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Huoyuan told Zhurong Tonggong about everything he knew. What Huoyuan told was the true history, the scars, the stains of blood, the happiness, sadness, anger, and joy the Zhu Rong Family ancestors had.

Zhu Rong Tonggong was a descendant of god, but he felt that he was listening to legends.

Zhu Rong Family and Gong Gong Family, the two powerful divine families, were actually willing to serve the humankind for survival, because they didn't want to wither and fall like the other divine families. They even started intense conflicts with each other, only to join the cudgel of human beings. How could all this even be real?

As a matter of fact, while serving the humankind as Great Libation, the bloodline of Zhu Rong Family had been thriving over these years. For example, Zhu Rong had many children. But, what about the Gong Gong Family? They failed to attain the position, and were barely protected by the humankind. Therefore, the number of their family members got smaller and smaller in the recent five generations. Gong Gong, the fallen former Water God, had Gong Gong Wuyou as his only son!

What made Zhu Rong Tonggong even more speechless was that in order to not be wiped out by the mysterious, irresistible strong power in this world, all members of Gong Gong Family and Zhu Rong Family would leave the world for the Chaos on their own initiative once they reached a certain level of power. Not for finding Pan Yu world or thoroughly destroy the non-humankind, which invaded Pan Gu world...

All that they had been pursuing was survival. How on earth could this be real?

What was even more shocking...Zhu Rong Tonggong popped up his eyes as he stared at Huoyuan. In fact, the number of former human emperors and ancient powerful human beings who managed to cultivate themselves into Supreme Magi wasn't as small as the number in the public record...The actual number was hundreds, even thousands of times greater. Zhu Rong Tonggong was stunned, and was badly confused.

Same as the powerful members of Gong Gong Family and Zhu Rong Family, those powerful human beings prisoned themselves in their natural stars, fell into deep sleep, or left the world and stepped into the boundless Chaos, only to dodge the mysterious strong force from Pan Gu world. They all made their choice for survival.

"Abba!" Zhu Rong Tonggong turned around and looked at Zhu Rong to ask, "Is this real?" He couldn't believe what he had heard.

Zhu Rong took out a new wine calabash from his sleeve, threw it to Huoyuan, then took out another one for himself. Pouring some wine into his mouth, he slowly nodded and said, "Your reaction is exactly the same as mine, back when your grandfather passed on his power to me. I asked my father the same question."

"At that time, I also felt that our Zhu Rong Family was so strong, with millions of divine commanders, countless divine warriors, with all people in the Southern Wasteland. We have such a strong force under control!"

"Not to mention the fact that we have been serving the humankind as Great Libation. We are sharing the honors and the shames with the humankind, we allied with them, and together, we composed a decisive force in Pan Gu world. We have no fear."

"When I was young, I was also proud. I believed that Gong Gong Family was our biggest enemy. As for those so-called non-humankind beings...I thought they existed because Emperor Yao wasn't capable enough. I thought that if my Abba were the human emperor, he would have led his enormous army and crushed every non-humankind being long ago..."

Shaking his head, Zhu Rong took a sip of the wine and continued blandly, "Who would have thought that if we weren't willingly following the humankind, and if we didn't merge our natural fortune with theirs, putting ourselves under their protection, we might have disappeared already?"

"So, who are they?" Zhu Rong Tonggong wanted an answer.

"Who are they?" Zhu Rong remained silent for long.

A long while later, he squatted and drew a diagram of Taiji on the snowfield, then drew a Ruyu, a longsword, a tree, and a lotus...Remaining silent for another while, he drew a pair of crossed swords and a pair of long and slim, spiraled snakes.

Beside the pair of snake, he drew an old man, and a fierce-looking beautiful woman.

"Not to be said, not to be mentioned... Before I leave Zhu Rong Family, I will imprint these in your soul." said Zhu Rong, "Now, you remember this...Pan Gu world...Can it be them? It may or may not be...Our ancestor may be qualified to talk to them, but at present, we have been...left too far behind."

"But, I don't understand," said Zhu Rong Tonggong honestly.

"In fact, I don't understand it either." Zhu Rong looked at the series of symbols he drew on the snow and sighed heavily. Wielding his palm, he melted the snow and turned it into a cloud of steam, which dissipated in the air.

"You shall just remember what my father told me back then. To allow our bloodline to remain developing forever, we first need to hold the position of Great Libation. We, the Zu Rong Family, have to be under the protection of the humankind."

"Second, if you discover any descendant of a god, such as a surviving member of Gong Gong Family, you need to destroy him. Only by ceasing the natural fortune that belongs to the other divine families will the natural fortune belonging to us rise, and we can stay prosperous."

"Third, this is a sincere advice to you, my son." Zhu Rong grinned, looked at Zhu Rong Tonggong, and said mildly, "Man Man has found herself a good man. I never thought that the unimpressive Southern Wasteland boy could achieve so much today. Man Man will marry him, and they will have their children...But, in the future, when Man Man marries Ji Hao, she will no longer be a member of Zhu Rong Family. You should be out of touch with her."

Zhu Rong Tonggong stared at Zhu Rong in shock and asked, "Man Man...Is anything wrong with Ji Hao?"

Zhu Rong frowned and responded in a deep voice, "Nothing is wrong with him. Just...nothing. Everything about him is going too well. As a kid who hasn't even lived his first century, he has become a Supreme Magus, a divine emperor, and holds a high position in the human society...Too well, too well, that even I am scared."

"These years, when did Ji Hao ever suffer a frustration? He has indeed encountered some difficulties, but he stayed safe every time, and solved all problems. The people who set themselves against him...The ones who were able to crush Gold Crow Clan with a finger, where have they all been?"

"He's too lucky. The natural fortune of his is too strong. I'm afraid that behind this...too many things are still unknown." Zhu Rong stood up, seriously looked at Zhu Rong Tonggong, and continued, "Remember what Elder Huoyuan just said. It was never easy for us to survive till now."

"Don't allow yourself to have inordinate ambitions, like Gong Gong did. Stay alive, stay safe, don't covet the things which shouldn't belong to you."

"To live, to pass on our bloodline, this is better than anything."

Amidst the strong, frosty gale, Zhu Rong told many things to Zhu Rong Tonggong. At last, he pointed at Liang Zhu City, then smiled and said, "Now, let's deal with this old monkey first."

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