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A great river flowed rapidly, roaring like thunder.

On a cliffy mountain by the river, Huaxu Lie, Huaxu Chen, and hundreds of their warriors stood on the top, their faces blushed in anger as they looked at all the crying, wailing people down the mountain who had been moving north.

No end of this migrating troop could be seen by a single glance. These people moved slowly in endless lines, looking back every step they took. From time to time, weak elderly people fell to the ground, while women and children burst into cries.

Countless human warriors and non-humankind warriors mounted on their mounts, rushing widely around the troop and whipping everyone they didn't like. They yelled, shouted, and forced everyone to move faster to the north. Their heavy whips broke the bones of some people, making those people vomit blood and fall on the ground, struggling and screaming.

Dust rose in clouds while the cries echoed through clouds. Fierce battle beasts rushed through the troops and flattened some elderly men who fell to the ground in exhaustion. The people who were whipped to the ground were also injured by those battle beasts, and soon stopped struggling.

Those non-humankind and humankind warriors had all been laughing with hissing evil voices. Mercilessly and violently, they lashed everyone they wanted. At this very moment, the faces of all of them were twisted, as hideous as devils from hell.

"Emperor Xun, such a b*stard!" Huaxu Lie clenched his fists tight. He opened his eyes wide enough to break his eye corners and squeeze out his blood as he growled, "What on earth does he want?"

"Emperor Xun is a b*stard, and so are those leaders and elders!" Shouted Huaxu Chen, "But, I don't understand. These people..."

Huaxu Chen pointed his fingers at the human warriors who had been trampling across the migrating troop over and over again and continued, "They are human beings too. They have the same blood flowing in their bodies as we do. How can they treat our own kind like this?"

Huaxu Lie didn't know what to say. He clenched his fists so tightly that he even broke his own finger bones and meridians. His fists were broken, shedding the blood on his body. He growled with a deep voice. The wounds on his eye corners grew larger and larger, that his eyeballs nearly dropped from his sockets.

"Some people have to explain these things!" Huaxu Chen turned around and looked at Huaxu Lie, who was covered in blood, then said, "Together?"

"Together!" Huaxu Lie nodded heavily. Glancing at the endless migrating troop down the mountain, he transformed into a dazzling fiery light and rose straight into the sky, heading to the ancestral land of the Huaxu Family at his highest speed.

Through the teleporting formation belonging to the Huaxu Family, Huaxu Chen and Huaxu Lie returned to the ancestral land of the Huaxu Family, a giant-scale city located in a mountain area, which was composed of hundreds of steep mountains, by a vast lake in the southern side of Pu Ban City. Huaxu Chen and Huaxu Lie were both princes of the Huaxu Family, but Huaxu Chen was a generation above Huaxu Lie.

Enormous totem pillars stood on a broad square. Surrounded by the group of totem pillars which had been releasing strong waves of power, a magnificent hall built from dark stone towered up, guarded by tens of thousands of heavily armored Huaxu Family warriors. Seeing Huaxu Chen and Huaxu Lie walking over in giant steps with anger, tens of guards instinctively blocked their way.

"Piss off!" Huaxu Chen stared at the group of guard and burst into a thunderous roar.

The group of guards quivered. They turned around and glanced at the hall behind them, then cleared the way. Huaxu Lie and Huaxu Chen came straight to the door of the hall. Together, they punched on the strong bronze door.

The door opened, and the muffled bang caused by Huaxu Chen and Huaxu Lie disturbed those Huaxu Family leaders, who were enjoying a banquet in the hall with a happy melody. They turned to the door, while the happy melody abruptly stopped. A large number of musicians looked at Huaxu Chen and Huaxu Lie with fear.

Huaxu Qingye was the current leader of the Huaxu Family. Seeing Huaxu Chen and Huaxu Lie, he grinned and raised an exquisite bronze wine cup, then said to them, "The elites of our family are here. Chen, Lie, come join us! Haha, your timing is just right. I am about to announce many good news to our people."

All Huasu Family elders on the scene laughed delightfully, their faces blushed. They were in such a good mood. In fact, they had never been happier.

They had already attained what Emperor Xun promised them. Every one of them had made a harvest. They even earned some extra profits in these days. During the past month, countless human clans were forced to the north — Whatever happened to those people in the north, the territory of the Huaxu Family have been tripled, and countless mines, rangelands, farmlands, and fishing grounds had fallen into their hands. The individual wealth of every direct relative of every elder had grown by tens of times.

With larger territories and greater wealth, the Huaxu Family would have an even huger population, and raise even stronger armies. With a huger population and stronger armies, the Huaxu Family would become more powerful, and more influential in the human society! This time, the Gong Sun Family took advantages and ascended to the throne, but the next time, things would be unsure!

Speaking of bloodline, Emperor Fuxi, the first human emperor, was a member of the Huaxu Family. Based on this fact, the Huaxu Family bloodline was even nobler than the You Xiong Family bloodline. As long as the Huaxu Family was powerful enough, anything could be possible!

Therefore, Huaxu Qingye grinned to Huaxu Chen and Huaxu Lie so delightfully. After all, both Huaxu Lie and Huaxu Chen were princes of the Huaxu Family. As a super human family, the Huaxu Family only had about ten princes in one generation. With all resources owned by the family, only about ten princes could be raised from each generation. Therefore, without a doubt, Huaxu Chen and Huaxu Lie were fairly important in their family.

Huaxu Lie and Huaxu Chen walked to Huaxu Qingye. Huaxu Qingye picked up two clean wine cups and poured each of them a full cup of wine, then handed to them while saying, "Chen, Lie, come, join us. These days have been fruitful to our Huaxu Family!"

Huaxu Lie punched away the wine cups held in Huaxu Qingye's hands, popped out his eyes and broke his eye corners again. Face covered in blood, he growled in a dry voice, "Aren't you afraid that you might go down in history as a symbol of infamy?"

Hearing him, the grins on the faces of all Huaxu Family elders froze immediately. They stared at Huaxu Chen and Huaxu Lie with dagger-sharp eyes.

Huaxu Qingye dropped his hands as the warm smile faded on his face. Cold as an iceberg, he responded, "We are building a stronger foundation for our Huaxu Family. What do you kids know?"

Huaxu Chen took a step forward, but before he began talking, Huaxu Qingye burst into a harsh shout, "Stupid things. Guards, deliver my order, depose Huaxu Chen and Huaxu Lie as princes, take away all their powers...Send them to Cold Wind Cave to think about their mistake for a century!"

A large group of beast-like Huaxu Family guards rushed into the hall and surrounded Huaxu Chen and Huaxu Lie.

The same show had been staging in all the other large human families and clans.

Fuxi Family, Shennong Family, Suiren Family...

Si Wen Ming's friends and supporters, those passionate princes, all lost their powers and titles. Most of them were imprisoned by their own families.

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