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Raging fire rose into the sky.

Zhu Rong, Zhu Rong Tonggong, Huoyuan, and the other ten prehistorical powerful beings flew up, transforming into threads of fiery light and diving into the Liang Zhu City.

No matter why Wuzhi Qi lost his temper, and why the non-humankind suddenly attacked him and the human warriors in the city, to Zhu Rong and his people, now was the best chance.

Mingling in the snowstorm, the fiery lights quietly landed on the ground. Immediately, Yu Huo smiled on top of the giant chariot.

Turning around, he excitedly looked at where Zhu Rong and the others landed, narrowed his eyes, and said to himself, "As I thought, we have some guests."

A short while later, Yu Huo twitched his nose, then reached out his hands, grasped a gust of wind, and put under his nose. Shaking his head, he murmured, "Not 'people', but some other creatures that look like human beings...This feeling, the energies inside them… similar to the great Dao of the world?"

"Like the gods of destruction in Pan Gu world, who were born during the creation of the world? The gods of Pan Gu world? The living beings called 'original gods' by human beings?" Yu Huo chuckled. "The gods of destruction were horrifying beings, that they even nearly destroyed 'Yu'. These descendants of Pan Gu original gods, fire? Zhu Rong?"

Yu Huo's three eyes sparkled with a weird dim light. He patted the face of Yemo Luoye, who had just returned to his side, and said, "Dear Yemo Luoye, go, bring them here. The dominator of Southern Wasteland, the leader of the Fire God Family, what an honored guest! I am even worrying if I can make them stay or not."

While chuckling, Yu Huo raised his head and murmured, "If I can control the Zhu Rong Family..."

Nodding slowly, Yu Huo reached his hand towards Dishi Cha and said, "Dishi Cha, where is Di Mo? The old servant you brought from the Holy Realm? Bring him to me. I suddenly miss him so much. I haven't seen him for a long time."

Dishi Cha kneeled on the ground in reverence, kowtowed to Yu Huo, then said, "Dear Master, I left Di Mo in..."

Yu Huo waved his hand and interrupted him, then said, "Don't tell me these useless things. Wherever he is, whatever he has been doing, bring him to me. You do not know how important he is to me."

Abruptly, Yu Huo laughed with a hissing sound, as if he had suddenly thought of something funny. He sounded especially...coquettish. Weirdly, he sounded like a charming woman.

Yu Huo was startled by the strange laughter of his. Hurriedly, he incanted a spell and his finger emitted a dark light, quickly drawing a strange black spell symbol before his forehead, then his voice turned back normal.

"Damn it! I've absorbed too many souls, and this weak clone can't suppress all of them!" He raised his head worryingly and glanced at the sky, then said, "Go bring Di Mo to me now. I don't have much time. Other than these local gods, more guests are arriving. I have to prepare a banquet for them, a banquet that wouldn't give them a chance to regret."

As a frosty light swirled across the chariot, Dishi Cha disappeared. Yu Huo put his ten fingers on his knees, then excitedly flicked his fingers and said, "Ah, I can't wait! My life has been boring for so many years, and finally, I can have some little excitements. Pan Gu world, what secrets do you have? I can't wait to meet the owners of this world."

Outside Liang Zhu City, in a manor which belonged to an ordinary landlord, dazzling lights suddenly shone in the flower nursery, which were frozen by the snowstorm. The ice and earth were shattered, floating up in the air, while an extra long distance teleporting formation emerged in the light.

A beam of light rose for about a hundred meters tall, then poured back down to the ground under the effect of the defensive screen of the manor. The space quaked intensely. Following the blinding light, people walked out of the formation one after another.

With quick steps, large groups of well-trained human warriors walked out and scattered speedily, quickly occupying the vital areas around the manor. From a small castle near the formation, the owner of the manor walked out with a humble look and bowed to every human warrior who walked out of the formation.

The earth vibrated slightly, while a thirty meters tall Kuafu Family warrior walked out with giant steps. He carried a giant cudgel with his right hand and a fleshy buffalo leg in his left hand, gulping while walking. Raising his head and swallowing a half-cooked piece of beef, which was still covered in blood, this Kuafu Family warrior walked up to the manor owner.

Looking down at the humble landlord, this Kuafu warrior began talking with a rumbling deep voice, "Emperor Shun received your message...Are Ji Hao's warriors under attack from your kind?"

The Kuafu warrior looked at the landlord suspiciously and continued, "Three-eyed little things, you...are not trying to plot against us, are you? Is there an ambush around your manor? How many warriors do you have? Eh? You multi-eyed monsters, you're the sneakiest."

Suddenly, this Kuafu warrior grew to hundreds of meters tall, turned his giant head, and looked around carefully, as if he had found some important secrets. Seeing nothing suspicious in the surroundings, he nodded in satisfaction and said, "Hm, no ambush? Which means, that kid Yi Di is truly under attack from your people?"

"Dear lord, we have already allied with the great humankind. Of course, we won't have any disloyalty. Not only is Lord Yi Di under attack. I remember mentioning in my first message that the twelve emperors in power seem to have been attacked by the rebel forces as well!" The small landlord hurriedly responded in panic.

The Kuafu warrior paused in surprise. He was a gigantic being, but the food he ate clearly had all been turned into muscles, and the hill-sized brain in his head wasn't so useful. He heard every word the landlord said loud and clear, but failed to understand.

Shreds of shadows flashed across the teleporting formation, as about ten princes, who were close to Si Wen Ming, darted out with elite troops and rushed up to the landlord.

"Cut the crap! Not only Yi Di, Brother Wen Ming and Ji Hao had been to Pan Heng world as well. If Yi Di's back, Brother Wen Ming must be in the city too." Said a prince.

"Brothers, go!" Shouted another prince, "These non-humankind beings are unreliable. They aren't as powerful as they used to be, but are daring enough to go back on their words and attack our brothers. So...Let's teach them a good lesson!"

The troops responded with deep growls, then marched into the snowstorm.

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