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An exaggeratedly luxurious, hill-sized chariot, which was entirely cast from pure gold, slowly approached the manor.

Eighteen-thousand Jia Clan warriors carried the chariot on their backs, crawling on the ground with their arms and legs as they moved forward bit by bit. Their mouths and eyes were sewed with golden threads, unable to talk or see. Driven by an invisible force, they moved forward slowly like crawling corpses.

Yu Huo sat on top of the giant chariot, with a group of beautiful Yu Clan girls kneeling around him. Leaning his left arm on a soft cushion, he was holding a large glass of wine with his right hand, gently shaking the glass while sipping it from time to time.

Dishi Cha's mouth corners were curved upwards, forming a dramatic smile. He was still maintaining his ninety-degree bow. Apart from Dishi Cha, the other tens of leaders from large Yu Dynasty families were wearing the same stiff smiles, bowing deeply while standing on the chariot.

Silently, countless heavily armored warriors moved past the chariot, speedily approaching the manor. With strong bows, they released waves of arrows towards the manor from long distances away while moving. The armor-breaking arrows glistened with the light of spell symbols as they flashed across the air, covering the sky and enveloping the small manor, which was no more than six miles squared.

Large groups of Yu Clan nobles floated in midair, with no light shining in their eyes. But, the energy waves releasing from their bodies were restless. They incanted spells in low voices, calling the names of the three suns and moons while casting powerful offensive magic against the manor.

Fire and blood shrouded the manor. Troops of dark-kind slave warriors and non-humankind slaves had already broken the fence of the manor, marching inside while screaming.

The guards in the manor had put up a desperate fight against these invaders. Countless slave warriors and slaves were shredded like grasses. The blood dyed the earth red, with body parts scattered all over the ground. The roots of the dark roses which survived the fire drilled out of the soil and swept across the area like boas, devouring all of the blood and body parts.

As more and more blood and flesh was absorbed by the rose roots, the dark roses began regrowing. The twisted branches grew higher and higher towards the sky, while large black roses bloomed in the fire. Nourished by the blood and flesh, these dark roses had mutated. The meters tall roses grew rapidly and endlessly, reaching hundreds of meters in height within ten minutes. From underground, more and more dragon-like giant roots drilled out, wriggling violently.

The roses harvested the invaders ferociously, wiping out all of the dark-kind slave warriors and non-humankind slaves. Following shrill screams, an invisible swirl emerged in the air, swallowing the souls of all who died in the battle.

Leaning against the chariot, Yu Huo trembled slightly. His face blushed, and the erect eye opened, shining with a heart-freezingly cold light. Extremely thin marks of Dao had been emerging and flickering in the cold light, while a mysterious power could be sensed from his body, growing greater and greater.

More and more warriors went mad. Following deep horns, elite Jia Clan warriors marched into the manor in groups. Like wild beasts, they minced the guards in the manor, who struggled desperately against them, then hysterically stormed across the whole place. Soon, they discovered the secret tunnel that led to the underground hall.

They broke into the tunnel and entered into the dangerous underground area.

Guarding in the tunnel were the strongest, most trustworthy guards of the twelve emperors, including some powerful ones at Yemo Shayi's level. Once the invaders surged into the tunnel, blood sprayed out of the entrance, while thousands of body pieces flew out to hundreds of miles high like the eruption of a volcano.

Everyone who set foot in the tunnel was killed, with no exception. More souls rose into the sky, crying and wailing, being drawn into the invisible swirl.

Yu Huo's face turned extremely red as he absorbed the powers of more and more souls, reaching the limit of this body, which belonged to Yemo Tian and was roughly strengthened by Yu Huo.

Because of the greediness that existed in his soul, Yu Huo ignored the pressure given by his new body while crazily absorbing the soul power.

Dim beams of dark light 'grew' out of his body, fluttering in the air like long black hairs. These were the soul powers that he could not absorb at the moment, and were converted into such a strange shape, stored outside his body.

From his marrow to his bones, from his internal organs to his muscles, from his hair to his skin, Yu Huo's body had been strengthening by the endless soul power. His power grew greater and greater, darker and darker, more and more mysterious. His strength rose rapidly, soon reaching the level of Supreme Magi.

In the underground hall, the twelve emperors glanced at each other in doubt, then raised their hands and swore with the souls of their ancestors that the attack happening outside had nothing to do with themselves at all.

Soon, they believed each other — Not a single one of them was stupid enough to launch an offensive like this while he or she was present. Based on the nature of Yu Clan nobles, if they planned to play some kind of tricks, the first thing they would do is staying as far away as possible.

"Who is it?" screamed Yemo Luoye in anger, "Who is it? The ones attacking us are from Pan Yu world like us! Who is commanding them?"

Dong! Dong!

The door of the hall was pushed open, and a few heads rolled in through the stairs outside the door. These large heads with scary looks, widely opened four eyes shining faintly. Clearly, these heads belonged to the best Jia Clan warriors.

"These were my Red Sun…These were the few commanders of my Red Sun Army!" Piji Mu immediately leaped up from his seat, pointed at the few heads rolling on the ground, and screamed, "Why did they attack us? Is this a revolt? Who is attacking us? Damn it! Are they the few discontented brothers of mine? I should have finished them long ago while I still had a chance!"


A Yu Clan young man fell into the door while gripping a staff. His eyes were popped up, while blood was gushing out of his broken body.

"Moho Modo…my nephew…He, how could he came here?" Moho Hua from Full Moon shouted.

The situation turned worse and worse. As more and more slipped into the hall through the stairs outside, the faces of the twelve emperors turned darker and darker.

From these corpses, they found the ones they were familiar with, who were all core members of the twelve families in power.

"Their souls are all…missing," said Poto Yuan. As a member of Sunset Moon, he had a sensitive sense of soul powers. "Someone, someone is, is collecting souls…And, they, they were all controlled."

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