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Wuzhi Qi was about thirty meters tall at the moment, standing in front of Yemo Luoye and Polo Jia like a small hill.

His silver-blue long hair fluttered like seaweed in water, as a suffocating danger could be sensed from the beautiful silver-blue light. His terrifying spirit creature power drilled into every non-humankind warrior's body like mud in a swamp, and forced them to open their mouth to gasp for air.

Cracking noises could be heard without an end while Wuzhi Qi released his power as much as he liked. He showed the power of a true prehistorical spirit creature to the people on the scene. Under the pressure created by him, the bones of all non-humankind creatures within the area a million miles in radius around him were creaking. The slightly weaker ones among these non-humankind warriors had already fallen to the ground with broken bones.

Wuzhi Qi bared his teeth and grinned. With his muscular arms, he slowly swung the dark ice cudgel.

Earlier on, when non-humankind warriors brutally slaughtered countless human warriors under Yi Di's command, Wuzhi Qi made no reaction, as if he hadn't seen a thing. He was 'loyally' following Ji Hao's order and playing Si Wen Ming, who went to an unknown place to do an unknown thing. He was doing his job, without any intention to save those poor human kids.

He was the god of Huai Water, a powerful spirit creature who lived since the beginning of time. He had seen countless dead people. Indeed, hundreds of thousands of young human beings had just been massacred, but was that a big deal? During the past countless years, how many human beings had he killed in person?

Nevertheless, when Yemo Luoye attempted to kill Yuan Li, Wuzhi Qi stood up immediately.

He had a large number of sons and daughters, but of all, Yuan Li was the one with the greatest potential. Yuan Li followed Yu Yu's guidance and became his disciple. 'Priest Yu Yu', only the truly powerful beings who lived through the prehistorical era could understand what that name meant.

"Girl, did my kid offend you, that made you come so late at night to kill people?" Wuzhi Qi thudded his cudgel heavily on the ground, quaked the earth, and sent blade-sharp, blue-colored airstreams in every direction, shredding the luxurious buildings in the surroundings.

Yemo Luoye and Polo Jia looked at Wuzhi Qi with a weird smile on their faces.

If they were still themselves, they would have been scared away by Wuzhi Qi's horrifying power long ago. But now, they looked at Quzhi Qi fearlessly, proudly raised their chins, and scornfully snorted.

All information about Wuzhi Qi flashed across Yemo Luoye and Polo Jia' minds. Through a magical soul connection, on the giant chariot in hundreds of miles away, Yu Huo quickly learned everything that Yemo Luoye and Polo Jia knew about Wuzhi Qi.

"A minister under the leadership of a water god in this world?" Yu Huo's rolling eyeballs paused briefly. Abruptly, he raised his head and carefully sensed the agitated, wild spirit creature power released by Wuzhi Qi. Then, his snow-white face twitched intensely. "These low-grade poor families are so…lucky!"

Yu Huo looked at the sky in confusion, which had been turned silver-blue by Wuzhi Qi's spirit creature power.

Based on Yu Huo's sensation, Wuzhi Qi's power was no weaker than the power of 'Crowns' from Pan Yu world. But, he was merely a minster under the leadership of a Water God? Was this a joke? Those lowly idiots who invaded this world the first might have misunderstood something, or…the local creatures in Pan Gu world had been hiding their powers too well.

"Perhaps, it was because of some unknown inner conflicts?" Yu Huo smiled with a great interest, "When those lucky poor beings invaded this world, these powerful beings…Did they hide their powers to weaken their competitors? Interesting, so very interesting. I like the enemies who play tricks, so interesting."

Wuzhi Qi released his power and killed a giant number of non-humankind warriors, even shredding their souls with the coldness he created.

Silver pieces transformed into silver light spots and rose into the sky, being swallowed by the invisible swirl of Yu Huo. Yu Huo devoured the soul pieces, which still had a bone-piercing coldness. Gradually, the threadlike dark light beams on his body were added with a faint silver color.

"Is this the Dao of natural of water and ice in this world?" Sensing the strange feeling given by the cold soul pieces, Yu Huo said to himself, "It's thin, but can help me to understand the great Dao of this world."

"So, my slaves, kill this large monkey!" While smiling, Yu Huo shook his head and said gently, "Yemo Luoye, my most beautiful collection, come back. Any slight scratch on your perfect face would ache my heart!"

Wuzhi Qi coldly looked down at Yemo Luoye and Polo Jia, who had been remaining silent, and said, "Say it, annoying three-eyed little things. Were your brains damaged? Or, your partnership with the humankind, has it always been a scheme?"

Yemo Luouye gave a mysterious smile. Slightly lifting her dress with both hands, she curtseyed to Wuzhi Qi, then turned around and quietly disappeared in the darkness.

Holding the giant sawtooth blade, Polo Jia twisted his face and pounced on Wuzhi Qi crazily and hysterically while shouting, "Brave Pan Yu warriors, follow me, attack!"

As the Flow Moon Emperor from Yu Dynasty, a knower, Polo Jia now acted like the bravest warrior. He led countless non-humankind warriors and madly launched an offensive on Wuzhi Qi. Non-humankind warriors marched towards Wuzhi Qi like a dark flood. Treading on the silver-blue ice created by Wuzhi Qi's power, they marched towards Wuzhi Qi fearlessly.

Wuzhi Qi laughed out loud. The spirit creature power releasing from his body grew thicker and thicker, stronger and stronger, eventually becoming a giant silver-blue column of mist, rising straight into the sky. The hundreds of meters thick column spun swiftly and created a thousand-miles-wide swirling cloud in the sky.

"It feels good to be unrestrained. Fighting for myself…I haven't had such a feeling in a very, very long time."

"After I became a minister of Gong Gong Family, I…No, your Master Wuzhi Qi, hasn't felt so passionate for many years!"

"Endless schemes, endless tricks, one after another, over and over again…I have trampled across the ancient world, slaughtered millions and millions of water-kind spirit creatures, but my passion, my boiling blood, was all taken away by the group of cowards named Gong Gong!"

Raising the giant cudgel with both arms, Wuzhi Qi trembled in excitement.

"Thanks to the two kids, Si Wen Ming and Ji Hao, the Gong Gong Family is gone! Haha! So wonderful! Your Master Wuzhi Qi is…back!"

Wuzhi Qi widely opened his mouth and roared. His sharp teeth sparkled with a dazzling cold light while he banged his giant dark ice cudgel thunderously against the ground, quaking the earth once again strongly. Cracks appeared on the ground, letting out frosty airstreams along with sharp ice crystals, and killing all non-humankind warriors within the area three-hundred-million miles in radius!

"This is me, your Master Wuzhi Qi! The true Wuzhi Qi!" Wuzhi Qi laughed maliciously while three enormous blue swirls burst from the silver-blue column upon his head.

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