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Hundreds of Chi You warriors expressionlessly approached Ji Hao. The scissor-like battle formation locked the nine dragons chariot from both directions with its sharpest edge. Chi You warriors at the front line held shields with their left hands and gripped blades with their right as they flashed across the air like ghosts and rushed up to the chariot through space.

Over a hundred red colored bronze, large, sawtoothed blades quietly descended from the air and hacked violently on the chariot.

Dark fire rose into the sky while the bronze blades sparkled with countless spell symbols. The spell symbols fell apart within a blink of an eye as the black fire coiled on the blades and burned the blades red. Sizzling noises lingered in the area while the hands of these Chi You warriors were scorched to smoke. They bared their teeth and gave deep roars.

Mr. Crow hovered in the air and cawed shrilly while lunging towards these Chi You army warriors.

Behind the warriors with blades, among hundreds of warriors with spears and heavy crossbows, about ten suddenly leaped out of the formation and wielded their right arms, throwing out giant webs which were woven from beast tendons mixed with the other strange materials. The web transformed into a dense dark cloud and fell on Mr. Crow.

Mr. Crow straightened his feathers. On those feathers, dark fiery lights sparkled quickly like the sharp edges of swords. The webs were torn into pieces before even touching his body, turning into strands of dark mist as they dissipated in the fire.

"Kill!" The battle formation composed of Chi You warriors changed immediately. The warriors with blades turned around to Mr. Crow and swung their large blades shining with a snow-white light towards Mr. Crow, one after another.

Hundreds of Chi You warriors with long spears shouted out loud in chorus. As the formation changed, their long spears dazzled with eye-piercing lights while lunging to Mr. Crow from every direction, leaving him to chance to run.

Within a single second, Mr. Crow fell into a life-threatening situation as layers of bone-piercing blade lights almost landed on his feathers.

Mr. Crow twitched his face and giggled. With his sharp claws, he tore the space and created a circle of black light around his body. The blades and spears landed on the light and were broken one by one without causing any noise. The tens of warriors at the front light touched the dark light with their arms, then their arms disappeared quietly as well.

Mr. Crow merely showed a slight part of the power of the great Dao of destruction, but the bloodcurdling power of destruction had already been fully revealed by him.

"Emperor Xun, since you won't come out to see me, I'll come inside to see you!" Standing on the nine dragons chariot, Ji Hao looked at the Divine Tortoise Pavilion, which was surrounded by layers of water thunder bombs and dark-blue water streams, then sneered.

Mr. Crow gave a sonorous caw. Shaking his feathers intensely, he vented dark fire streams from his body, which penetrated the foreheads of hundreds of Chi You warriors and turned their heads into nothingness, without making any sound or giving them a chance to make a howl. The muscular headless corpses fell quickly from the sky and quietly turned into ashes, dissipating before even landing on the ground. All of this looked like something that would only happen in one's worst nightmare.

Ji Hao smiled as he patted on the pair of fire dragon coiled on his arms.

Resounding dragon roars echoed across the sky while the two fire dragons wriggled and flew into the sky. The came to Mr. Crow while shaking their scales. Looking down at the Divine Tortoise Pavilion, they let faintly black flame drip down from their mouth corners like saliva. They widely opened their jaws and let out clouds of dense smoke as they roared rumblingly and deeply, with the fire sparkling in their mouths and prepared to erupt at any moment.

"Emperor Xun!" Ji Hao gave a shout, reaching down his right hand and clenching his fingers. Following his moves, a strong black fire shredded the surrounding space and condensed into a hundreds of meters long black hand, pressing down on the Divine Tortoise Pavilion.

The black hand slowly swept across the sky. Wherever it reached, the space collapsed and the natural powers were destroyed, turned into the scary, despairing, and suffocating power of destruction, merging into the hand.

As the black hand, which absorbed the space and natural powers it touched, descended for thousands of miles and reached the building, it had already expanded to tens of thousands of meters wide.

Strands of dark flame burst from the between the fingers of this giant black hand while it gripped the top of the Divine Tortoise Pavilion. Along with a series of thunder, countless black water thunder bombs went off. Soft yet extremely heavy thunder power exploded in the palm of the giant dark hand and generated piercing lightning, which blinded the eyes of all living beings who were looking in this direction at the moment.

Some reckless maids were giggling while watching the giant dark hand slowly pressed down. The moment the lighting erupted, their eyes were evaporated momentarily, leaving a pair of deep, bloody sockets on their faces. These maids burst into shrill screams in pain and fear. They dropped the trays in their hands, crazily running in every direction. Many of them lost their footing and rolled down the cliffy stairs.

The giant dark hand wasn't harmed at all. All the lightings and thunder power released by the thunder bombs were devoured by the hand in no time, after which, the hand turned stronger and stronger. The blue water wrapping the Divine Tortoise Pavilion let out a deep buzzing noise under the pressure given by the dark hand. Within a twinkling of an eye, the thick layer of water shield collapsed.

Countless seven-colored hawkbill turtle silhouettes, which were hiding in the blue water, turned into foams and were crushed while screaming and wailing. The beautiful pearls they let out of their mouths were also devoured by the giant dark hand. The blue water was evaporated layer by layer. The giant hand pressed on the Divine Tortoise Pavilion and generated a long-lasting series of cracking noise. Suddenly, the roof of the magnificent hall on top of the building disappeared.

The beautiful melody ceased, as Emperor Xun's drunken voice could be heard, with a trace of shock, "You useless things, what do I need you for? Oi, you, go, kill the one...outside!"

A strange sense of power immediately burst from the hall, invisible but pushing strongly against the giant dark hand like a sky-high pillar. Along with a thunderous bang, the giant dark hand, which was generated by Ji Hao from the great Dao of destruction, was stopped, while strands of blood-red mist erupted from the hall and wove into a flagpole, that kept the dark hand away from the building.

A blood-red flag fluttered on the pile. On the flag, a series of black and red swirls had been spinning swiftly, with the twisted faces of countless creatures emerging from each swirl. Faintly, earthshaking screams and howls could be heard from the flag, so sad and shrill that they even made Ji Hao bare his teeth because of a piercing earache.

A handsome, tall, and sturdy young man with a pair of horns slowly flew out of the hall. Treading on a blood-red light, he smilingly looked at Ji Hao and nodded.

"You!" Ji Hao's fine hair stood up one after another.

This man was the first Chi You in Pan Gu world, the one who used to be imprisoned in the sacred hall inside the fire ocean in Southern Wasteland!

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