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Back in the prehistorical era, before the humankind rose in the form of large clans and families, people would kneel on the ground and put their foreheads and palms on the earth, without the courage to say one word even when they saw the lowest divine being descending from the heaven, with an extreme admiration.

In Emperor Fuxi's era, people walked out of the tree holes and caves and gradually built villages and large clans which lived close to each other. But, once divine gods showed up in the mortal worlds, all clan leaders, even the emperor himself, would show their respect. No human being dared to go against the heaven at that time.

In the age of Emperor Xuanyuan, things started to change. Emperor Xuanyuan was a fierce, brave, and an incredibly powerful being. Led by him, the humankind grew stronger rapidly, while the heaven gradually fell. At last, Emperor Xuanyuan became the central divine emperor, Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan.

Later on, the prestige possessed by divine gods was abased year after year, generation by generation. By the time of Emperor Yao and Emperor Shun, only a few divine descendants remained living in the heaven. They built palaces and mansions for human beings, using their labor to exchange for meat and wine. By the time, people no longer stood in awe and reverence of the heaven. Some younger human beings had even forgotten about the ancient glory of the heaven.

Ji Xia led his divine army descended from the heaven, composing an enormous battle formation. Numerous Gold Crow warriors hovered in the sky while cawing thunderously, forming a pure sun sword formation that covered the entire city with a strong aura of killing.

High up in the sky, a divine gate was faintly visible, and inside the gate was a magnificent tower. The tower emitted sharp beams of light, penetrating the space and merging with the entire world. A horrifying pressure descended, suffocating all people in the city.

It had been countless years, but once again, the divine heaven and earth great formation, which was used for balancing the whole world, showed up in the mortal world. The tremendous pressure landed on everyone's shoulders, such that some weak ordinary human beings began trembling slightly, and were almost kneeling on the ground.

A resonant bell ring echoed through the sky. A gigantic, hazy bell emerged above Pu Ban City and rang sonorously. The sound wave transformed into waves of golden-purple glowing mist and spread out to all directions, neutralizing eighty percent of the pressure created by Ji Xia's divine army.

Hundreds of Magi Palace Magi rose into the sky. Wulong Yao, Fang Feng E, Candle Dragon Gui, and the other Magi Palace elders released their scary powers. Dark mists coiled behind their bodies, and within the mist, the hazy silhouettes of enormous creatures could be seen, merging with the bodies of their owners and making look like towering mountains.

"Ji Xia, this is where we human beings perform offering ceremonies, where we pray to nature. Go away!" Behind Candle Dragon Gui's body, a tremendous candle dragon closed its eyes. Every breath it took would start a strong gale around him. The gale swirled and left thin, dark cracks in the air, seeming even to tear apart the space.

"I am a human being too!" Ji Xia leaped down from the back of a Gold Crow and trod on a fiery cloud as he descended swiftly from the sky, soon coming up to Candle Dragon Gui. From less than ten meters away, Ji Xia looked directly at Candle Dragon Gui's lusterless eyes and said, "I, am a human being too. It's just that I happen to hold a divine power too."

"Holding your divine power, you shouldn't interfere a human world affair." Wulong Yao shouted harshly, "Go away, or do you want to start a war against us with your formidable divine army?"

"The heaven belongs to all living beings in this world. I, as the God of War, am supposed to supervise the entire world and suppress all evils. Facing anyone who intends to do harm to this world, I shall stop him with all my power." Ji Xia said without hesitating, "Human beings are a part of the world, and should be under my supervision."

"The heaven takes no part in human affairs." Fang Feng E laughed with a high-pitched voice, "It has been so many years, the heaven takes no part!"

"If the heaven takes no part in human affairs, why do you pray to nature? Why do you pray to heaven?" Ji Xia laughed as he spread his arms and growled to the numerous human beings in the surroundings. "If human beings do not want to be under the supervision of the heaven, why did you perform an offering ceremony?"

People were confused. Ji Xia sounded reasonable.

If as the few Magi Palace elders said, the heaven took no part in things happening in the human society, why would anyone pray to heaven?

Emperor Shun's eyes sparkled coldly as he raised his head and asked with a bright voice, "Ji Xia, we prayed to nature, to the sky and the earth, not the heaven!"

As a fiery light dazzled, Ji Xia teleported himself directly to Emperor Shun. Looking at Emperor Shun right in the eyes, he responded strongly, "The heaven represents the sky and the earth! And I, am acting on behalf of the heaven! If you pray to nature, the heaven must be a part of your life!"

Before Emperor Shun said a word, Ji Xia turned around and took out tens of scrolls, which were wrapped in coiling purple mists, and had been emitting a strong sense of power, "If you don't need the heaven, why did so many human beings pray to the heaven, begging the heaven to stop Gong Sun Su Su from ascending the throne? Eh? Look at these, I didn't fake these!"

In the heaven, powerful treasures existed to communicate with the whole world, and any living being in Pan Gu world could pray to the heaven. With a strong faith power, the prayer of any living being could generate an actual 'divine official letter', to be sent directly to divine emperors.

Due to nothing else but all kinds of small yet complicated requests from the entire world, Ji Hao escaped from the heaven, leaving all the divine jobs to his people.

At this very moment, Ji Xia showed these 'divine official letters', proving that some human beings didn't want Gong Sun Su Su to be their new emperor. These people prayed to the heaven and asked them to stop Gong Sun Su Su from succeeding to the throne.

In the crowd, Huaxu Lie and Lie Mountain Kang and the other supporters of Si Wen Ming sighed in relief. They glanced at each other and gave a faint smile.

They sent their trusted subordinates to the heaven, but were worried that their people might be hindered by the enemy. Therefore, they ordered their other subordinates to pray to the heaven, and in this way, they managed to send the message directly.

Ji Xia didn't let them down. He arrived in time.

The heaven wasn't as powerful as before, but under Ji Hao's leadership, the heaven shouldn't be underestimated. Besides, Ji Xia came with a good reason, added with the help of Si Wen Ming's supporters, who were also the leaders of human beings. Emperor Shun's mind might not have been changed, but this ceremony was already interrupted!

Emperor Shun looked at the scrolls in Ji Xia's hands. As a human emperor, he knew what those were.

Remaining silent for a while, Emperor Shun looked at Ji Xia and said slowly, "Ji Xia, what do you want?"

Ji Xia's eyes shone brightly. Pointing at Gong Sun Su Su, he sneered, "He doesn't deserve to be the emperor!"

Emperor Shun raised his head and responded with a deep voice, "I chose him myself. Why can't he be the emperor?"

Ji Xia blinked his eyes and pondered for a second. Then, he decided to be shameless.

"He is involved in tens of cases of rapes and murder. The heaven is hunting for him and his people now. How can such a morally degenerate person be the human emperor?"

The moment Ji Xia said this, everyone was silenced, without being able to say a word.

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