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Priest Mu's tree heart was halfway absorbed by Ji Hao already. Half of the power contained in the tree heart surged into the golden bridge and generated a thunderous bang. The space before Ji Hao's face rippled strongly while a tens of thousands of meters long streak of golden light flashed across dazzlingly and reached directly to the gate of the heaven from under his foot.

"Elders, you first!" Even Ji Hao was startled by the suddenly expanded golden bridge. This magnificent golden rainbow was seriously astonishing.

Also with surprise, Donggong and Ximu glanced at the golden bridge. Ximu even punched straight on Ji Hao's chest and laughed out loud, "Great treasure! It's a shame though that I can't afford to offend your Shifu. Otherwise, I'd certainly snatch it from you and play for a couple of days!"

Raising her eyebrows, Ximu glimpsed at her floor-length dress a bit impatiently, then clenched her fingers and lifted its edge to walk onto the golden bridge with giant steps. As a golden beam of light flashed through her body, she was directly teleported to the other end of the bridge, sent to before the gate of the heaven.

"Nice treasure!" Brushing his beard, Donggong carefully observed the beautiful marks of Dao on the golden bridge and praised again, then walked onto the bridge also with large steps. The golden light flashed again and sent him to the heaven as well.

Ji Hao was amazed by the golden bridge too. As he knew, he needed to be strong enough to release the golden bridge's true power. With half of the saint's power contained in the tree heart, the golden bridge now allowed him to reach every corner of Pan Gu motherland instantly. But, what if he improved this power by ten folds, or even hundred folds?

Traveling through the space, around the universe...Ji Hao nodded as he stepped onto the golden bridge. As the space around him moved slightly, he was sent back to the gate of the heaven. After that, the golden bridge dimmed its light, flashing back into his spiritual space.


Muffled roars echoed like thunder. From Liang Zhu City, three-thousand hundred-miles-squared flying forts had been approaching the heaven. Behind the flying forts were one-hundred and twenty-thousand floating mountains and a hundred cities of great calamity with spread metal petals, drifting slowly in the air. Tens of millions of non-humankind warriors composed thick square arrays of ten-thousand-men, marching towards the heaven.

Ji Hao opened his erect eye and clearly saw human warriors retreating in panic and fear wherever this enormous non-humankind army passed. They desperately sent out messengers in all directions to seek help.

He also saw large groups of Chu Wu Clan people who had turned into devils flying above Pu Ban City, chatting and laughing. Elite troops from Gong Sun Family and Chu Wu Clan were well prepared; some large family leaders whose bodies were wrapped in dark mists surrounded Emperor Xun, raising their heads and looking at the heaven from time to time.

In Pu Ban City, not many but thousands of clans had been gathering armies, preparing for the war. The armories in Pu Ban City were opened; countless weapons and giant amounts of supplies were carried out. Maguspriests cast spells and drove enormous spirit turtles into the city, then loaded all supplies on their backs.

When the formidable non-humankind army flew across the sky of Pu Ban City, Emperor Xun excitedly welcomed them with the group of family leaders.

Yu Huo's clone, who had occupied Yemo Tian's body, stood on a flying fort with Master Spirit-slaughter, amicably greeting Emperor Xun and those leaders. They started a short conversation, then the army of the alliance of human clans rose into the air and landed on the flying forts of the non-humankind. They formed an alliance, marching to the sky in an unstoppable way.

Ao Bai and Qing Qiang walked out of the gate of the heaven, looking down. When they saw the quickly approaching non-humankind army, they frowned simultaneously.

"Elder Ao Bai," Ji Hao smiled and nodded to Ao Bai, then said, "No, Emperor Ao Bai, this is your chance to earn natural rewards power. If you can wipe out these non-humankind beings, the measureless natural rewards power will be earned, and you will owe the world nothing."

Ao Bai threw a threatening glance at Ji Hao, then clicked his tongue, angrily looking at the non-humankind army down below. With a dark face, he responded coldly, "The main military forces of the dragon-kind and phoenix-kind needs at least half month to get here, even with the teleporting formations were built these years."

Turning around and looking at the approaching enemies, Ao Bai spread his hands and continued helplessly, "Before that, Qing Qiang and I only have the small troops we brought here earlier."

Qing Qiang didn't say a word but proudly nodded, scornfully glancing at the non-humankind army. She seemed to not want to say anything because these non-humankind beings weren't worth her words. But looking at Donggong and Ximu, she reluctantly gave a reply, "If the main force of our phoenix-kind were here, we could crush these monsters very easily. But before half a month, we can't make it."

Donggong and Ximu both spread their hands in helplessness while turning to the group of cultivators who had been walking out of the heaven. They had made their point clear — Donggong only had hundreds of male cultivators under his command, while Ximu had nearly a thousand female cultivators around her. These cultivators were keeping some rare legendary creatures as pets, but one shouldn't count on the thousands of pets to fight.

These cultivators were powerful indeed, but with the small number, facing billions of enemies... Even Ji Hao felt that forcing these cultivators to the battleground would be a sin.

"Let's figure out a way to hold them off for at least half a month, shall we?" Ji Hao knitted his brows.

From mid-air, a sharp whirlwind blew down, followed by a drizzle. Next, Feng Xing and Yu Mu split the crowd and walked to Ji Hao's side. Yu Mu grinned, then slapped his belly and laughed, "We dare not to face so many non-humankind monsters on the frontline, but if we want to cause them some troubles...We are in the heaven, with the powers of nature. Causing them troubles would be the easiest thing to do now."

Ji Hao raised his brows, but before he said a word, Feng Xing had already waved a hand. Following Feng Xing's move, a strong gale descended slowly.

The heavy and powerful gale extended for billions of miles. It was designed to separate the mortal world from the heaven, but at the moment, as the new God of Wind, Feng Xing sent it down to the non-humankind army layer by layer like mountains.

Yu Mu smiled and pressed down both hands. Instantly, a drizzle began falling all over the Pan Gu Motherland.

The gentle drizzle covered the whole world. What had been landing on Pan Gu world creatures were ordinary raindrops, but the raindrops that fell onto the non-humankind army each contained a tiny yet sharp ice crystal. Every drop of rain fell on the bodies of non-humankind beings was bone-piercingly cold, and the coldness drilled straight into their internal organs and souls.

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