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Outside Liang Zhu City, in the manor of an ordinary landlord…

Surrounding a three-story building that was exquisite but constructed in poor taste, the flower nursery was filled with dark roses. The flower branches coiled on each other, with interweaving, hair-thin poisonous thorns, glowing with a cold light in the darkness of night.

The fist-sized roses were blooming. A breeze blew across and raised a puff of dark pollen, covering the entire manor. Some nocturnal animals who quietly flew across the nursery silently fell, being devoured by the dark pollen without leaving a trace.

Occasionally, a few mysterious spiritual creatures came to this area from the forest and flew across the air. Immediately, waves of dark pollen rose from the nursery surrounded these invisible creatures. Along with a sizzling noise, a dark light flickered in the air while the pollen swallowed the invisible creatures. Same as always, no traces were left.

On the ground, the long and slim roots of these dark roses have woven into a large web, with a radius of miles. In the core of this web, wrapped in layers of highly toxic dark roots was a hall, which was carved out of an entire piece of magic crystal.

Inside the miles squared hall, the twelve emperors from Yu Dynasty sat around a round table.

Polo Jia, who had just returned from Pan Heng world, looked at the others sullenly, hands fiddling with a black bone dagger for blood offering ceremonies. The dagger edge glowed with a dim light. Occasionally, the dagger cut the air and caused shrill noises.

Yemo Luoye looked at Polo Jia smilingly and said with a gentle voice, "Alright, Polo Jia, we're on the same side. Even though some misunderstanding existed between us in the beginning, I hope we can all understand that we all have shared interests."

"Including letting me die?" With a dark face, Polo Jia looked at the others and said, "You should all understand why I have been so close to Ji Hao lately. It's not my fault, but yours. The moment you abandoned me, I…"

"Give us a number." Piji Nu interrupted him and said, "How much do you want to be our friend again, our determined comrade. Don't tell me that you have sincerely allied with the humankind, because that would be so hilarious."

Polo Jia remained silent for a while. He ran his eyes over the faces of Yemo Luoye, Piji Nu, and Dishi Yanluo one after another, then took out a leather scroll. With a charcoal pencil, he wrote down a line of characters on the scroll, then pushed it away. The scroll glided to the central area of the round table and stopped.

With faintly sensible spirit powers, the other eleven emperors skimmed through the scroll. Glancing at each other, they hesitated shortly, but then nodded together.

Yemo Luoye clapped her hands. A group of beautiful Yu Clan girls walked out of a hidden door in a corner of the hall, serving every emperor a glass of wine. The twelve emperors picked up the glasses, each giving a 'sincere' smile, then gave their best wishes to each other and emptied their glasses.

Wiping his mouth corners, Polo Jia puffed his chest out and said blandly, "I know what you want…In Pan Heng world, I witnessed Blood Crown descend to that world. A horrifying war, a horrifying power, but the final result…"

Spreading his hands, Polo Jia continued in confusion, fear, surprise, and hesitation, "I don't know what happened in the end. But, since you have all shown your honesty, as a knower from Flow Moon, I have to warn you frankly that…"

Raising his head, Polo Jia took a while to organize his language, then said slowly word by word, "I saw Priest Mu and Priest Hua…Back then, our ancestors, the first batch of invaders to Pan Gu world, easily defeated Priest Mu and Priest Hua. Even though they once caused our ancestors severe damages, when our ancestors started paying attention to them, they were defeated easily, then disappeared."

Piji Nu frowned and said, "According to the Epic of Conquering left by our ancestors, Priest Hua and Priest Mu were just two plant lives with average powers. They had the strength, but not enough to fight our kind."

"Our ancestors may have lied…Of course, such things happened a lot. The history of our kind is filled with lies, and these things are inevitable…Or, our ancestors were fooled."

"I am warning you that we have to take the power of Pan Gu world seriously. This world is not as simple as we believed it to be." Polo Jia looked at Yemo Luoye's beautiful face right in front of him while carrying on, "I witnessed them trample on Blood Crown…I also watched the other two 'Crowns' descend to Pan Heng world."

The expression of everyone else in the hall turned strange.

"Three 'Crowns'? Descended to Pan Heng world together?" A long while later, Yemo Luoye asked the question carefully.

Polo Jia nodded.

Another while later, Poto Yuan from Sunset Moon punched on the round table, widely opened his erect eye, and growled, "Damn it! Blood Crown has his eyes on us. The other two 'Crowns' followed him here. The moves of three 'Crowns' can never be hidden from the Holy Realm, from the other holy beings. We're in trouble."

Polo Jia looked at the others coldly and responded, "Trouble? Indeed, great trouble. Not only three 'Crowns', I've also witnessed Priest Mu and Priest Hua' destructive powers. It is beyond our imagination, such that we cannot even understand it…I also have bad news for everyone. Ji Hao, he is…definitely stronger than 'Crowns'.

Before the group of emperor recovered from the series of shocking news released by Polo Jia, the manor above the hall was swallowed by a raging fire.

Yu Clan and Jia Clan warriors roared, leading large groups of dark-kind slave warriors and non-humankind slaves, marching to the manor from all directions. Stormy waves of arrows swished down from the air, heavy axes flying across the sky, and all kinds of magic attacks were launched like a tsunami, drowning the guards of the manor.

The warriors brought here by the twelve emperors were all elites, the most loyal warriors from every family. Facing the sudden attack, they fought as hard as they could, but soon died under the besiege of the enemies. After all, the number of enemies was a hundred times larger than the number of the guards.

The small building exploded in the fire, generating a thunderous bang. The dark roses were devoured by the fire, incinerating instantly.

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