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"Immortality! Immortality!! Immortality!!!"

Ji Hao hollered for a few times in a row. He abruptly stood up from the Chaos lotus, gripped the Pan Gu sword, and stared at Original Devil with frosty eyes. "Who in the world started this? Human beings after immortality, hah!" He said.

"Immorality, the purpose of the highest desire!" Original Devil gave Ji Hao a bewitching glance and said, "Compared with immortality, delicate food and luxurious clothing are worth nothing, and beautiful ladies are no different from skeletons! Immortality, only immortality can trigger the deepest emotions and desires in the hearts of human beings and arouse my seeds of the original devil, which had been divided and weakened savagely for uncountable times!"

"Immortality!" Original Devil laughed, reaching his arms to the sky as it muttered, "What a beautiful term! Immortal life, eternity, hehe… In the whole Pan Gu world, not even Priest Jun dares to call himself an immortal being. Appealing human beings with immortality, what a smart idea!"

"Who was it?" Ji Hao tilted his head and looked at Original Devil.

"Priest Mu and Priest Hua. Except for those two who vainly attempted to boost their sect with the natural fortune of human beings, who else could it be?" Without hesitating, Original Devil gave the names of Priest Mu and Priest Hua, as neatly as a farmer selling a piglet in a market. "I can prove that they did it, they triggered my seed!"

"Priest Dachi, Priest Qingwei, and Priest Yu Yu never tried to develop their sect in the human world. Priest Dachi rarely accepts disciples, while Priest Qignwei accepts only extraordinary powerful beings from the prehistorical era. Yu Yu made no distinction in teaching, but most of his disciples are not human beings. Do you know why?" Original Devil kept staring at Ji Hao.

Ji Hao didn't respond, but holding the sword, he sank into his thoughts.

The longer he pondered, the more thoughts emerged in his mind. Along with the thoughts, his emotions and desires vented like a volcano. The moment the emotions and desires occurred, Ji Hao again sensed a sweetness from his throat. Negative feelings arose like the tidewater, as he again vomited blood.

"Damn it!" Aghast, Ji Hao fixed his eyes on Original Devil. This evil thing did nothing but simply say a few words to trigger Ji Hao's emotions and desires and harm him through an imperceptible method.

No, in fact, he did do a thing, which was talking. Hearing him, the seeds of original devil laid hidden in the hearts of human beings would respond. And thus, Original Devil would be able to control these human beings in an unimaginable way. He saw through human hearts and understood all weaknesses of human beings. He knew how to arouse the devil seeds hiding in human hearts and how to stimulate the seeds better.

"Alright, alright, alright. How many of your words are true and now many are untrue?" Casting an evil-dispelling spell, Ji Hao slowly raised the Pan Gu sword, aimed at Original Devil.

"How many of my words are true and how many are untrue? Ten percent untrue tops. Is that so important?" Laughing sneakily, Original Devil responded, "I can tell you more about things that happened in the ancient time...I can even teach you the true great Dao of Pan Gu! Aren't you curious? About the real Dao of Pan Gu, the Highest Dao, the true eternity..."

The Pan Gu sword clunked, exuding a dim light as it penetrated the Original Devil's head all of a sudden.

With a shrill howl, a faint slash appeared on Huaxu Bai's forehead. A stream of blood was squeezed out of her throat, squirted to a long distance away. Ji Hao retracted the sword with shock, hurriedly crumbled a pill, and spread it on Huaxu Bai's forehead.

"You have..." Glaring at Original Devil, Ji Hao said.

Delightfully, Original Devil responded, "I have already merged into one with her, hehe… If you hurt me, you hurt her too. When I grow stronger and merge deeper with her, she would suffer exactly the same injury you gave to me. Kill her first if you want to kill me...But, that couldn't be done by a slight wound."

Ji Hao breathed deeply. The power of destruction boiled inside him, purely dark, rising like a black tornado while roaring and swirling inside his body.

All his thoughts had been devoured by the great Dao of destruction. It was peaceful like a still lake, with all impurities, tangible or not, being destroyed thoroughly by the great Dao of destruction. Ji Hao looked at Original Devil and focused, considering how to kill the devil.

The face of Original Devil twisted even worse than before, while the evil aura of his turned especially heavy and cold. He could no longer sense the fluctuation of Ji Hao's emotion. No matter how Ji Hao managed to do it, Ji Hao had indeed already brought himself into a firmly steady state, impervious to desires and emotions. And now, Original Devil could do nothing to Ji Hao.

Remaining silent for a short while, Original Devil began talking again, word by word, "I am the ancestor of all devils in Pan Gu world. Follow my guide, and you will attain the true great Dao of Pan Gu. You will be immortal, you will be the eternity. This is your opportunity! Ji Hao, what are you hesitating for?"

Ji Hao paid no attention to Original Devil. The Pan Gu bell floated upon his head, shielding him with wisps of Chaos power. In the meantime, Ji Hao slowly walked around Huaxu Bai, who sat leg-crossed on the ground. He was like a nimble mongoose circling around a highly poisonous snake, that as long as the snake showed a weakness, he would rush up and kill it at once.

However, his opponent did have the power of resistance. Likewise, once Ji Hao showed a slight weakness, the counterforce launched by his enemy would also hurt him severely without doubts.

Ji Hao still had blood on the corners of his mouth. Deeply, he understood how terrifying Original Devil was.

If he managed to kill the devil inside Huaxu Bai, he would be able to kill the devils in the hearts of the other people too, and save humanity from this disaster.

But, if he failed...he would have to prepare for the worst situation, because the humankind would face a true disaster.

"Priest Mu and Priest Hua...Why are you a part of every evil thing?" Ji Hao sighed, "Immortality, immortality, when did you start to lure human beings with immortality? Lure them to your sect?"

In his spiritual space, the mysterious man slowly stood up. A blurry axe was held in his hands. Raising the axe, he swung it gently down. This time, his move looked a little more complicated than the move of sky-opening, as if he prepared to hack his own head.

"Eh?" Ji Hao raised the Pan Gu sword too and followed the mysterious man, making the same move on the Original Devil, without making an extra effort.

Original Devil burst into hoarse roars, with both rage and shock. A stream of blood sprayed out of Huaxu Bai's mouth, as the Original Devil behind her had already vanished under Ji Hao's sword edge.

"You destroyed my body, but you aren't able to hurt my spirit!" The hoarse yell faded into Huaxu Bai's body, "I'll be back when the seeds in this girl's heart wake up again. Generation after generation, you will be pestered by me to the end of the day!"

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