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When Yu Huo captured Yemo Luoye and the other emperors, Yi Di and Yuan Li were sitting around a bonfire, drinking.

Luxurious, magnificent, Yu Dynasty style buildings stood in the surroundings, glistening in the darkness of night. However, Yi Di and the other human warriors didn't like these buildings. They raised bonfires on a flat square, put raw meat on the fire, and let the smell of grilling meat spread to every area of the city, along with a beautiful aroma of wine. These, were the favorites of human warriors.

Enormous halls, complicated decorations, beautiful maids…Non-humankind beings liked these things the most, but simple and honest human warriors hadn't learned to enjoy these yet.

"Shame, shame! We're not strong enough to help Ji Hao." Raising a large wine pot and pouring the wine into his mouth, Yi Di then gave a long sigh, seeming to be slightly frustrated. "Ji Hao, Supreme Magus, a divine emperor chosen by the world itself… He's getting more and more powerful, but we, we are left far behind."

Yuan Li knitted his brows and twisted his monkey face, then said, "Don't say this, don't say this. We're all living beings, so who's worse than the others? Ji Hao's attained his current power by showering in blood and crawling through corpse mountains. We shall focus on our own cultivations. Are we so lame now? How much of the solar term arrow have you understood?"

Hearing Yuan Li, Yi Di fell a bit embarrassed. He grinned, then shook his head without responding.

The solar term arrow taught by Yu Yu was greatly powerful and incredibly ingenious, but his understanding of it was still very shallow, and he was far from the essence of this profound art of arrow. With a thorough understanding of this art of arrow, Yi Di would be able to step into the level of Supreme Magi with no efforts. However, he had only been learning it for a few years, and wasn't as talented as Ji Hao. So, how could he improve fast?

Wuzhi Qi was still in the shape of Si Wen Ming. Sitting in a corner, he remained silent with a dark face. Around him, all human warriors were drunk, their faces blushed. These human warriors instinctively sensed that this 'Si Wen Ming' was quite different from before. Therefore, no one was willing to come near him, either did anyone come talk to him.

Sitting in the darkness alone, Wuzhi Qi knitted his eyebrows, thinking about his future.

He didn't need to worry about Yuan Li anymore. Yuan Li was now close to Ji Hao, and was under Yu Yu's guidance. With such a powerful being to rely on, who could ever harm a hair of his? As for Wuzhi Qi himself…As one of the eight senior ministers under Gong Gong's leadership, when Gong Gong raised the flood, Wuzhi Qi had indeed done a series of wicked things.

Would human beings forgive him for the things he had done? Even though Ji Hao and Si Wen Ming had both given their word to Wuzhi Qi, he was still worried about his future. Perhaps, he should run away now, shouldn't he? But where could he go?

While struggling, Wuzhi Qi picked up a large bowl, gulped about a liter of wine, then cursed through gritted teeth, "Damn you, Gong Gong! You deserved to die, and your bloodline deserved to perish. I lived a wonderful life as the God of Huai Water, yet you attempted to overturn the world and forced me to follow you. If you had succeeded, fine, but your great plan was ruined by a few kids so easily. Now, you have gotten me into trouble!"

Wuzhi Qi glanced around while complaining, his eyes turning slightly red. A fierceness emerged in his eyes. He truly wanted to beat a few unlucky ones to channel his anger, and it would be even better if he could crush their bones.

But glancing around, Wuzhi Qi found no one else but the carefully selected human warriors, who were sent to Pan Heng world by Ji Hao and had just returned to Pan Gu world with the city of great calamity. The intent of killing grew stronger and stronger in Wuzhi Qi's heart, but he clearly understood that he could not do anything to these human warriors. Otherwise, he wouldn't end well, even if he had been trying to redeem his sins by good deeds.

"Late at night, shall I go pick a few poor ones from Liang Zhu City in the darkness to vent my anger?" As he couldn't do anything to the ones surrounding him, Wuzhi Qi started having other ideas. He narrowed his eyes, which had turned blood-red. He couldn't wait to have some serious fun.

"Old b*stard Dishi Cha fooled the old idiot Gong Gong, attempted to conquer Pan Gu world with the flood, but ended up as the biggest joke." Gritting his teeth, Wuzhi Qi murmured coldly, "Dishi Cha, Dishi Family? Hmm, where is their territory in Liang Zhu City? I've been there, haven't I? Ah, I wonder how many of their members are still alive by now."

Looking around again, Wuzhi Qi slowly stood up, prepared to walk away in Si Wen Ming's shape.

Along with a light series of footstep sound, Polo Jia smilingly walked over with a giant wine pot and about ten guards. While walking, he said mildly, "Lord Yi Di, try this. This is my 'Snow God', the wine made with a secret Flow Moon magic. The wine is frosty, but contains a trace of after-world pure sun power. It is the best thing to nourish your soul and spirit."

Shaking the wine pot, Polo Jia lowered his voice and continued, "This wine is very hard to make, and the materials are rare. So, I don't have too much in my collection."

While speaking, Polo Jia carried the wine pot and went up to Yi Di and Yuan Li with his guards.

Both Yi Di and Yuan Li were bibulous. Hearing Polo Jia introducing the mysterious wine, these two nearly drunk young disciples drooled over the wine pot in Polo Jia's hands.

Polo Jia smilingly handed them the wine pot. Suddenly, the dark heavy pot with black glaze suddenly shattered, and the wine contained in it turned into extremely sharp long needles, swishing towards Yuan Li and Yi Di.

Yi Di's swan cloak glowed suddenly. Strong feathers emitted a dazzling light, defending him against the needles. Yuan Li flashed across the air, transformed into a silver beam of light, and released his extremely negative power, darting a long distance away. Those needles failed to touch his body.

"Kill! Kill all these lowly barbarians! Offer their souls to our supreme master!" He screamed hoarsely without minding if this attack hurt Yi Di and Yuan Li or not.

As a follower from Flow Moon, Polo Jia pulled out a giant machete with sawteeth and hacked fiercely on a drunk human warrior. This poor Eastern Wasteland was chopped into two even before he figured out what was happening.

Following Polo Jia's order, countless crazy non-humankind warriors, who had completely lost control of their bodies and minds, rushed out from the darkness and pounced on human warriors, who were startled and didn't know what to do.

Swords, spears and blades were swung down, putting thousands of human warriors to the ground. Blood splashed everywhere.

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