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Was it hard to become a divine emperor?

It didn't seem hard. Taking Ji Hao for example, who accepted immeasurable natural rewards power, and was chosen by the world, promoted as a human emperor. Judging by his experiences, becoming a divine emperor wasn't hard.

But, was it easy to become a divine emperor?

If Ji Hao didn't kill millions and millions of non-humankind monsters, didn't take such an important part in the flood-control mission, didn't help Si Wen Ming draw the four wastelands and Midland together with the 'All Streams to the Final Land' great formation, eventually forming Pan Gu Motherland, which caused a world-scale change and directly caught the attention of the spirit of Pan Gu world itself, how would he ever become a divine emperor?

The heaven was empty for countless years since it fell back in the ancient time. Kua E, his brothers, and the other divine god descendants guarded the heaven all these years, but none of them was admitted by the world and promoted to a divine emperor. This showed how difficult it was to become a divine emperor.

An opportune moment, a favorable position, right people, and the immeasurable, mysterious natural fortune… lacking any of these factors, not to mention becoming a divine emperor, one might not even be able to approach the gate of the heaven so easily.

Ao Bai and Qing Qiang were the oldest, most experienced ones among all dragons and phoenixes. But, even they tried everything to build a relationship with Ji Hao, even sending their elite family members to under Ji Hao's command, for no other reason but to become divine emperors, to control the core of the world, to hold the highest power of the world.

They paid so many efforts, spent so many days in the heaven, but had they even touched the divine thrones? They paid such a high price; they threatened, bribed, tried everything they could, but what they earned was no more than Ji Hao's words - When the time came, as a divine emperor, Ji Hao would make a proposal to the world, for promoting them to divine emperors!

Ji Hao was a divine emperor, but merely held the highest power of the heaven, the mortal world, and the Netherworld on behalf of nature. Specifically, he was a subordinate of the world. Therefore, he could only make a proposal to the world like this — 'I feel that Ao Bai and Qingqian are good living beings, and they have indeed made their contributions to the heaven. Shall we consider ending their internship and promoting them to divine emperors?'

The role Ji Hao could play was like a mere advisor, that whether the world would accept his proposal or not, whether it would agree with him or not, would be unknown. He could succeed, but he could also fail; no one could make a guarantee.

Nevertheless, once Spirit Wa triggered the Dao of nature to give divine edits, things would be different.

Spirit Wa was a saint, a supreme being who controlled a part of the highest power in this world. She was also an 'old friend' of saint Pan Gu, who created this world. Her identity was special, and her power was tremendous. Seriously speaking, the great Dao of Pan Gu world was generated after Pan Gu created the world, and Spirit Wa was born before that.

In an inappropriate way, Spirit Wa could be considered a big sister, and the spirit of Pan Gu was her little brother. What was happening could be seen as the big sister saying to her little brother, "I think these few people are not bad. Are you going to promote them?"

If an ordinary living being dared to talk to the spirit of Pan Gu world like that, it would be crushed by a violent thunder trial without leaving a trace. But, if Spirit Wa seriously gave divine edits as a saint, even the world needed to take her decision seriously.

There was a ninety-nine percent chance that the world would respect her decision and promote the people chosen by her to divine emperors! Because, that was what a saint could do. As a saint who was born before the great Dao and the spirit of Pan Gu world, Spirit Wa had the power and the special right to do something like this. In a way, Spirit Wa could affect the spirit of Pan Gu world far strongly than Priest Dachi, Priest Qingwei and Priest Yu Yu could ever do.

Ji Hao went to Southern Wasteland for Zhu Rong in such a haste, then returned to the heaven as fast as he could, even without straightening the completely messy Southern Wasteland situation, all because he wanted Zhu Rong to seize this opportunity!

If Ji Hao made a proposal to the world about promoting Zhu Rong to a divine emperor, he might not succeed. But, if Spirit Wa gave a divine edict herself, things would be about right. Ji Hao needed allies in the heaven. He needed someone reliable and powerful to maintain his position and power in the heaven. No other person but Zhu Rong could do that!

After all, Zhu Rong was a pure-blooded descended of Red Emperor, the Divine Emperor of South, and the current Fire God. Generation after generation, Zhu Rong Family ruled millions of Southern Wasteland clans. Additionally, he served the humankind as Great Libation, sharing the endless natural fortune with the humankind. Regarding promoting Zhu Rong to a divine emperor, no one could disagree. After all, one of his ancestors was a ruler from the ancient heaven!

The golden bridge was fully activated, bringing Zhu Rong's thirty-million elite warriors back to the heaven. The moment they broke into the gate of the heaven, even Ji Hao was nearly exhausted.

Giving a dry laugh and wiping the sweat on his forehead, Ji Hao stood on the square where clouds of mist had been rising, bowing deeply to apologize to Spirit Wa, who had started to get a little impatient already. "Elder Spirit Wa, we are deeply sorry for letting you wait so long! Deeply sorry! Elder spirit Wa, do you think Zhu Rong, the current leader of Zhu Rong Family, can be one of the five divine emperors in heaven?"

Zhu Rong's heart thumped. He forcibly calmed himself down, silently bowing to spirit Wa.

Based on the memories passed down from his ancestors, Zhu Rong clearly knew who Spirit Wa was. Back before the world was created, she was already a powerful ancient holy saint, a good friend of saint Pan Gu. She was also a protector of Pan Gu world, definitely one of the noblest beings in Pan Gu world. Zhu Rong had been through a lot in his life, but facing Spirit Wa, he still felt that his legs were even softened.

"Ah, little thing Zhu Rong!" Spirit Wa gently flipped her long tail, lowered her body, and put her face near Zhu Rong, carefully observing his eyes, then said, "Eh? Did someone control your soul? The evil power from Pan Yu world...But, it's cleaned off."

Eyes glowing with a colorful light, Spirit Wa carefully glanced at Zhu Rong again and continued, "You have earned quite a lot of natural rewards power, even greater than what these two things have by tenfold. Look at him, look. What have you dragons and phoenixes been doing these years? As Pan Gu's descendants, the natural power earned by you is not even as great as what this little thing earned. And, he's just a descendant of an ancient god. Don't you feel ashamed?"

Ao Bai and Qing Qiang stood aside embarrassedly, mumbling but failing to say a word.

Spirit Wa sighed slightly, then pointed her finger between Zhu Rong's brows and sent extremely pure strands of power of creation through Zhu Rong's body, dispelling the last trace of evil power from Pan Yu's brain that lingered in his body.

Slowly straightening her body, Spirit Wa decided not to waste any more time. She raised her hands towards the sky and cast a complicated, mysterious spell. The vast heaven quaked intensely. All of a sudden, everyone on the scene felt that in the highest sky, an enormous pair of eyes seemed to open, looking down at the heaven in a sacred, imperial, and just way.

The gaze from the pair of eyes was sharp as a dagger, easily penetrating the bodies of Donggong, Zhurong, Ao Bai and Qingqiang, seeing their past and future.

In the peaceful world in the west, Priest Mu and Priest Hua leaped back up as they were just sitting down.

"Spirit Wa...What is she doing? How dare she...give divine edicts all by herself?"

With anger, Priest Hua and Priest Mu transformed into two dazzling beams of light, flashing into the sky.

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