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Nine months later, after a long journey, Ji Hao returned to the sun world. The five continents had merged into Pan Gu Motherland, which was so vast that Ji Hao spent nine months to visit the ancestral lands of the tens of top-ranked human clans and families, with all his current power and the power of the golden bridge, to destroy the devils in people's hearts and collect the weapon needed by Si Wen Ming.

The time was too limited and the task was heavy, which was the reason why Ji Hao forced himself to not tear Chu Wu Clan down that day. The moment the nine cauldrons were forged, Ji Hao would immediately head back to the Senior Magi Mountain and Junior Magi Mountain, to erase the entire Chu Wu Clan from this world. Wu Bi threatened Ji Hao with the lives of his clansmen, but the little did he think that Ji Hao had already been seeing those people as dead.

Those crazy Magi, who even attempted to assassinate the human emperor several times, who would do everything to get strength and powers, were a tumor of the humankind. Therefore, Ji Hao would hesitate to clean them off once he got a chance. The future humankind wouldn't need the unruly Chu Wu Clan, not at all!

Shaking his heavy sleeve, Ji Hao breathed deeply as he walked into the sun world.

A giant fiery swirl emerged from the surface of the sun world and slowly opened, showing a straight path to Ji Hao. Through the path, Ji Hao drove the golden bridge into the sun palace.

With a rumbling noise, the square before the palace quaked slightly, then an enormous crack appeared, venting a cyan-purple cloud of mist. Countless human craftsmen who were forging weapons and armors on the square burst into screams while desperately fleeing in all directions.

This scorching power erupted from the ground was way too strong, that their clothes, hair and eyebrows were set on fire within a moment. Many of them didn't manage to dodge, and ended up being burned bald without even a fine hair remaining on their skins. Even Hao Tao didn't see this coming, and had tens of flames rising from his cloak. In the end, countless holes were left on that cloak of his.

"Emperor Ji Hao!" Seeing Ji Hao, Hao Tao hurriedly bowed and said, "Minister Si Wen Ming is down there!"

Ji Hao nodded and said no word, just bringing Mr. Crow towards the giant crack. A stairway slanting six degrees downwards appeared in the crack, leading straight down to the underground hall where Si Wen Ming had been forging the nine cauldrons secretly.

Heading down the stairway, Ji Hao finally met Si Wen Ming in the underground hall, which was entirely enveloped in fire. Si Wen Ming had become a scrawny man, but with a faint glow on his skin. At the moment, he sat in the center of the circle composed of nine enormous round-shaped cauldrons, legs crossed as he releasing strands of natural reward power from his body. The natural reward power transformed into golden-purple mist in the air, merging into the nine cauldrons.

Ji Hao gasped in shock. He and Si Wen Ming both contributed for the flood-control mission, and both earned a great natural reward power.

Ji Hao gave up the natural reward power when he was chosen to be the only divine emperor in this world, while Si Wen Ming kept his. But, in this very moment, when Ji Hao saw Si Wen Ming again, he had actually been injecting his natural reward power into the unfinished nine cauldrons!

Absorbing Si Wen Ming's natural rewards power, the nine cauldrons would become after-world supreme treasure with immeasurable powers and unpredictable functions. But sensing the almost drained natural reward power inside Si Wen Ming's body, Ji Hao could not say a word for a long while. Si Wen Ming dedicated all his natural rewards power, taking a great loss individually.

Not to mention the other factors, with the natural rewards power, Si Wen Ming would be able to step into the level of Supreme Magi without a risk at all. Even if he chose one of the most powerful natural stars in the world as his spirit star, his tremendous natural reward power would be able to draw the star smoothly into his body and allow him to replace the star spirit with his own soul.

All twelve powerful human beings, as former human emperors, climbed up to the level of Supreme Magi by relying on their natural rewards powers. When Si Wen Ming gave up his natural rewards power, he also gave up the bright and broad path to the world of Supreme Magi.

"Uncle Wen Ming!" Ji Hao remained silent for a while, then said with a deep voice, "I brought the weapons you need. The time is too short, and the humankind has been through severe changes. I was in no state to do it in a harsh way. Therefore, I took about seventy percent of all used armaments from large clans and families, and didn't manage to collect the rest."

Si Wen Ming opened his eyes. He was skinny now, for which reason, his eyes had sunken deeply, turning larger but brighter than before, dazzling like a pair of tiny suns. Despite his weight loss, he looked especially energetic. By fixing his eyes on Ji Hao's face, Si Wen ming even gave Ji Hao a piercing pain on the skin, even though Ji Hao was already far stronger than him.

"That'll be enough!" Smilingly nodding to Ji Hao, Si Wen Ming replied with a tired voice, which delivered an indescribable sacred feeling. Following his voice, the nine cauldrons buzzed and quaked the entire hall. Ji Hao sensed an overwhelming force coming right at his face, then his entire body was tightened, and he was disabled from moving.

"Enough indeed!" Ji Hao looked at the unfinished yet already formidable nine cauldrons, stunned.

Truly enough, these nine powerful cauldrons with nearly seventy percent of all blood-stained armaments belonging to the humankind, including a giant number of magic treasures, the result was truly unimaginable.

Other than protecting the natural fortune of the humankind, the nine cauldrons would be able to do much more!

"But!" Licking his lips, Ji Hao laughed with excitement, "Shall we work harder?"

Wielding his sleeves, Ji Hao threw out all the blood-stained armaments he collected, including all pre-world treasures he found in Pan Heng world. Except for the few pieces he saved for his friends, he gave all treasures he had!

"Put in these treasures too. Let's see how powerful the nine cauldrons can be after merging with these treasures.

Looking at Si Wen Ming excitedly, Ji Hao yelled. Before Si Wen Ming responded, Ji Hao heard a sweet, beautiful and graceful and warm voice. "So many treasures? Ji Hao, are you truly willing to give these?" Said the voice.

Spirit Wa showed her face from the air, hands holding the brightly shining all spirits creation cauldron. She had a human upper body and a snake tail.

Ji Hao discovered nothing about Spirit Wa since he came down to this underground hall until she showed her face. She was here the whole time, standing right behind Si Wen Ming, but Ji Hao never saw her!

"You..." Looking at her special appearance, Ji Hao figured out who she was.

"You, good!" Giving Ji Hao a meaningful glance, Spirit Wa said in a soft voice, "More than I expected. With these pre-world treasures, the power of the nine cauldrons will turn greater by ten folds. Great!"

Raising her arms, Spirit Wa sent all the pre-world treasures Ji Hao provided into the nine cauldrons.

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