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Ji Hao moved swiftly in the sky.

The sun shone upon the earth. Within the sunlight, threads of nearly tangible golden light could be seen vaguely. On Pan Gu motherland, no living creatures could hide under the golden light.

Naturally, the golden light landed on the Southern Wasteland. In the dense primitive jungle, thick leaves blocked the sunlight, but failed to stop these golden threads which contained the power of the great Dao. The golden light penetrated the leaves and landed on the bodies of countless living beings, without being noticed.

In Ji Hao's erect eye, the nine suns dazzled blindingly. As his strong spirit power reached out through the golden light, every living being in Southern Wasteland was under his watch.

He saw Zhu Rong sitting straight in a chair condensed from raging flames on top of Zhu Rong Mountain, looking down at the leaders of all Southern Wasteland clans, and countless Southern Wasteland people endlessly exploiting mineral resources, shipping mountain-sized piles of ore to Zhu Rong mountain.

He also saw large groups of non-humankind warriors shuttling in the jungle, hunting human beings rampantly and sending them onto the enormous flying ships. Fully loaded flying ships took off one after another, to send the human slaves to the north.

The golden bridge dazzled, instantly bringing Ji Hao to the sky above the Southern Wasteland jungle. Looking down at the tens of thousands of flying ships which were slowly flying into the sky, he raised his right hand and clenched his fingers towards the sun. Following his move, over ten-thousand water-tank-thick, scorching beams of light descended, accurately penetrating the formation core in each ship.

On the surface of the ships that were taking off, layers of formations exploded. The ships were wrapped in dense smoke while falling from the sky. Countless non-humankind warriors burst into roars as they darted out of the ships. Tens of thousands of Jiia Clan warriors trod on metal plate sizzling with lightning bolts, rising straight to the sky and marching towards Ji Hao formidably.

Behind Ji Hao's body, the thirty-six-thousand-meters wide mill of Dao quietly emerged, releasing a terrifying devouring power. The surrounding space collapsed immediately. Uncontrollably, the tens of thousands of Jia Clan warriors fell into the mill. Along with shrill howls, they were swallowed by the mill within a breath, despite the fact that even the weakest one among them was at the level of Magus King.

"Ji Hao!" A Yu Clan noble pointed at Ji Hao and screamed hysterically.

After all the battles that he fought, all the dangers that he conquered, Ji Hao had become a demon-like terrifying being in the hearts of non-humankind nobles. These days, since Ji Hao hadn't shown up in public, the fear these non-humankind beings had for him faded a little bit. But seeing Ji Hao suddenly show up again right in front of their faces, they were nearly peeing their pants.

"Kneel! Stay here and wait for your arrangement. If you dare to run, I'll kill your entire family!" Eyes flickering with a cold merciless light, Ji Hao randomly pointed a finger at hundreds of thousands of slave warriors, who were wielding weapons while shouting and yelling at Ji Hao with their teeth bared. An invisible force landed on their bodies, crushed their legs, and made them kneel on the ground while crying hoarsely.

A series of thudding noise could be heard without an end as countless non-humankind beings lost the courage to fight back and tremblingly kneeled.

Ji Hao waved a hand, shattered all flying ships, and freed all Southern Wasteland people who were forced into the ships. Those people burst into cheerful shouts when they saw Ji Hao floating in the sky. They seized the weapons from the hands of the non-humankind warriors in the surroundings and kept the captives under close watch.

The golden bridge flashed again. Treading on a beam of golden light, Ji Hao came to Zhu Rong Mountain.

Zhu Rong was still controlled by Yu Huo with Pan Yu's brain, his eyes glistening with a faint dark light. Seeing Ji Hao, he seemed to struggle for a moment, but soon, he quivered and let Yu Huo's voice came out of his mouth.

"Ji Hao? I found your information from Zhu Rong's memories!" Yu Huo laughed with a hissing noise, "Interesting. You came here to do what? Or, what can you do? Zhu Rong has already become my slave, my puppet. I can take his life at any moment..."

Seeing Zhu Rong's expressionless face, Ji Hao gave a sonorous roar. The enormous mill of Dao spun swiftly behind him and let out a dark and strong devouring power.

Zhu Rong paused all of a sudden. From his eyes, wisps of dark light drifted out. Within the light, countless twisted faces could be seen. Along with the shrill soul screams, the evil soul power left inside Zhu Rong's body by Yu Huo was devoured up within a second.

"Damned thing!" Zhu Rong's eyes burned in a raging fire as he suddenly woke up. The rolling flame erupted from his body and condensed into glowing-red lotuses, falling from the sky. At the moment, the top of Zhu Rong Mountain was scorched by the fire that Zhu Rong released with his full power. Rocks were melted, lava flowing all over the ground; the scene was quite astonishing.

"Ji Hao, this time...I brought such an extreme humiliation to myself. I can't bear to see anyone with this shame on me." Gasping through clenched teeth, Zhu Rong roared, "Damnable Yu Huo, he released Chi You from the forbidden places. Pan Gu world..."

"It's not your fault." Shaking his head, Ji Hao said, "Yu Huo? We'll deal with him later. As for Chi You...hah."

Ji Hao left him and Pan Xi to Netherworld Priest earlier. Based on what that powerful being could do, hopefully, Chi You hadn't been torn into pieces by now.

Chi You might be supernaturally powerful, but Ji Hao believed that Netherworld Priest could take good care of him. After all, Netherworld Priest had the entire Netherworld as his backup. Perhaps, Chi You had already become Netherworld Priest's strongest zombie warrior, and was accepting all weird kinds of modifications from Netherworld Priest.

"Let's talk later. Right now, we have something to do." Ji Hao looked at Zhu Rong and asked seriously, "Are you interested in becoming a divine emperor? If you have no objection to this, we'll head to the heaven now. Spirit Wa is triggering the spirit of Pan Gu world to give divine edicts. If we miss this opportunity, I don't know when this will happen next time."

Zhu Rong's expression changed for a thousand times within a blink. In both shock and surprise, he stared at Ji Hao and asked, "Divine emperor? Spirit Wa? Is she...Alright, alright, alright, why would I have an objection? I, Zhu Rong, am the Fire God, the god of the south. If we are claiming thrones, I should have a seat in the heaven."

Without hesitating, Zhu Rong took two steps forward, his body glowing with a strong fiery light. "We will go, of course we will go. Tonggong is the leader of Zhu Rong Family from this moment on. I'll bring my Zhu Rong army to the heaven right now!"

"Brother Tonggong, Southern Wasteland is under your watch now. Gather all elite troops now and wipe out all non-humankind beings in Southern Wasteland. I would rather kill the wrong people than let any of them go." Ji Hao nodded as he shouted at Tonggong.

The mill of Dao spun speedily and drew out the evil dark light from all human leaders under Yu Huo's control, one after another.

Zhu Rong blew the dragon horn himself to gather his army. Hearing the sonorous sound of horn, strong Zhu Rong troops gathered from all directions. Volcanos vented one after another in Southern Wasteland and released giant groups of fire dragons, fire flood dragons, fire snakes, fire horses, and other fierce creatures.

The fire seemed to even swallow the sky while Ji Hao and Zhu Rong flashing to the heaven at their highest speed.

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