens of high-level Yu Clan nobles were truly crazy enough to gather all military forces under their command from all of the worlds they controlled, they would be able to raise an unimaginably great army. The number of warriors in this army would be hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of times greater the number of all Pan Gu world creatures. This army would drown the Pan Gu world like a flood.

The group of high-level Yu Clan beings were howling and screaming, madly cursing Ji Hao for destroying this elite army of theirs in such a lowly evil way. They swore that they would immediately raise an even larger army with even better equipment to launch a retaliatory offensive.

"We followed the great saints here only for seeing the true face of this world. We didn't expect it to be such a great world, and we didn't know that this world has so many great worlds around it, waiting for us to conquer." said an elderly crown, "Therefore, we didn't bring our main military forces with us...Now, it's our turn to let these barbarians know what despair truly is."

The old 'crown' pushed the dazzling crown worn on his head slightly up, then continued proudly, "Just like the creatures from all the worlds that we have conquered, these bloody barbarians shouldn't have any other emotion but despair."

Ji Hao stood before the heaven gate with the mill of Dao rotating slowly behind him, swallowing those pre-world treasures one after another.

Except for the treasures that belonged to the ones who survived luckily, all the other pre-world treasures, which belonged to the tens of thousands of Yu Clan beings who died under the steel mountains, were devoured by the mill of Dao. Seeing the tens of thousands of pre-world treasures, Ao Bai and Qing Qiang had their hearts burning from time to time. But, they didn't have the courage to ask Ji Hao for a share, because suddenly, layers of clouds of coiling golden lights and purple mists emerged from the sky. Along with a magical, mystical, resounding voice of Dao, wisps of purple mists and golden light descended from the sky, sacredly merging into the bodies of Ji Hao, Feng Xing, Yu Mu, Kua E, and his brothers. The lightning-fast movements of the golden lights and purple mists somehow seemed to be slow.

Kua E and his brothers, who had thrown the steel mountains down, earned the greatest natural rewards power. By now, they looked to be showering under a rain of light. The purple mists and golden lights merged into their bodies without an end, brightening the lights in their eyes and raising the powers in their bodies. Gradually, colorful clouds rose around their bodies, rolling and glowing.

Kua E suddenly burst into a thunderous roar while an intense energy wave could be sensed from his body. He broke through a bottleneck, and instantly released a vast power that even forced Ao Bai and Qing Qiang back for two steps.

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