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Outside Liang Zhu City, Yu Huo gritted his teeth and angrily gripped a pen which was soaked in blood, slowly signing his name on a black scroll.

This black scroll was made from Saint Pan Yu's skin and contained a measureless magic power. It was a binding magic contract that affected all living beings in Pan Yu world, even including saints like Yu Huo. No one from Pan Yu world was free from the constraint of this contract.

Yu Fen, Yu Ji, and the other eight saints joined hands and invaded Pan Gu world, forcing Yu Huo to share the potential profits in Pan Gu world. Yu Huo made some efforts and acted like he had no choice at all, reluctantly signing his name on the contract.

With the advantage of the alliance, Yu Fen, Yu Ji and the other saints did not do this in a friendly way. They forced Yu Huo to promise to divide the potential profits from Pan Gu world and surrounding great worlds into ten parts, so that each of them could have a share.

Seeing Yu Huo sign his name on the scroll with a sour look, Yu Ji immediately gave a bright grin, clapped his hands delightfully, and said, "This is right, fair and reasonable, isn't it?"

"It sure is!" Laughed Yu Feng, "We share all potential profits, then we combine our powers to make sure that no other people can ever lay a finger on this place. What contract can possibly be safer, fairer, and more reasonable than this? Can someone bring us some booze so we can celebrate?"

Once Yu Fan finished his speech, the Pan Yu saint who was standing beside him, much taller than the others, wearing a heavy armor and releasing a blade-sharp sense of power, hollered, "Since the contract is signed, this city...Is it called Liang Zhu? Ten percent of this city, including everything in it, should belong to us too. Ah, I, Yu Tu, am not a stingy man. Someone, go take a hundred vats of top-grade wine from my share of cellar storage!"

Yu Tu then burst into wild laughter while Yu Fen and Yu Ji curved their lines in a large grin.

Yu Huo's mouth corners twitched intensely, staring at Yu Tu with anger, 'Shameless, seriously shameless! We've just signed the contract. How can you even think about having ten percent of Liang Zhu City already?'

While chuckling, Yu Huo scratched his face and responded slowly with a fake smile, "We can drink whenever we want. But, we need to figure out a way to conquer the local creatures in this world for good."

Sighing slightly, Yu Huo pointed at his clone and continued blandly, "He is Yemo Tian, the highest command of our kind in this world. He and his people spent countless years of efforts but still failed to conquer this world thoroughly, because the local creatures in this world aren't as weak as we think they are."

He successfully changed the topic to the powers of Pan Gu world creatures. Hearing him, the other saints who followed right behind him into Pan Gu world each gave a scornful snort. A tall and slim female saint, who was wrapped in a black mist that even covered her face, said coldly, "The local creatures in this world, how powerful can they be? Yu Huo, in my point of view, it's not because the local creatures are too strong, but because your people are incapable, right?"

Yu Huo's clone, who had occupied Yemo Tian's body, immediately lowered his head and put on a humble, ashamed face.

"Yu Ling, you said my people are incapable, so why don't you send your people to give a try?" Yu Huo looked at the female saint grouchily and shouted.

While the group of Pan Yu saints were arguing with each other, from the portal they forcibly tore apart, giant groups of heavy armored non-humankind warriors had been surging out ceaselessly. Tens of billions of elite non-humankind warriors invaded Pan Gu world while laughing and roaring like beasts. Thunderbolts had been blasting around them, but the overwhelming thunder power was pushed away by the force which was surrounding their bodies.

Yu Ling gave a cold smile, then raised a finger. A purely black, round mirror flew out of her fingertip, buzzing shrilly. The mirror had a radius of three-hundred and sixty-thousand meters, a thickness of hundreds of meters, and was thickly covered in erect eye embossments and complicated patterns.

The mirror shone with a dim black light, and the light swept across the sky. Immediately, the intense war which was taking place in the heaven could be watched through the mirror.

The group of saints saw Priest Hua suffering Qing Qiang's sword lights, Priest Mu being forced back by Bixi's tremendous strength. They also saw Ji Hao's sword penetrate Priest Mu's body from the back, then Priest Mu be forced staggering backward for quite a few steps under the effect of heavy punch from Ji Hao,

Simultaneously, all ten Pan Yu saints, even including Yu Huo, exclaimed out loud.

Through Yu Ling's mirror, they did not just watch the war happening in the heaven, they had also been sensing the powers which had been boasting in the heaven.

Ji Hao, Ao Bai and Qing Qiang were now tightly connected with the heaven. Therefore, every single move they made was supported by the heaven. Obviously, they were the highest power-holders in Pan Gu world. Back in Pan Yu world, the ones at their level should be 'crowns'.

From Priest Mu and Priest Hua, the group of Pan Yu saints sensed strong powers of Dao. By any slight move, they managed to leave clearly visible ripples in the system of the great Dao of Pan Gu world. No ordinary creature could sense the ripples of Dao, but in the eyes of Yu Huo and the other Pan Yu saints, they were so clear and dazzling.

"Two saints fell in disadvantages in a battle against three crowns?" Yu Ling widely opened his mouth and murmured to herself as if she couldn't believe her eyes. "Am I in a dream? Or, is this a rule of Pan Gu world's great Dao? How can 'crowns', who speak on behalf of the world, be even more powerful than 'saints', who actually run the great Dao of nature?"

"This Pan Yu spirit mirror used to be Saint Pan Yu's skull." Said Yu Huo with a low voice, "So, what we saw and felt cannot be wrong. No living being can fool this mirror, unless it's stronger than Saint Pan Yu by ten folds."

Yu Tu crossed his arms before his chest and chuckled in a deep voice, "The saints in this world aren't so powerful. And, are they the only saints?"

Yu Ling pondered for a while, then cast a spell and pointed at the mirror. The images showing up in the mirror changed, soon turning into a beautiful and peaceful space. "Over there, this is the base of those two saints. I can feel their power from this small independent space, which is like a tiny world."

Yu Huo grinned delightfully, pointing at the sky as he said, "Shall we go up there to attack the heaven, which is also the core of this world directly, or march into the base of those two weak saints first?"

The others all remained silent for a short while. Afterward, Yu Ji laughed out loud and said, "Let's do it together. Those two 'friends' of ours aren't home now, so let's destroy their base first then wipe them out. Come on, let's do it now. Together, are we afraid of them?"

Glancing at each other, the ten saints jumped into the mirror.

The mirror sparkled, then transformed into a dark beam of light and tore apart of the space, instantly bringing the ten saints into the peaceful world created by Priest Mu and Priest Hua.

Following a thunderous bang, ten enormous hands reached out from the sky and smashed the entrance of the peaceful world.

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