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Staring at the black and yellow mist flowing out of Emperor Shun's body, Ji Xia's eye corners twitched. The mist was Emperor Shun's natural reward power, which had been dissipating. What happened? Was the world punishing Emperor Shun because he passed down the throne to an unreliable person?

"Armor!" Ji Xia gave a deep roar. Under his order, a few Gold Crow Clan commanders carried a crimson metal box and walked over. They opened the box, took out a full armor, which was wrapped in a raging fire.

Ji Xia spread his arms, and the armor flew out of the box like a living being, putting itself on Ji Xia's body piece by piece. Head, neck, arms, shoulders, palms, chest, heart, stomach, waist, legs, feet, the armor shielded every part of Ji Xia's body.

This was a divine armor, created by nature especially for the God of War. Ji Xia's entire body was covered in the armor, without exposing even an inch of his skin. Wearing this heavy armor, he looked even a foot taller.

Stretching his limbs, Ji Xia picked up a long spear and approached Emperor Shun with large steps.

"Brother, be careful..." A group of Gold Crow Clan people worried about Ji Xia. Just now, they watched Emperor Shun force Ji Xia back by simply wielding his sword. Even though Ji Xia was now in a full divine armor, his people still worried about him. After all, Emperor Shun's sword attack was way too powerful.

"No worries. I can take a few more sword strikes!" Ji Xia straightened the long spear and approached the altar quickly.

High up in the air, colorful light poured down in strong streams, from the faintly visible divine gate. The heaven and earth great formation was triggered to support Ji Xia with the power of the world. In the higher sky, stars dazzled and sent beams of starlight down to the earth. Tonight, the stars shone hundreds of times brighter than usual.

The pure, tremendous star power flew into Ji Xia's body. Ji Xia growled deeply as he grew taller and taller. His armor expanded as well. Within a twinkle of an eye, he reached nine meters in height, his whole body shining with a dazzling colorful light.

"Emperor Shun, I can't let you stay in Pu Ban City. You and Gong Sun Xun, come with me!" Pondering for a while, Ji Xia made the decision, "And you, Bo Feng, Zhong Kan, Shuxian, Ji Zhong, Bohu, Zhong Xiong, Shu Bao, Jili, you are all senior ministers with a lofty virtue worthy of respect. I don't want to fight you. Please, come with me, and stay a while in the heaven."

The group of people mentioned by Ji Xia were all important senior ministers under Emperor Shun's command, at an equal level as Hao Tao. Most of the human society affairs were managed by these people. Emperor Shun was controlled by Yu Huo, so without a doubt, all these important ministers were affected as well.

Ji Xia attempted to bring them all back to the heaven. As long as they left Pu Ban City and stayed far away from the highest power of the human society, whatever Yu Huo wanted, he wouldn't be able to do a thing until Emperor Shun and his people returned.

If he nominated another new emperor, Ji Xia would bring that person to the heaven too. Besides, without Emperor Shun and Gong Sun Xun, the abdication ceremony would stop. Ji Xia was curious about what Yu Huo could do under this situation.

"Ji Xia, as a divine god, you shouldn't interfere in human affairs!" Emperor Shun turned around with a faint smile, his hand rested on the hilt of his sword while shaking his head and saying, "If you had retreated just now, we would be in peace. But since you challenged again...Where are my warriors?"

Before Emperor Shun finished, Gong Sun Xun, who had changed to a luxurious imperial robe, growled out loud at Emperor Shun, "Shun! I am the emperor now, I am Emperor Xun! I will make the call now! You're old, you can piss off!"

Ji Xia looked at Gong Sun Xun in shock. He had met countless scums in his life, but without a doubt, Gong Sun Xun was the worst of all!

His wasn't controlled by Yu Huo, was he? His mind was clear now, wasn't it?

Emperor Shun had passed the throne down to him a minute ago, but how could his attitude change so suddenly? How dare he talk like that to Emperor Shun? Holy heaven, no human emperor ever talked so rudely to his predecessor!

What a scoundrel! If he truly became the human emperor, would the humankind still have a future?

A group of Gong Sun Family elder surrounded Gong Sun Xu with their eyes dazzling, seeming to be quite embarrassed.

Gong Sun Xun, hehe, Gong Sun Xun... Every Gong Sun Family elder clearly knew that Gong Sun Xun was a scum, but anyhow, he was the emperor now, an emperor from the Gong Sun Family! No matter how bad he was, he was a possessor of the pure Gong Sun Family bloodline, and the Gong Sun Family had to defend his authority.

Whether Emperor Shun was possessed by the devil or not, the throne had already fallen to the Gong Sun Family, and no one could take it away!

"Shun, please step back. This is related to the relationship between the heaven and the humankind, and should be handled by the emperor. Shun, you don't need to worry about these things anymore!" A Gong Sun Family elder clenched his teeth and walked up with big steps as he said to Emperor Shun in a deep voice.

Emperor Shun's eyes shone with a strange dim light. Smiling faintly, he slowly nodded to Gong Sun Xun and the group of Gong Sun Family elders around him, and responded, "Good, great, wonderful! So, everything shall be left to Emperor Xun now!"

With a mysterious smile, Emperor Shun quickly stepped down from the altar, immediately surrounded by a strong troop of private guards. These heavily armored elite warriors were from Emperor Shun's You Yu Clan, serving as his private guard, and had nothing to do with the regular human army.

Surrounded by countless non-humankind warriors, Yu Huo grinned delightfully. Now, a carefully selected scum had become the human emperor. Under his leadership, the humankind would be torn apart, wouldn't it? Human beings would suffer endless bloody wars, and countless human souls would become the apples in his hands. But, he wouldn't need to make much of efforts for that. What a fantastic feeling!

Gong Sun Xun was shaking his head and swaying his waist, looking like a monkey which wore the human clothes for the first time. He laughed with a completely unconcealed arrogance, with his facial muscles twitching intensely while walking so confidently towards Ji Xia, his head held high.

He was barely a Magus King. Therefore, he wasn't even able to fly. Walking to the edge of the altar, he laughed to Ji Xia and yelled, "Ji Xia, right? Wanna go against me? Are you qualified?"

Breathing deeply, Gong Sun Xun turned around, pointed down at the group of clan leaders, and shouted a series of names.

These were the most important ones among Si Wen Ming's friends and supporters.

"Guards, come capture all these traitors who colluded with the heaven and torture them!"

"Damn you! Bringing troubles to me? To Emperor Xun? How dare you?"

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