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The cruel fight hadn't stopped.

Roaring madly, groups of non-humankind warriors marched down the tunnel, being slaughtered by the powerful guards there. Blood was flowing down the stairs, into the underground hall, in larger and larger streams.

The blood accumulated in the hall was already a foot deep. Clearly, a giant number of people had been killed out there. The power elders who were here protecting the twelve emperors had already burst into wild growls in both anger and shock. Too many warriors attacked, and they attacked way too crazily. In terms of individual power, these power elders were in absolute advantages, but they were 'tired' by now.

They had been slaughtering the elites from their own families. They even found some familiar faces, which belonged to their descendants.

A few power elders suddenly saw their sons and grandsons among the crazy enemies, but as they hesitated slightly, shiny swords and blades had already pierced mercilessly into their bodies.

By the end, these power elders had no other choice but to grit their teeth and kill every incoming enemy. They were numbed, exhausted, and even had their limbs softened.

They had lived a well-protected life, without being able to adapt to this hell-like battleground. They didn't know how to keep fighting against their descendants and the warriors they knew, who seemed to be possessed by devils. Quite a few power elders were even in a trance. If they weren't thinking about the group of emperors in the hall, they would have fled long ago.

"Retreat!" Hearing the hysterical growls from the outside, Polo Jia helplessly shook his head and said, "Let's retreat. The elders…can't take any more of this."

The elders could not stand this anymore, not just physically, but mentally as well. Polo Jia knew very well about Yu Clan people. Yu Clan people were not born as fighters. Showering in blood and fighting dauntlessly were things usually done by elite Jia Clan warriors. But, when countless Jia Clan warriors composed battle formations and launched life-risking offensives, Yu Clan power elders couldn't stop them for long.

"Retreat…Fortunately, this is a secret stronghold of mine, with a teleporting formation that leads to my city. Tell the elders to draw back. Let's go to my city first, then we'll talk about the other things." Yemo Luoye snorted in anger.

Floating in midair, Yemo Luoye came to a corner of the hall and incanted a spell with a soft voice. The blood on the ground boiled immediately. A dazzling light erupted from the floor,, then a teleporting formation spiraled up from the ground. Yemo Luoye locked his fingers and sent strands of her power into the formation to make sure the formation was functional, then nodded in satisfaction.

"Come on, tell the elders to…" Turning around, Yemo Luoye said to the other emperors. All of a sudden, a few most important space spell symbols in the formation shattered along with a loud series of cracking noise, and the dazzling formation dimmed down quickly.

"This…How can this happen?" Yemo Luoye's eyes grew wider in panic. Staring at the dim formation, she yelled with a dry voice, "Someone broke this teleporting formation from my city. But except me, less than ten people know about this secret teleporting formation in the entire Dark Sun."

The expression of everyone in the hall changed. Yemo Luoye's city was located in the northernmost area of Liang Zhu City, and was strictly guarded as the city of an emperor in power. Ordinary people could never set foot in that city.

But, such a secret teleporting formation was damaged. Clearly, the enemy's hands had already reached every corner of Dark Sun, even touching the deepest secret of Yemo Luoye.

If this had happened to the Dark Sun, what about the other families in power?

The giant chariot had already been carried to the manor by the crawling Jia Clan warriors. Yu Huo looked at the manor coldly, which was now covered in blood.

"Oh, oh, wanna leave? Did you ask me for a permission? Without my permission, you can't run." Yu Huo chuckled.

While chuckling, he puffed off a handful of dark light beams from his body, rolling the threadlike light into a large black ball, then conveniently throwing it to the entrance of the tunnel which led to the underground hall.

Swiftly, the black ball flew to the entrance and exploded along with a buzz. Like a black torrent, an overwhelming wave of soul power flooded into the tunnel, flowing down rapidly.

Wherever the soul power wave swept across, all exhausted power elders burst into screams. They fell to the ground with their heads buried in their arms, twitching a few times before fainting.

The twelve emperors in the underground hall didn't manage to react timely. Facing the soul power wave, blinding light burst from their bodies layer by layer, but soon were all crushed. The emperors screamed out loud, and right next, their souls were shaken. Rolling up their eyes, they fell to the ground as well.

The blood rippled, as these emperors, the holders of the highest power of Yu Dynasty, floated on it, looking nothing different from the corpses around them.

A while later, a group of Jia Clan warriors rushed into the hall, violently grabbing the long hairs of the twelve emperors and dragging them up to the ground.

Twelve emperors in power, eighteen power elders, and over two-hundred elite non-humankind warriors all lied on the ground in a straight line, covered in blood. Some of them were also covered in wounds.

A dark mist condensed into chains upon their erect eyes, sealing their souls and disabling them from feeling things.

"Ah, what a pretty little girl! Are you the sister of the stupid original owner of this body of mine?" Standing up and treading on the backs of Jia Clan warriors, Yu Huo walked down the chariot and slowly stepped on the ground.

He came to Yemo Luoye, lowered his head, and looked at her beautiful face for a long while. Curving his mouth corners upwards, Yu Huo gave an evil grin and said, "What a piece of art! Such a beauteous soul, I can't even bear eating her. Some souls are works of art, should be protected and appreciated as collections, instead of being eaten brutally as food."

Yu Huo squatted and gently stroked Yemo Luoye's erect eye with a finger.

The dark chain faded. Trembling slightly, Yemo Luoye suddenly opened her eye and stared at Yu Huo in fear.

"Yemo Tian, you bloody traitor! You…Where did you get the power?" Yemo Luoye didn't shout, neither did she curse> Instead, she asked the question — This power, which overmastered so many people within such a short span of time, shouldn't belong to Yemo Tian.

"Yemo…Luoye, a beautiful name, a beautiful soul, a beautiful girl…" Yu Huo smiled as he looked at her, then pointed at the other eleven emperors in power while saying, "I'm not Yemo Tian, even though this physical body is indeed from him."

He grinned and continued in a bland tone, "I'm very sorry, but now, you're all my prisoners."

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