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"Original Devil sky-opening!" With a strange smile, Wu Bi floated in the sky while looking down at Ji Hao, who lied in the deep pit.

Original Devil once was the evil part of Pan Gu's soul. Naturally, he was marked with the secrets of the great Dao of Pan Gu. Among the eight devil magic he created, the strongest, most unfathomable move was Original Devil sky-opening.

Unlike Ji Hao's sky-opening which allowed him to destroy the enemy through one slight weakness he found, the Original Devil sky-opening was as unpredictable as a sneaky poisonous snake which was covered entirely in venom. The Original Devil sky-opening would locate all weaknesses of the enemy and secretly corrode the weakest body parts of the enemy with the venom, then let the sudden strike erupt when the corrosion reached a certain level.

A thousands of miles long mountain could be destroyed by an ant nest. The Original Devil sky-opening was like the ant nest, slowly corroding its enemy, accumulating power bit by bit, until the change of quantity turned into a qualitative change, and the enemy could be destroyed with one strike.

This was merely a simple introduction of the devil's power, and in fact, it was more complicated and profound by a million folds, that even Ji Hao had fallen into disadvantages when facing these three devils, without even noticing how. Suffering the strike with his chest, his thoracic bones and ribs were all cracks.

The bone cracks were nothing to mention about, but what had been driving him crazy was the devil power lingering inside his bones, coiling on his them without fading. The dark devil power was like the most dangerous cancer cells, crazily corroding his muscles and strength, eating him and polluting him. Even the great Dao of destruction was quaked by this dark devil power.

Ji Hao now clearly sensed the scariness of Original Devil. Wu Bi and the other two elders had just absorbed his devil magic and turned themselves into devils, but already, their power was great enough to threaten the highest Dao of Pan Yu world!

"As the evil part of Saint Pan Gu's soul, he is indeed at the level of Saint Pan Gu." Ji Hao slowly stood up. Surrounding him was the black and golden flame, burning ragingly and destroying the devil power along with a sizzling noise.

Ji Hao looked at Wu Bi seriously. It was Wu Bi instead of a matured clone of original Devil who made the strike. Otherwise, the result would be much worse. The strike from Wu Bi indeed contained about thirty percent of the ingeniousness from Ji Hao's sky-opening move, but the rest of seventy-percent were occupied by darkness and evilness. It wasn't as effective as the sky-opening move, but it was undoubtedly darker, eviler, and more immeasurable than the sky-opening move. The moves of sky-opening and earth-splitting Ji Hao learned from the mysterious man were bright and decent, while the Original Devil's version was the culmination of the darkness and evilness in the world, like a dagger covered in poison lunged towards its target from the back.

"Impressive, Wu Bi!" With his body wrapped in the fire, Ji Hao trod on a fiery lotus and rose into the sky, flashed across the air, and darted up to Wu Bi. Bursting into a roar, he straightened his right palm and launched the sky-opening move. An arc was drawn in the air as he split the space, flashing to Wu Bi along with a hurricane.

Wu Bi responded with a high-pitched howl. He too drew a dark in the sky, black and soft, waving towards Ji Hao's palm like water. It was Ji Hao's sky-opening move against Original Devil's sky-opening move. Along with the deafening noises, the space million miles around Ji Hao and Wu Bi was shattered completely, while their bodies swiftly moved and bumped into each other in the dark, collapsing space.

After ten minutes, Ji Hao abruptly gave a muffled snort. He suffered hundreds of punches and flew back for tens of miles. Wu Bi also snorted in pain as Ji Hao's straightened left palm eventually penetrated his soft yet powerful waves of counterattack through a barely existing space crack, and landed on his chest.

A scary puncture wound was left on Wu Bi's chest. Streams of sticky dark blood gushed out of his wounds while dense clouds of black mist rose from his mouth. He screamed in a hoarse voice, then a black light shone from his wound, and a black lotus bloomed on each side of his body. The black lotuses spun slowly for a while. The space one-thousand-miles around him collapsed into his body, as if that body of his was a black hole. Within this area, all natural powers were suddenly gone, devoured by the stove inside his body.

A stronger devil power was generated to replenish Wu Bi's body. Within a few seconds, that huge wound disappeared. Slapping his chest, which did not even have a scar on it, Wu Bi screamed with laughter. "Ji Hao kid, what can you do to hurt me? I admit that you're ridiculously strong, and I'm not your rival. But, can you kill me?"

The other two Chu Wu devil elders stood behind Wu Bi, releasing devil powers. Their devil powers merged together and wove into a giant figure of Original Devil in behind. More and more natural powers were devoured by them and turned into rolling devil power to strengthen their bodies.

A dark mist spread out, covering the surrounding forest. The two mountains had already been shrouded by the faint blackness; every stream, every grain of sand was covered in the grim blackness.

In the streams and springs on the mountains, the scales of fishes suddenly turned sharp and thin, while tusks began growing from their mouths. Polluted by the devil power, these small creatures began turning dark irreversibly.

With a dark face, Ji Hao pulled out the Pan Gu sword and activated the Pan Gu bell.

The devil-kind not only turned themselves into devils, but also were like walking sources of pollution. As long as they remained existing, they would ceaselessly pollute Pan Gu world; their devil power had even been polluting the natural powers in this world.

These twisted and ugly beings had to be destroyed as soon as possible. Otherwise, they would certainly cause greater harm to this world.

Once Ji Hao raised the Pan Gu sword, a dark cloud rolled to him, following an annoying scream. Eighteen devils flashed across the sky and darted behind Wu Bi and the other two devil elders, wrapped in black mist and screaming shrilly as they left a series of afterimage in the sky.

Twenty-one devils now stood in front of Ji Hao.

Clenching his teeth, Ji Hao prepared to finish them all with his sword, but abruptly, Wu Bi laughed. "Ji Hao, we still have millions and millions of people in our clan who haven't turned yet...If you dare to try to kill us, they will all die! They will all die in your hands!"

Witnessing Ji Hao's power, Wu Bi estimated that the current Chu Wu clan wouldn't be able to stop Ji Hao if he lost his temper. After all, only twenty-one pure devils existed in the clan, who were obviously not able to defeat Ji Hao. Therefore, Wu Bi shamelessly used his own people as hostage.

Before Ji Hao said a word, he laughed again and continued, "Don't think about taking one piece of weapon from me. If you dare to try, I'll kill every last ordinary human being in my clan. Those useless things are living for nothing but wasting food anyway."

Ji Hao remained silent. Slowly glancing at Wu Bi, he called Mr. Crow, turned around, and left.

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