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Back in the sacred Devil-Suppressing Hall in the boundless fire sea in Southern Wasteland, Ji Hao saw the first Chi You, who was immortal and unbreakable, that not even Emperor Xuanyuan could kill him for good.

The sky devil which attempted to devour Chi You's primordial spirit and replace him ended up being swallowed by him. Chi You's powerfulness had impressed Ji Hao greatly. In the ancient era, when non-humankind beings invaded Pan Gu world, Chi You was the strongest blade in their hands. Alone, he nearly destroyed the allied human force under Emperor Xuanyuan's leadership.

If the ancient heaven didn't send out strong emergency reinforcement, perhaps not even Emperor Xuanyuan could have done anything to him, not to mention splitting up his body and suppressing him in the corners of Pan Gu world.

"You, how did you come out?" Looking at Chi You who had such a calm and elegant manner, looking like a knowledgeable scholar without any sense of violence on his face, Ji Hao asked the question with extra vigilance.

Chi You was a good-looking, well-mannered being, seeming to be simple, honest, and nice, like the kindest uncle from the neighborhood. He vented a faint blood-red mist from his body. The glistening blood-mist condensed into a vivid devil head above him, floating upon the blood-red flag that stopped the giant dark hand created by Ji Hao.

The blood-red mist was full of the desire of killing, forming a sharp contrast against Chi You's carefreeness. Chi You rubbed the slim and very curved pair of horns on is head, then smiled and nodded to Ji Hao, "Ji Hao? I remember you! You should know that the Zhu Rong Family was responsible for guarding my head in Southern Wasteland, generation by generation."

Slowly taking out a blood-red short sword from his sleeve, Chi You glanced at the blood-red mist above his head with surprise.

The devil head condensed from the blood-red mist had been shaking in the dark hand. Strand by strand, the mist was wearing out quickly, and in the blood-red swirls on the flag, countless twisted faces showed strange smiles. As the swirls were crushed one after another, these twisted faces transformed into hazy, translucent silhouettes and slowly drifted out, bowing to Ji Hao before disappearing into the air.

"Did Zhu Rong let you out?" Ji Hao boosted up his power unhurriedly.

This blood-red flag of Chi You had devoured the souls of countless creatures. It imprisoned these innocent souls inside it, allowing Chi You to use their powers. An ordinary human being could lose his or her mind, fall into the trap of the flag, and be controlled by it forever, by merely accepting a little bit of the energy emitting from the flag.

Ji Hao carefully destroyed all kinds of magic seals in the flag with his power of destruction, then dispelled the evil power inside those souls with a secret evil-dispelling spell learned from Yu Yu. By doing this, Ji Hao turned these souls back into what they were, allowing them to go to where they should be, under the guidance of the great Dao of Pan Gu world.

The power of destruction was sharp and fierce. During the short conversation that happened between Ji Hao and Chi You, Ji Hao managed to set free a quarter of the souls imprisoned in the blood-red flag, which was created by Chi You with countless years of severe efforts. Chi You had been trying to act calmly, but his face still twitched as he stared at Ji Hao, his eyes full of anger.

"Indeed, Zhu Rong released me!" Through clenched teeth, Chi You squeezed a few cold words, "Not only that, he also went to the other five devil-suppressing halls for me and released my body and limbs...Damn it, what kind of an evil power is this?"

With a loud and clear cloth-tearing noise, a giant tear suddenly appeared on the blood-red flag above Chi You's head. Tens of blood-red swirls collapsed, and tens of millions of dim silhouettes urgently drifted out.

Some of these silhouettes were clearer than the others, some had life-like faces, while some had their faces blurred already. Apparently, the most of their wits and memories were erased in the blood-red fag, and by now, they had nothing but an empty spirit left in the world.

Ji Hao cast a spell and wielded his broad sleeve. Behind him, a bronze gate quietly opened, letting out a bone-piercingly cold swirling wind that rolled these souls into the Netherworld.


A pair of vividly colored blood-red sword light flashed out of the gate, following which, Netherworld Hierarch walked out with giant steps and said, "Emperor Ji Hao, who released this devil? I wouldn't know that this evil thing showed up again in the mortal world if you didn't summon me today!"

Ji Hao smiled, pointed at Chi You and said, "Let's make a deal. The countless Chi You warriors under his leadership are yours. Later on, when I fight this thing, please guard this area, and do not let anyone out."

Chi You threw a complicated glance at Netherworld Hierarch, then said in a deep voice, "The Netherworld power? Are you Netherworld Priest? Back then, your zombie army indeed brought my Chi You Army a solid pain. But what happened in the end? You lost anyway."

Netherworld Hierarch gave a faint smile while looking at Chi You and responded, "I lost, and so did my friends Priest Dachi, Priest Qingwei, and Priest Yu Yu. But, don't you know who we lost to? How shameless you need to be to give that credit to yourself?"

Chi You remained silent, only looking at Ji Hao.

Ji Hao didn't say a word either. He walked down from the air, step by step, and stood right in front of Chi You.

Deep roars could be heard from the Divine Tortoise Pavilion. Large groups of Chi You warriors wielded their long spears and trod on dark winds and blood-red clouds, marching out of the Divine Tortoise Pavilion and composing strong formations that circled Ji Hao and Netherworld Hierarch.

The pair of fire dragons hovering in the air roared thrillingly.

Mr. Crow cawed sonorously and raised both his arms. Immediately, along with a sky-shaking boom, a divine gate emerged in the sky. The splendid divine gate opened rumblingly and let countless Gold Crow warriors dive down. The Gold Crow army shone with a dazzling golden light and transformed into a boiling river of fire, pouring down from the divine gate towards the Chi You Army.

Netherworld Hierarch laughed out loud. He flashed across the space, transformed into eighteen figures, each holding a flag as they encircled this entire area. Dark gusts of wind blew out of his flags along with black mists, instantly shrouding the Divine Tortoise Pavilion and the surrounding garden.

Emperor Xun's raging voice burst from the building, "Ji Hao, how dare you colluded with an outsider to trap the human emperor?"

Ji Hao didn't respond. Without glancing at the Gold Crow army which had already started an intense fight against the Chi You Army, he clenched his fists, even causing a bone creaking noise. In the following moment, he dashed up to Chi You instantly and threw a violent punch towards Chi You's pretty face.

"Great!" Chi You also burst into a thunderous roar. He ripped his long shirt and exposed his muscular body.

On his wine-pot-sized fists, blood veins bulged one after another. Roaring like a beast, Chi You punched against Ji Hao's fist.

Along with an earthshaking bang, the half Pan Heng world slightly quaked inside Ji Hao's body, and the nine suns dazzled with a strong black light together. Chi You growled with both anger and shock as he sensed a tremendous power coming straight at his face. His right arm suffered a piercing pain while he was forced backward for tens of meters by a punch from Ji Hao.

"You!" Shouted Chi You, "Back then, even as the best fighter among all of them, Priest Yu Yu, wasn't as strong as you are!"

Chi You stared at Ji Hao in confusion. Ji Hao laughed, then slightly bent his body and made a lunge towards Chi You once again.

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