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Thrown down by Kua E and his brothers from the heaven, the steel mountains which were heavy as small natural stars roared down at lightning speed. These steel mountains tore apart the air and brought up tens of thousands of miles long fiery lights, smashing down like tens of thousands of shooting stars.

More terrifyingly, the magnetic force had still been accelerating these steel mountains, such that a tens of miles thick layer of gale was gradually raised from underneath these mountains, quaking the space and generating a deafening noise. It squeezed the blood out of the bodies of some weak Xiu Clan craftsmen and non-humankind slaves.

This time, Yu Ji, Yu Feng, and the other seven Pan Yu saints invaded Pan Gu world, bringing some high-level non-humankind beings with them. Among all who followed the saints to Pan Gu world, five were 'crowns', including Blood Crown, seventeen were 'seals', who were a level lower than 'crowns', and thirty-nine were 'staffs', who were a level lower than 'seals'.

'Crowns', 'seals', 'staffs', these non-humankind beings were all as powerful as divine gods in Pan Gu world, that they each had numerous strong warriors under their commands, and a series of Yu Clan families following their leads. In Pan Yu world, they could decide a fate of any living being, or even any family, with a simple word, and each one of them had a certain number of conquered worlds under their control.

Even the weakest 'staff' had thousands of conquered worlds controlled in his hands. In those conquered worlds, these high-level non-humankind beings were the highest rulers, even more powerful than the original gods of those worlds.

Yu Huo's clone gave a resonant growl while casting a small mind-controlling magic. Under the effect of the magic, driven by their pride, these 'crowns', 'seals' and 'staffs' burst into raging roars as they rushed up into the sky. Their warriors followed right behind them.

They were the owners of tens of billions of worlds, conquerers of countless species; they controlled the lives of uncountable living beings...Pan Gu world was nothing but one of the countless worlds which they would conquer in the future. In their eyes, the fate of Pan Gu world was nothing different from the fates of all the worlds that they had conquered.

They were extraordinary, so powerful! When had they ever been pushed into such an embarrassing situation by 'weak barbarians'?

They now intended to frighten Ji Hao with true powers, to let the leaders of all barbarians in this world know that any living being who dared to go against the great Pan Yu world people would be erased from the universe. Is body would be cursed and its soul would perish; it would cease to exist for good.

Tens of thousands of non-humankind beings rose from the non-humankind army while releasing strong energy waves. Tens of thousands of pre-world treasures floated above their heads, each creating a suffocating pressure.

As the conquerors of millions of worlds, these power-holders from Pan Yu world were stunningly wealthy.

Seeing all those pre-world treasures, Ji Hao's eyes even turned green. Earlier, with a few spare pre-world spirit treasures, Spirit Wa largely improved the power of his mill of Dao and strengthened his Pan Gu body. If he devoured all pre-world treasures that belonged to these non-humankind beings, he might be able to directly reach a high level of his Pan Gu body cultivation!

"Very...fleshy!" In Ji Hao's spiritual space, the mysterious man talked in an evil tone which was learned from Ji Hao. He had spent a lot of time with Ji Hao these years after all. His eyes shone with a bright blue light, fixed on those pre-world treasures through Ji Hao's eyes. Suddenly, he shouted out loud with a rumbling voice, "Those small things can't stop them...Twist the space, change the Dao of nature, and crush them with the great Dao. Seal these treasures and make them suffer!"

"Look, this is… the plate of Pan Gu great Dao!" Following the mysterious man's voice, a hazy round silhouette emerged from behind him, quickly merging into Ji Hao's embryo of Dao.

Ji Hao suddenly remembered that back when he was a child, every time the mysterious man appeared in the spiritual space, he sat on a grey lusterless round plate with legs crossed. Later on, when Ji Hao remolded his sword for the first time, the mysterious man merged the hazy plate, which seemed to be condensed from airstreams, into the sword.

In a long period of time after that, the mysterious man had nothing left around him. But today, all of a sudden, a blurry, round silhouette emerged from behind him, and judging by its outline, it seemed to be the hazy round plate that Ji Hao used to see when he was a kid. Before, Ji Hao didn't know what the round plate was. But right now, as it had merged with his embryo of Dao, Ji Hao was stunned.

All types of great Dao of Pan Gu world were contained in the round plate. Aside from the main great Dao, the rare types of Dao could also be found. The powers of Dao wove together and merged into strands of bright glow, imprinted in Ji Hao's embryo of Dao.

Ji Hao felt like a tiny ant which was suddenly forced to swallow an elephant.

He felt stuffed, that he even wanted to throw up. His embryo of Dao had turned heavy like a giant iron ball; he even felt dizzy. He used to be able to control his spirit power as freely as controlling his own arms, but now, the spirit power had turned extremely heavy too. He felt like an ordinary human being who had stayed awake for nine days, that his eyelids seemed to be glued together. No matter how hard he tried, he could not open his eyes.

Now wasn't the time to figure out the background story of the round plate. He raised his head with effort while his eyes shone with a dim, mysterious light. He pointed his finger slowly at the heaven and earth divine tower, which stood in the center of the heaven.

The space of Pan Gu world quaked slightly. Surrounding the bodies of all 'crowns', 'seals' and 'staffs', the space rippled weirdly. Pan Gu world was suddenly woken up from a deep sleep, bursting into earth-shaking roars like a giant who suddenly had nine-hundred and ninety-nine glowing-red searings pressed on his butt.

No Pan Gu world creature, not even an ant, sensed this sudden change of the great Dao. Even Donggong and Ximu only faintly felt that some abnormal ripples seemed to be stirred up from the world.

As tens of thousands of pre-world treasures were flying up to the heaven, the slight ripples were perfectly normal. Therefore, neither Donggong nor Ximu dug deep into this.

The tens of thousands of pre-world treasures paused in the air for a moment, because Pan Gu world had released a vast power of Dao that was enough to suppress their powers. At that moment, these treasures lost all their powers.

In the next moment, the tens of thousands of steel mountains fell on the bodies of all 'crowns', 'seals' and 'staffs', crushing them immediately and perishing their souls.

Following behind them, the tens of thousands of their warriors burst into shrill howls while being swirled away by the fierce gale which was brought up by the falling steel mountains. Within a blink of an eye, they were all gone.

The mountains kept falling, and landed in the non-humankind army.

The earth was quaking, with tens of thousands of black streaks of flame rising, slowly spreading in the air and forming enormous black mushroom clouds.

Uncountable non-humankind warriors died instantly under that strike.

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