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Hearing Spirit Wa, two figures quietly emerged behind her.

Donggong was like a towering pine, an ancient unadorned being. He was wearing rainbows and holding a pair of rulers, with the whole body wrapped in the power of Dao. A stream of clear mist rose from his head and reached about a hundred meters higher, weaving into a mushroom-shaped cloud above his head, which carried tens of glowing pre-world spirit treasures. Each treasure had been releasing strong energy waves.

Ximu was strong and beautiful, with a vigorous power. Unlike the relaxed Donggong, Ximu had been venting a thriving life-force from her entire body. Standing beside Donggong, she narrowed her eyes and curiously looked at Ji Hao, with her long hair fluttering behind her head without being blown by any wind, casing whooshing noises from time to time.

The rainbow cloak, the cloud, and the treasures made Donggong look like a mystic immortal, but Ximu wasn't like that, as she didn't have as many supernatural phenomena around her. Nevertheless, Ji Hao clearly sensed an invisible door behind her. It felt like a quaint door filled with mysteriousness, that once Ji Hao attempted to approach it with his spirit power, he could sense the swirling devouring power from it.

Behind the door was a terrifying, scorching power, like a venting volcano and a falling star. Ji Hao somehow felt that if Ximu opened that door behind her, the power erupted from it would certainly surpass the powers possessed by the tens of pre-world treasures floating above Donggong's head.

He felt that both Donggong and Ximu were incredibly strong. He even felt that they were both at Spirit Wa's level.

However, he also felt some flaws from their powers, like the most delicate porcelain accidentally cracked by careless people. At first glance, the porcelain looked still so shiny, ornate, and fascinating, but when one observed closely, one would find the barely visible crack which largely undervalued it.

"Elders, I am Ji Hao, it's such a pleasure to meet you!" Ji Hao solemnly bowed to both of them.

He was choked up with emotions. Spirit Wa's request was like a bolt of thunder struck right on his head. She wanted Donggong to be a divine emperor and Ximu to be the Gold Mother of the Jade Lake, which reminded him of a lot of things that he made himself forget long ago.

A divine emperor position could be arranged. The heaven was still empty anyway. Even though Ao Bai from the dragon-kind and Qing Qiang from the phoenix-kind were waiting to be divine emperors, the divine thrones were not all occupied. Regarding promoting Donggong to a divine emperor, Ji Hao had no objection.

But, the Jade Lake was different.

The vast chorography of the heaven emerged in Ji Hao's mind. Jade Lake, which millions of miles in radius, could be counted as the source of meridians of the heaven. It was the most important area of the heaven, as countless natural meridians gathered in there. The one who controlled the Jade Lake could control over sixty percent of all the natural powers in the heaven. As one could imagine, Jade Lake was important.

As countless thoughts popped out and died in his mind, Ji Hao smilingly bowed again to Donggong and Ximu and said, "I consider myself most fortunate to have you join the heaven."

"Emperor Ji Hao, the pleasure is ours." Donggong gave a faint smile as he slightly nodded to Ji Hao and responded.

Before Donggong's voice faded, Ximu had already cast a deafening roar, quaking the entire underground hall. Her voice rumbled like the thunder, piercing directly into Ji Hao's ears. Afterward, Ximu chuckled and said, "Stop acting! We're injured severely and degraded, and still couldn't manage to recover even after so many years. If the situation goes on, I'm afraid that even our foundations of Dao will be damaged."

While singing, Ximu slapped on Ji Hao's shoulder.


With the muffled noise, a tremendous pressure landed on Ji Hao's body. Ji Hao remained unmoved, absorbing this heavy strike which was even more violent than the fall of a star. Ximu pressed her hand on Ji Hao's shoulder and glanced at Ji Hao's careless face with surprise, then couldn't help but exclaim out, "Such a strong body. Ji Hao, so-called divine emperor, and so-called Gold Mother of Jade Lake… To be honest, we just want to heal ourselves with the natural fortune of the heaven."

Shaking her head, Ximu pointed at Donggong and laughed to continue, "This old thing is too ashamed to say it out, but I'm not. Jade Lake has the richest natural powers in the heaven. I just want to heal myself in there!"

Ji Hao grinned. Glancing at Donggong, he did find a slightly embarrassed look from Donggong 's face. Apparently, what Ximu said made him a little uncomfortable.

"Since you wanted nothing else but to heal yourself, with your mighty powers, you could do it anytime you want since the heaven remained unoccupied for years. Why did you have to wait for today?"

Spirit Wa sighed again and glanced outside, then gave the answer in a bland tone, "How can the injuries of my two friends be healed merely by the natural powers in Jade Lake? In order to heal themselves, they need to merge with own natural fortune with the heaven's. But, my two friends are both peaceful beings. Without being forced into a desperate situation, how would they ever be willing to cause themselves endless troubles?"

Ji Hao nodded. Endless troubles? He didn't understand it thoroughly, but he felt it to be quite reasonable.

He didn't know exactly how many unmentionable secrets existed in this world. But, according to the legends he read back in his past life, that would truly be a giant swirl of trouble. And, which decent living being would want to step in it?

As his heart twitched slightly, Ji Hao responded in a deep voice, "In this case, earlier rather than later, why don't we do it now?"

He had learned the spell of creation from Spirit Wa, which was indeed a huge favor, and should certainly be returned. Therefore, Spirit Wa wanted to send Donggong and Ximu into the heaven, and Ji Hao had no qualification, nor reason or excuse to refuse her request.

"No rush, no rush!" Spirit Wa curved her pair of eyes in a large grin, with a dim light glimmering in them. She gave Si Wen Ming a few words, telling him to hurriedly get familiar with the power of the nine cauldrons. Then, she wielded her hand and tore apart the space, bringing Ji Hao, Donggong and Xi Mu to the heaven.

As she wielded her hand again, Ao Bai and Qing Qiang were dragged out of the space.

When they were pulled out all of a sudden, their faces were filled with shock. But, on seeing Spirit Wa, Donggong and Ximu, their faces twitched simultaneously. Afterward, they helplessly and deeply bowed to Spirit Wa.

"Alright, no small talk." Spirit Wa smilingly pointed the tip of her tail at Ao Bai and Qing Qiang's chests, then said, "You want to be divine emperors to help the dragon-kind and phoenix-kind control the operation of the great Dao of nature, don't you? But, you don't seem to have enough natural rewards power. It won't be easy for you to become divine emperors."

Ao Bai's face paled a little bit. With a bitter smile, he said, "Elder Spirit Wa, I don't quite understand."

"Oh, oh, I'll directly say it out then, shall I?" Spirit Wa grinned and said, "I'll trigger the spirit of Pan Gu world to promote you two little things to divine emperors...How do you prepare to return the favor?"

Ao Bai and Qing Qiang's expressions turned extremely weird.

One might not be willing to owe Spirit Wa a favor. They would rather make contracts with Ji Hao, let him extort them for military forces and resources than making any contract with Spirit Wa!

They would even rather talk to Priest Dachi, Priest Qingwei, Priest Yu Yu, Priest Mu, and Priest Hua, but never ever with Spirit Wa! They couldn't bear to offend Spirit Wa, they just couldn't.

Nevertheless, when Spirit Wa found them on her own initiative, Ao Bai and Qing Qiang smiled bitterly, bowed deeply, and responded, "Anything you say, elder."

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