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Surrounded by a large group of non-humankind guards, Yu Huo laughed proudly.

As he expected, once Emperor Shun began acting unreasonably, Ji Xia would be able to do nothing to him. The immeasurable natural reward proved that Emperor Shun was a good emperor, an admired leader. Except for the insane ones, who would dare to point a weapon at him?

Even though the natural rewards power caused Yu Huo a serious trouble, leaving him no choice but to concentrate most of the power of Pan Yu's Brian on Emperor Shun, it was worth it. Yu Huo laughed delightfully. Emperor Shun was a trump card. Which human being dare to disrespect him?

In midair, Emperor Shun's body glowed brightly. His strong sword intent suffused the air, forcing all divine warriors away. Under Ji Xia's order, no divine warrior dared to truly attack Emperor Shun. Human warriors under Emperor Shun's leadership were controlled by Yu Huo too. They determinedly followed Emperor Shun's order and forced everyone who tried to leave back to the altar.

People panicked. They looked at Emperor Shun in both anger and shock; they didn't know what to do.

As they thought, Emperor Shun was controlled, and the one controlling him wanted the throne. What should they do now? Marching towards the elder and bringing Emperor Shun down? Who dared to lead the action? Who dared to make the first move? Who was willing to do it?

As Si Wen Ming's supporters, the clan leaders and princes slowly swallowed saliva, fixing their eyes on Ji Xia, who was in the distance now. Many of them even wanted to yell out loud at Ji Xia, 'Ji Xia, fight! Why don't you fight? What're you afraid of? Why are you hesitating? Are you still a man?'

Nevertheless, even if they yelled at the top of their lungs, Ji Xia wouldn't dare to put up a desperate fight against Emperor Shun. They knew that they dared not to do it themselves either, so how could they force Ji Xia to do it?

The footstep sounds sounded like rumbling thunders as countless civilians were forced back to the altar. The shouts of the human warriors in dark armors could be heard from all directions. They repeated Emperor Shun's order over and over again, 'Whoever dares to leave the ceremony will be treated as a traitor of the humankind, and his or her entire family will be punished.'

Gradually, the crowd around the altar grew thick again, such that one would not be able to see its edge with one glance. People fixed their eyes on Emperor Shun while whispering to each other. The whispers echoed and became powerful sound waves, which even vibrated the earth slightly.

People, so many people… All civilians in Pu Ban City had gathered together, added with the clan leaders from the other areas. So many people! Ji Xia clenched his fists. Just now, he put a fake crime on Gong Sun Su Su and Gong Sun Xu, and captured them, because too many people were in here. Even if he were willing to fight Emperor Shun, to stop Emperor Shun with the power of the heaven and earth great formation, the people on the scene would certainly suffer a great casualty once he started the battle.

Billions of human beings gathered in this area. Once a supreme-level war began, all living beings in this whole area would be wiped out. Ji Xia tried pretty hard to send away these people, but now, Emperor Shun's warriors forced back everyone.

He had no solution.

Fight? He truly didn't have the courage to fight Emperor Shun.

Not fight? If he didn't fight, Emperor Shun would truly hand the crown to an unreliable person.

Fight? So many people were on the scene. Once a war burst out, how many innocent people would be killed?

Not fight? The unknown new emperor...God knew what he would do!

Fight? Not fight? Fight? Not fight? Ji Xia felt that a raging fire was choked in his chest. Holding the spear, he stared at Emperor Shun in midair. Suddenly, the fire of rage rose from his heart and squeezed a stream of blood out of mouth to a long distance away. The blood turned into streaks of flame as it landed on the ground, incinerating a three-hundred-meters tall hill and creating a giant pit with the radius of miles, filled with lava.

Ji Xia made a deep gasp and stopped trembling, calming himself down.

Calm, calm, he had to stay calm. Looking at the damage caused by a mouthful of blood from him, he understood that he was not the warrior leader of the small Fire Crow clan anymore. Back then, if he made a wrong decision, nothing worse than the death of hundreds of clansmen could happen. But now, as the God of War of the heaven, who commanded all divine warriors and commanders, a wrong decision made by him could turn the world upside down, bringing all living beings into hell. He had to calm down, to think, to figure out a way.

"People, think, how can we stop Emperor Shun." Ji Xia turned around and asked the group of Gold Crow Clan elders, ancestor souls, and holy spirits from Pan Xi world.

The group of people shook their heads, remaining silent. "If Elder Destiny is here, with his wisdom, he might have had some ideas." Murmured a holy spirit, "But, he has been taken away by some people, so we don't know where he is. We are not good at these things."

Ji Xia's eyeballs nearly popped out of his eye sockets. He wasn't good at these things either. Speaking of punching people's faces, he was amazing at it. But, under the current situation, could he use violence? Did he dare to use violence?

Treading on a dense yellow cloud, Emperor Shun landed back on the altar. Witnessed by everyone on the scene, he smiled faintly and again pointed at the crowd of Gong Sun Family. A yellow and black mist landed on a young man who had snow-white skin, as Emperor Shun said, "Gong Sun Xun, in fact, you are the best candidate. Come up here. Under the witness of nature, of all gods in the world, I will pass the crown down to you. From now you, you are the human emperor!"

Gong Sun Xun looked at Emperor Shun, stunned. Cold sweat oozed out of his forehead. But soon, he burst into wild laughter and dashed up to the altar while yelling, "Ahah! Am I the human emperor? Has Emperor Shun nominated me to be the human emperor? Haha! Damn it! You b*stards! Remember this, when I become the emperor, I will kill you one by one! Haha, give me your favorite maids to apologize to me. Otherwise, you will all die!"

Countless people, who weren't controlled by Yu Huo, were enraged on hearing Gong Sun Xun.

What a scum!

What a scum Emperor Shun picked!

Judging by what he said, Gong Sun Xun was good-for-nothing!

How on earth could Emperor Shun pass the throne down to someone like this? 'Emperor Shun, Emperor Shun, everyone understands that you're controlled by the devil. Wake up! Wake up!'

A group of senior ministers and Magi Palace elders walked up to the altar, cooperating with Emperor Shun and following the traditional etiquettes to finish the abdication ceremony.

With a resounding bell ring, Gong Sun Xun's face was suddenly covered with a purple layer of mist. High up in the sky, a natural star that represented the human emperor dazzled and released strands of purple mist, flowing into Gong Sun Xun's body.

A tremor went through Emperor Shun's body, as a black and yellow mist began flowing out of his body, merging back to the sky and earth.

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