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In the immeasurable Chaos, four different colored beams of sword light generated from Yu Yu's sword formation created a vast space which was filled with a fierce aura of killing. Nothing existed in the space except the strong sharp sword intent. The sword intent transformed into mountains, rivers, birds, and animals, flowers and fishes, suns and stars, turning the space into a mature great world.

Creating a great world with the sword intent which delivered an endless aura of killing!

Sitting under the sword gate, Ji Hao crossed his legs and locked his fingers together, quaking the sword gate from time to time. Terrifying sword intent erupted from around his body, spreading in the vast space along with a deafeningly sharp swishing noise.

Strands of sword intent filled and swept swiftly across his body like blood flow. When he first controlled the sword gate, every strand of sword intent that flowed across his body brought both his body and soul a piercing pain, sending tiny sparkles out of his body from time to time.

But, with the passage of time, Ji Hao's body adapted to the sharp sword intent in the formation. The sword intent kept flowing through Ji Hao's body, but no matter how fierce it was, Ji Hao now felt like gentle breezes were blowing across his cheeks. The sword intent did no harm to him but left faint traces inside his body. Like the claw prints of swans on a snowfield, the sword traces inside him were natural, unspeakably beautiful.

The faint sword traces interwove inside his body and gradually composed an enormous painting. As more and more traces were left inside his body by the sword intent from the formation, a sky-shaking sword art, or a terrifying Dao of sword, had been imprinted in his body.

Ji Hao wrapped himself with his strong spirit power. Quietly, he studied the sword traces inside him and gained a deeper and deeper understanding of Yu Yu's art of sword. The intent of killing contained in the fierce sword intent, the power of killing delivered by the sharp sword light, the spirit of sword, the soul of sword, the strength of sword…He learned everything about the art of sword and slowly stepped into a whole new world.

Before he controlled the sword gate, Ji Hao was like a fifteen-year-old boy who wielded a sword randomly. But right now, he was already like an experienced sword master with a thoroughly tempered sharp sword, who was able to easily kill thousands, tens of thousands of people on a battleground.

A hissing noise could be heard without an end. Through his every breath, strands of sword power would be released from his nostrils, reaching thousands of meters away while glowing with a dazzling cold light. But, as he restrained his sword power, the raging-dragon-like sword power would immediately turn invisible, like a dragon drawing in its claws in a valley.

Within the span of every breath, a few more sword traces would be left inside Ji Hao's body, and his Dao of sword would improve by a little bit, while the sword gate controlled would generate an even greater power.

Ji Hao smiled faintly. He understood why Yu Yu asked him to control a sword gate. By putting Ji Hao under that sword gate, Yu Yu directly taught Ji Hao his supreme Dao of sword and imprinted the Dao of sword inside Ji Hao's body, in his embryo of Dao.

The Pan Gu sword floated before Ji Hao. Along with Ji Hao's long and strong breath, the Pan Gu sword gradually turned into a dark beam of sword light, buzzing shrilly. At first, the sword like was only about six-feet long, but as Ji Hao's Dao of sword improve ceaselessly, it grew to thirty meters long, then hundreds of meters long…

All of a sudden, a stream of sword power erupted from between his eyebrows, upon which, a lotus, which was generated from pure Chaos sword power, bloomed. He had reached a considerable level on the cultivation of Yu Yu's art of sword.


The dark beam of sword light expanded to tens of thousands of meters long as it flashed across the Chaos and mixed in the sword light released from the sword gate, hacking violently on Yu Man who had been roaring and struggling.

Yu Man was trapped in the core of Yu Yu's sword formation, surrounded by the suns and moons and stars which were transformed from sword lights. Sword lights condensed into bolts of thunder and descended on him; sword lights transformed into numerous living beings, attacking him.

More and more wounds were left on Yu Man's body. The thin wounds sparkled with sword lights, while giant streams of black blood rose from him. In a moment, all the life-force contained in his blood was wiped out.

He laughed with a twisted voice, madly cursing Priest Dachi, Priest Qingwei, and Priest Yu Yu with the dirtiest language he knew; he cast all evil spells on them.

But, Yu Yu's sword formation remained perfectly unmoved. No matter how loudly Yu Man cursed, whatever spell he cast, the sword light continued to envelop him. New wounds had been appearing on his body. Every wound took away a part of his life-force and destroyed a little bit of his origin, slowly wiping him away from the universe.

Yu Man trampled across countless worlds and attained countless pre-world supreme treasures by conquering and destroying. At the moment, his supreme treasures had been flying out of his body, barely defending against the formation. Nevertheless, the sword formation was the base of Yu Yu's sect and his own cultivation, the fiercest supreme treasure in Pan Gu world, unimaginably powerful.

Facing the sword formation, countless pre-world spirit treasures and supreme treasures were cut into pieces. The original powers of these treasures were released, spreading like a storm as they transformed into colorful lights, shining across the entire area.

Priest Dachi, Priest Qingwei, and Yu Yu were smiling. They each had a large purple-golden calabash above their heads, releasing clouds of white mist and collecting the original powers of these broken supreme treasures and spirit treasures.

These pre-world original powers from those broken treasures were fairly precious, with an immeasurable power of creation, containing all kinds of great Dao. If one had embryos of spirit treasures and supreme treasures, by merging them with these original powers, one could attain new pre-world spirit treasures and supreme treasures. And, even if one did not have embryos of treasure, one could simply merge these pre-world original powers into one's mature supreme treasure or spirit treasure to improve them.

While the sword formation operated in a regular way, the enormous sword light transformed from the Pan Gu sword roared towards Yu Man with a disastrously strong intent of killing. Behind the purely dark sword light was a dazzling sword light, full of splendor. Leading a quarter of the sword formation, the Pan Gu sword vented the most powerful strike since Ji Hao controlled the sword gate.

Yu Man had all his attention on Yu Yu and his two brothers, because he never even dreamed that Ji Hao could launch such a powerful strike.

Before he realized what was happening, the Pan Gu sword swept across his head, splitting his head from the middle. Earthshaking roars came from his body while torrents of black blood surged out of his head along with a dense dark light.

Priest Dachi, Priest Qingwei, and Yu Yu exclaimed simultaneously, looking at that dark light with shining eyes.

"Brothers, that is a treasure attained by Ji Hao himself." Yu Yu burst into bright laughter.

Hearing him, the light shining in the eyes of Priest Dachi and Priest Qingwei dimmed as they helplessly shook their heads.

While laughing, Yu Yu waived his hand and dragged the dark light over with a bright sword light. Scanning across the light with his spirit power, he raised his eyebrows in shock. Afterward, he hurriedly left his sword gate, carried the dark light to Ji Hao, and sent it into Ji Hao's forehead.

"I'll protect you here. Absorb it now…This is a mature original great Dao from Pan Yu world!"

"And, it's the most powerful Dao from Pan Yu world, the great Dao of destruction!"

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