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On the ladders, Gong Sun Lang's warriors retreated desperately. They threw away their shields, which were heavy but with zero defensive power, their armors, which could do nothing more than slowing them down, and their weapons, which were not easy to wield and could not break the enemies' armors, while fleeing at their highest speed.

They heard their commanders growling in rage, and their friends screaming down below, telling the whole battleground about their discovery. Instantly, these warriors lost their morale. They turned around and ran as fast as they could, with no intent to fight at all. In the meanwhile, they had been cursing Gong Sun Family's ancestors with the evilest languages they knew.

Except for Emperor Xuanyuan and the other few former emperors, or ancient powerful human beings who were Emperor Xuanyuan's descendants, these warriors cursed every single Gong Sun Family ancestor, especially the direct ancestors of Emperor Xun.

If those ancestors could hear these warriors, they would certainly descend from the sky, pull out their swords and mince Gong Sun Xun and the other 'capable elites' from their families.

Not only had the warriors on the ladders been retreating, behind them, the boundless army was utterly disordered as well. Countless warriors dropped their armors and shields, threw away their weapons, and ran like hell towards all directions.

From the army, shrill howls could be heard from time to time. Intentionally or not, some large family warriors threw their weapons as far as they could while running, sending those weapons swishing into the troops of Gong Sun Family with all their strengths.

Thousands of weapons landed in the troops of Gong Sun Family, killing over a thousand warriors and cutting the limbs of thousands. Gong Sun Family warriors burst into raging curses, and some commanders even darted to where the weapons came from, attempting to find the ones who 'threw garbage here and there'.

Along with a bright shout, the sky was suddenly darkened.

Hundreds of weapons, shields, and armors rose into the sky like arrows released from the bowstrings, landing to the troops of Gong Sun Family after leaving beautiful arcs in the sky.

Seeing this, all warriors near the troops of Gong Sun Family threw their heavy but useless armaments out with all their strengths while cursing Gong Sun Family's ancestors out loud.

Over three troops of the Gong Sun Family, each with ten-thousand warriors, were destroyed by the armors, weapons, and shields falling from the sky. Tens of thousands of Gong Sun Family warrior were smashed, and the others were injured badly.

Gong Sun Family warriors were infuriated. As the families of the new emperor, they burst into raging roars, wielded their weapons, and launched offensives on the other warriors.

Blades and swords dazzled, as body parts scattered through the ground. Merely ten-thousand Gong Sun Family warriors joined this retaliatory battle, and facing millions of warriors from the other families, they were nothing. However, their actions enraged all the other warriors. As a result, many warriors lunged their weapons fiercely towards the Gong Sun Family people.

It was messed up, the army under Gong Sun Lang's command was completely messed up. The Gold Crow Clan warriors from Yao Mountain City didn't need to fight anymore, because the enemies had already begun fighting each other. Resonant shouts could be heard from the tremendous army without an end while the blood dyed the earth red in no time.

On the city wall, Ji Xia and his warriors looked at the enemies, stunned.

Shaosi and Man Man, who came with the reserve forces, and had been preparing to reinforce the frontline, quickly climbed up the city wall.

"Shall we attack?" Seeing the disordered army outside, Shaosi knitted her slim eyebrows and asked.

Ji Xia banged his long spear thunderously against the city wall and let all Yao Mountain people hear it, then gave his order, "Attack! Open one gate and let out boys charge...Yi Di, you and your archers stay behind to support, while the Gold Crow army attacks from the sky. Prepare the heaven and earth great formation. If it is a trap out there, activate the formation and wipe out all the enemies!"

Raising the spear high, Ji Xia shouted brightly, "Gold Crow Clan boys, follow me and kill them! Shaosi, Man Man, you two stay in the city. Don't..."

Before Ji Xia finished, Man Man had already leaped down the city wall with her pair of hammers while yelling, "Gong Crow Clan boys! Follow Man Man! Whoo-hah! I am a member of Gold Crow Clan too! Kill them all!"

Man Man was also a divine god now, and she was much more powerful than before. She let a cloud of flame out of her mouth and spread it on the pair of hammers, generating a thunderous bang. The pair of hammers instantly expanded to tens of thousands of meters long. Man Man threw the hammers up, which turned into a pair of giant fireballs, drew an arc in the air, and landed violently on the ground.

The hammers landed where most enemies were gathered and caused two earth-shaking bang, causing two mushroom clouds to rise and quickly merge in the air, rising into the higher sky. Dazzling fiery light spread out wave after wave, turning everything it touched into ashes.

Shaosi stood on the city wall. She didn't join the battle, but cast a spell. Along with her voice, strands of natural fortune rose from the heads of Gong Sun Lang's enemies, flowing into Man Man's body. Instantly, Man Man's body shone like a sun.

Man Man leaped to her pair of hammers and picked them up, which had turned back into a normal size. Wielding the hammers, she sent a Gong Sun Family commander, who rushed straight up to her, flying away.

Facing Gong Sun Lang's army, a gate of Yao Mountain City opened slowly. Ji Xia mounted on a fire lion and marched out of the city with an army of Gold Crow Clan warriors, mounting on fire tigers, fire leopards, and fire bears, wearing top-grade armors from the heaven.

Gold Crows shifted back into their original shapes, cawing while hovering above the heads of Ji Xia and his warriors as they composed a pure-sun sword formation and swept across the sky with a fierce intent of killing, dissipating all the clouds in the sky.

From far behind, looking at the disordered army, Piji Nu gave a long sigh.

"Emperor Xun, what a perfect human emperor. Why wasn't he the emperor back when we first invaded this world?"

"Great Saint Yu Huo, you are amazing. The same humankind, the same warriors… But with a different emperor, how can they become so weak? So useless? The brave, fearless, strong human heroes that we encountered before, were they even from the same kind as these people?"

"Trashes!" Pointing at those desperately fleeing warriors, Piji Nu said, "Are they truly the same kind of creatures as the human heroes we know?"

No one responded. Piji Nu shook his head as he carelessly wielded his hand and said, "Circle them up. Except for Gong Sun Lang and his 'elites', kill them all!"

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