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Ji Hao visited more than ten top-grade human clans and families after collecting the blood-stained armaments from Huaxu Family.

The leaders and elders and branch leaders of these families and clans were possessed as well, but as same as Huaxu Family, these super clans and families all had their special powers. Not long after being possessed by the devil, the leaders of these families and clans woke up under the protection of their ancestors.

Exactly like what happened in Huaxu Family, the people had been fighting each other when Ji Hao arrived. The ancestral lands were nearly flattened, heavy casualties had been suffered, and blood hatred had grown between branches already.

Ji Hao defeated the arisen devils in the hearts of all possessed elders, leaders, and branch leaders with his devil-breaking magic, releasing the seeds of devil inside them and allowing them to be sane again. A small part of these people retrieved their kindness and senses of responsibility, but most of them never turned back.

Lured by Original Devil, they had already tasted the sweetness of power and strength; they enjoyed what power and strength brought them. They were no longer controlled by the Original devil; they were already the devils.

Ji Hao knew what they had gone through, and how their thoughts had changed. But, he didn't know what to do to stop all this from happening. For sure, he could not step into the inner affairs of any of these families while the family leaders couldn't bear to kill all these 'turned' elders and branch leaders.

Without saying too much, Ji Hao collected their armaments and left. He felt like he heard a shrill cracking noise, loud and clear, as if the never-melting icebergs in the northernmost ocean had suddenly collapsed. Uncountable invisible but clearly sensible cracks had already occurred inside these large families and clans.

"Families..." Leaving the ancestral land of the Suiren Family and sensing the scorching hot power spreading, Ji Hao shook his head.

Behind him, some elders and branch leaders were giving their orders, following which, the warriors blew the horns. These elders and branch leaders no longer stood by the side of their leader with united hearts. Instead, they formed their own groups, confronting each other with their own warriors.

Their hearts of unity had already been torn apart, and so were the families. Once Ji Hao left, some elders began questioning the family leader, requiring him to open all treasuries and distribute all the treasures that belonged to the family 'evenly' to the 'high-grade leaders', who were 'qualified enough' to hold them.

As Ji Hao walked further and further away, the conflicts between family members grew more and more intense and unstoppable.

In the southwest corner of Midland, among the towering mountains was a deep valley. On both sides of the valley, two purely dark mighty mountains faced each other. 'Senior Magi', 'Junior Magi', four blood-red characters were carved into the two mountains.

These were the Senior Magi Mountain and Junior Magi Mountain. Standing between the two thousand-miles-tall mountains was a three-thousand-meters-wide, ten-thousand-meters-tall stone gate, embossed with a twisted ghost face which was covered in human blood, mixed with the blood of all kinds of beasts and mineral dust.

Hundreds of fierce and wild looking Chi Wu Clan Magi stood under the stone gate, wearing leather armors and helmets made from beast skin, and holding bone staffs. Laughing grimly, they flipped their fingers and sent out sparks of green fire to burn a few white deer curling on the ground without being able to move.

The enormous white deer were disabled by a special magic. The fire sparks landed on their bodies, burned their skins, and reached straight to their internal organs and bones, making them scream in pain. Their shrill howls could be heard from a very long distance away.

Behind each of these Magi was clone of the Original Devil, wrapped in coiling dark mist and varying from meters to tens of meters in heights. The eyes of these Magi sparkled with a faint blood-red light, which looked the same as the eyes of devils.

"Scream, scream...The louder you scream, the sweeter your souls will be." A hideous Magus with a skull-like face hissed in laughter, "Scream louder, harder, hehe, louder!"

Pressed under the magic power, faint deer silhouettes glistened above the heads of the few white deers. Those were their souls, struggling and wailing, giving the twisted soul power waves in all directions in pain. The hundreds of Magi were greedily inhaling the painful soul energy, seeming to even be drunk.

The gate between the Senior Magi Mountain and Junior Magi Mountain was called 'Gate of Magi'. Through the gate, one would walk into a three-thousand-miles-long valley called Magi Prairie; it was the core of Chu Wu Clan. Countless Magi families from Chu Wu Clan lived in this area, generation after generation, preserving the most primitive, wildest, and the cruellest magic system created by human beings, and the most tribal, barbarous habits from the primordial, ancient human culture.

Chu Wu Clan Magi followed the law of the jungle. After being worsened by them with extra efforts, the internal competition of this clan was as cruel as the cultivation process of 'Gu', as they would basically 'eat' their competitors until there were no more left.

Numerous magi wrapped in dark mist had been walking in the vast valley behind the gate, with twisted smiles on their faces. Some of them were carefully capturing poisonous bugs and snakes from the valley, while some others were picking useful herbs from the mountain.

In many areas on the two mountains, large blue or green fires had been risen by towering trees or under giant rocks. Large pots were put on the fires, with strange liquid medicines boiling in them. Dense smoke rose towards the sky and merged with a strong scent of herbs, releasing a colorful glow that sealed the airspace of the Magi Mountains area.

On top of the gate, on the broad stone girder, about ten Chu Wu Clan elders in luxurious clothes were sitting quietly on black stone armchairs, with the hazy figures of Original Devil behind them, tens of thousands of meters tall. The narrowed their eyes and gazed into the distance, watching Mr. Crow darting over at lightning speed with Ji Hao standing on his back. Black and golden flames were coiled on Mr. Crow's spread wings.

"Ji Hao kid is here!" One elder sneered.

"He visited over ten families and took their armaments!" Snorted another elder.

"We Chu Wu Clan will not be a pushover. No one can take even a grass from us without paying the price!" The third elder bared his teeth and said, "Unless he trades for it with better things."

"Not even that! Haven't you heard that he even destroyed the clones of Master Original Devil in those families?" The fourth elder turned around and looked at the clearing devil figure behind him, then continued coldly, "Master Original Devil gave us power, and a hope to unite Pan Gu world...No one can tear us apart from him!"

These elders now stared at Ji Hao in such an unfriendly way, with brightly shining blood-red eyes.

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