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On the battlefield, Gong Sun Lang's army was in a mess.

Under the effect of the heaven and earth great formation, even Divine Magi had to run on the ground with their legs, Maguspriests couldn't cast any magic to escape, even though they possessed strong and mysterious powers.

Gold Crow Clan warriors chased them from behind, turning the sky red with a raging fire. In the front, non-humankind armies blocked their way. Wearing heavy armors and holding specially crafted long blades, these non-humankind warriors lined up before Gong Sun Lang's army like an iron wall, cutting everyone who dared to approach into two.

On the thousand-miles-long battlefield, crying warriors scattered everywhere. The uninjured ones tried their best to flee or fight each other, while the badly injured ones screamed and wailed desperately, reaching out their hands and begging their clansmen to take them away from this bloody hell.

Disordered footstep sounds made the ground buzz. Blood seeped into the soil, forming a foot-deep blood-red mud. Countless warriors growled, cried, cursed, and begged, shouting and yelling with fury while experiencing strong emotions. Dark mist rose slowly from their heads, but no ordinary people could see.

"Such beautiful, tasty food." On a hill, not far away from the edge of the battleground, a sturdy priest stood on the top. He was about nine-meters-tall, strong as a dragon. His skin was as lustrous as jade, and he talked and moved with a majestic manner. He was holding an especially large metal pestle which was inlaid with a large number of gems and pearls with both hands, while smilingly looking at the chaotic battleground.

The dark grey mist rising from the bodies of millions of warriors in the battleground was condensed from all kinds of emotions. At the moment, the grey mist drifted to this priest, surging into his body. His skin sparkled dimly as he absorbed all the mist within a moment, after which, lights and shadows flashed through his skin like nimble fishes, and his power began growing.

Hundreds of priests surrounded this especially tall and sturdy priest, their eyes flickering with a dim seven colored light. They had also been looking at the collapsing army with a smile.

"Anger, sadness, panic, fear, then a deep, deep despair!" The sturdy priest grinningly nodded and said, "The power of despair, have you sensed the sweetness from the twisted souls? That is the best nourishment to our kind!"

The group of priests laughed together. Once their laughter could be heard, their bodies instantly sparkled like gems as they emitted a faint glow and a magical aroma. Streams of light interwove behind them, and within the light, beautiful, fairyland-like scenes were faintly visible.

If Ji Hao were here, he would know that all these priests were actually sky devils, and every single one of them was at the level of Great Freedom. Clearly, the nine-meters-tall, majestic-looking one was the leader of this group, and had a stronger power and higher social status among sky devils.

"What a strange species! Such complicated 'natures'." The tall priest said smilingly while devouring the emotions in the air. "From the bodies of these human beings, who are running like scared animals, I can sense light, the extreme strangeness, bravery, and fearlessness...But in their souls also exists darkness, weakness, fear, and selfishness."

"Their souls have been struggling between light and dark all the time. They live on the border of goodness and evilness. With one thought, they can make themselves saints, but can also become devils!"

The priest turned more and more excited. The seven-colored light dazzled in his eyes as he continued loudly, "What a nice place! Who discovered this world the first? Who? Who among us discovered Pan Gu world first? I want to award him, improve his power and right, and give him the highest glory!"

Embarrassedly, a sky devil who had countless colorful lotuses hovering around his body grinned and responded, "Master...The first batch of our people who invaded this world is gone. We haven't figured out what happened to them yet. We don't know who destroyed them, and in what way..."

The sturdy priest paused, then chuckled. Fixing his eyes on those warriors darting all over the battleground, he said in a deep voice, "I am more and more interested in Pan Gu world now...These human beings, their souls have the powers of both light and darkness. This proves that the creator of this world also had these two opposite types of powers in his soul."

Dropping the pestle, he locked his fingers together and continued murmuringly, "Pan Gu? I'm more and more interested in this world. Go, go, occupy their bodies, eat their souls...You don't need to do anything big. You just need to lead them, carefully lead them into madness, into confusion, to twist their souls and stir their minds. In this way, some of them will naturally turn into our new members."

Wielding his hand, this sturdy priest said smilingly, "Go, lead them and create chaos… The more chaotic, the better."

He then raised his head and looked at the invisible swirl of souls in the sky, which could only be sensed by the masters of soul power, and said to himself, "Is someone harvesting the souls of the warriors who died in this battleground? Ah, no, these souls belong to me. Whoever you are, no one can take my prey."

"You, who are you? Does the chaotic situation of the humankind have anything to do with you? Oh, oh, you have no idea that you're my target now, do you? You are my target, and you won't survive."

The hundreds of priests around the sturdy priest laughed happily as they wielded their sleeves. From their sleeves, gusts of wind blew out along with beautiful melodies and splendid glow...Every gust of wind, every melody and every beam of light was a sky devil; some other sky devils were even invisible and traceless.

Countless sky devils invaded the battleground. The eyes of countless warriors went out of focus, and in the next moment, they burst into raging roars, darting madly in random directions, with a faint colorful light emerging from their eyes.

A large number of Jia Clan warriors, who had been stopping these human warriors from escaping, also quivered slightly. Their arrays were disordered, and consequently, those encircled human warriors easily rushed out of the circle.

The human warriors laughed like beasts while rushing into the vast forest in Yao Mountain territory, soon disappearing without a trace.

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