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Yi Di and Yuan Li were caught unprepared by this sudden massacre.

They looked at Polo Jia, who had gone mad already. Before they fought back, giant groups of Yu Clan noble rushed out of the surrounding buildings, holding staffs and calling the names of the nine moons and three suns, releasing a magical power from their bodies which covered the square where human warriors were resting on.

Tens of flying forts and floating mountains speedily approached from a distance away. Large groups of Jia Clan warriors stood on the fort and mountains, releasing waves of armor-breaking heavy arrows like a thunderstorm.

Some Jia Clan warriors had been laughing wildly while throwing flying axes down from the sky. With the height advantage, the spears and axes easily tore apart the bodies of human warriors, nailed them on the ground, or chopped them into pieces.

These human warriors under Yuan Li and Yi Di's lead had just returned from Pan Yu world. Yu Dynasty had allied with the humankind to face Blood Crown, but who could have ever imagined that the non-humankind would change side in this war so suddenly?

Among all human warriors who had been happily enjoying the banquet around bonfires, less than one percent were in simple leather armors, while all heavy armors were stored in a campsite not far away. Facing the enemies who were armed to the teeth, human warriors burst into raging roars and fought back bravely, but their bravery failed to make up for the disadvantage of the equipment. More and more human warriors fell to the ground.

Dense clouds of smoke rose from the troops of human warriors. Mingling among the human warriors, the poisoners released the strongest magic poisons. The colorful smoke spread out swiftly. Swallowed by the smoke, the tens of thousands of Jia Clan warriors at the battlefront immediately fell on the ground, screaming and twitching intensely in pain.

From behind the surrounding buildings, divine towers quietly rose. Controlled by Yu Clan nobles, the erect eyes above the towers opened, letting out destructive beams of light.

Every beam of light caused explosions and raised fires. The fire covered the entire square in no time. In the fire, all poisoners, who didn't have strong bodies, were wiped out even before they could make a howl.

Some light beams transformed into a glowing mist, flowing in the entire area. Merging with the poisonous smoke, it neutralized the poison within a few seconds. More non-humankind warriors roared like beasts while marching into the square, joining the fight against the human warriors.

Most of the human warriors on the scene were Eastern Wasteland archers led by Yi Di. Beyond a far enough distance between them and their enemies, Eastern Wasteland archers could be the scariest life harvesters on battlegrounds. But at this moment, these non-humankind warriors rushed up to them and started hand-to-hand combat right before their faces.

These tall and slim Eastern Wasteland archers wielded short swords and fought against non-humankind warriors unskillfully. Facing the heavy spears and giant blades in the hands of the enemies, their light and short swords were shattered in a few moves. Tens of thousands of Eastern Wasteland archers were finished off before they could shoot a single arrow.

Blood dyed the entire square red, bonfires were trampled upon, and burning corals rolled and scattered on the ground. The shaking fiery light illuminated the broken corpses on the ground and crying wounded warriors.

"Polo Jia, you will die!" A colorful pair of wings spread on Yi Di's back. Looking at the corpses of his warriors, Yi Di growled to Polo Jia with a dry, bitter voice, "Do you want Yu Dynasty to be erased?"

A dark rose flew across the dark sky. The stem of the rose was as sharp as an arrow, aimed at Yi Di's heart.

Yuan Li reacted fast. A bolt of thunder darted out of his cudgel and struck on the dark rose.


The rose exploded, and Yuan Li quivered slightly, taking a few steps backward.

The exploded rose turned into a cloud of black pollen, wrapping Yi Di and Yuan Li. Sensing a faint aroma, their bodies were suddenly softened. Their tidewater-like strong power flows fell apart, and their softened hands couldn't even hold their weapons.

Yemo Luoye quietly walked into the square, with countless dark roses drifting around her. Her eyes sparkled with a fiery light of craziness, body wrapped in a dark mist, and her beautiful face translucent, that made her look like a ghost.

All human warriors who dared to approach her silently fell to the ground. Dark sprigs of rose grew rapidly from the corpses on the ground, then beautiful and evil black roses bloomed one after another. Clouds of black pollen rose, turning into a glistening mist that enveloped the entire square and all non-humankind beings and human warriors, who had been fighting madly against each other.

"Be erased?" Yemo Luoye raised her head and laughed with a shrill voice, that sounded like a chicken which had its tail on fire, "You want to erase us? When our great master descends…you will be the destroyed ones. It can only be you!"

Raising her fingers, Yemo Luoye released beams of dark light from her fingertips. The light beams sliced through the space and caused a high-pitched noise, which was so unpleasant to hear. All non-humankind warriors and human warriors that approached her burst into shrill howls, while the dark light beams cut through their bodies, easily cutting them into pieces.

Some 'lucky' ones had their bodies cut into two parts, and didn't die immediately. They twitched and struggled on the ground, screaming hoarsely in pain and despair.

The dark light beams wove into a giant web and descended on Yi Di and Yuan Li, who lied on the ground with softened limbs. They looked at the web in despair. They wanted to dodge, what where could they get to strength to do it?

A muffled roar quaked the earth and blasted across the brains of all non-humankind warriors like thunder in a summer night. From the eyes of noses and mouths of all non-humankind warriors on the square, sharp blood streams erupted. They began shaking and shambling backward. Some of them even sat straight to the ground, without being able to move.

The muffled roar crushed the brains of tens of thousands of non-humankind warriors, even killing the souls of a big half of them.

Next, a horrifying power rose into the sky with a strong scent, which froze the bodies of all living beings like a nightmare, and made people despair from deep down their souls. Silver-blue spirit creature power flooded in all directions and froze every non-humankind warrior it touched. Quietly, the frozen non-humankind beings shattered into ice crystals.

'Si Wen Ming', who had been sitting beside a bonfire, remaining motionless the whole time, now slowly stood up. Suddenly, his skin cracked, exposing the twisted water ape face underneath. With his long silver hair glowing in a dim blue light, Wuzhi Qi carried a giant dark ice cudgel and teleported himself to Yi Di and Yuan Li, wiping out all the dark light beams with one palm.

"Kill human beings, okay…Kill my son…Girl, how do you prepare to die?" Eyes burning with a blue fire, Wuzhi Qi bared his sharp teeth.

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