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The Yu Clan girl on the bed trembled unable to talk.

After all, this girl was a carefully selected one. She hadn't experienced a lot, but she indeed knew things. Seeing what happened to Yemo Tian, this girl instantly thought of something terrible.

Nervously, she opened her erect eye, with her pupils shrinking to the size of needlepoints. In a low voice, she prayed to the name of Blood Moon, begging it to accept her soul and embrace her.

Yemo Tian walked to the girl and penetrated her skull with a finger. A shrill scream could be heard from her head, while a dim silhouette was swallowed by Yemo Tian. Instantly, a faint redness emerged on his pale face.

"Idiot. Returning to Blood Moon?" Smiling in a weird way, Yemo Tian said, "How could you ever understand that returning to the three suns and nine moons means devoting your souls to them, giving up your spirits and the chance of reincarnation?"

Shaking his head, Yemo Tian sighed to continue, "But, you lowly stupid things don't need to know these things."

Quietly walking to a large mirror which stood on the ground, he carefully observed his scrawny, frail body. Like a narcissist, he stroked his every inch of skin, from the top of his head to the tips of his toes. A strange fire burned from his palms. Swept by those palms, his body turned flawless, with an indescribable luster.

"It's a nice body. Based on its quality, I need three-thousand, five-hundred, seventy-two years, three months, seventeen days, and nine hours to attain seventy percent of my true power." murmured Yemo Tian. "That's a short period of time, but I can't afford to waste time now. I need to do it in a fast way, the fast way!"

Twitching his mouth corners and baring his pair of shiny white canine teeth, Yemo Tian puffed out his chest, curved his arms towards the mirror, then slightly shook his head and said, "Immature little boy…Blood Crown, why did that idiot have such a weak illegitimate child? Hmm, it makes sense though. An illegitimate child who served as an excuse to blindfold the ones from the Holy Realm and allow him to reasonably, legally invade Pan Gu world, didn't need to be too good."

"This illegitimate child better be a useless one, so that he could replace him with one of his sons born of his legal wife after he controlled the world. I would do the same." Laughing with a hissing voice, he locked his fingers together in a strange way. Strands of dimly glistening mist emerged in the air, quickly being absorbed by his weak body.

Gradually, his scrawny body swelled, turning whiter. Under his strangely pasty skin, the lines of muscles emerged slowly. Along with a series of bone creaking noise, he grew about a foot taller, and his slightly bent waist straightened up.

Behind him, a hazy silhouette of the destruction weapon which belonged to Yemo Tian slowly appeared. The weapon shattered quietly into a thin stream of light, drilling into Yemo Tian's body. His skin and muscles started twitching intensely, while the cold sweat was pouring down his head.

The dim light transformed from the destructive weapon drew a series of twisted lines on his skin. Every line emitted a strong and mysterious sense of power. Inside the twisted lines, ferocious faces flashed across, while waves of shrill screams and cries could be heard.

In a dark and evil way, Yemo Tian turned the power of the destructive weapon into his own, while destroying it.

"Alright, now let me see what this trash called Yemo Tian had in his head."

"Pan Gu world, human beings? Strong fertility, great wisdom, what a magical species! They are the best choice of slave warriors, good!"

"Dragon? Such a strong physical body? But the fertility is way too poor. The poor fertility means they aren't able to raise an army in a short period of time as slave warriors. Hmm, not so meaningful. Eh? I have a smart idea about breeding a large number of dragons. They can be harvested regularly as a raw material of high-grade armaments. Good idea!"

"Phoenixes? Ah, pure and strong soul power…Soul power? Soul power! A magical species gifted with super soul power! Damn it! Those idiots failed to collect this information! Phoenixes, they are so important to me. I have to pay extra attention to them, and I have to figure out a way to increase their population."

"So many strange creatures? How can this world have such a diverse ecosystem of living being? Candle dragons? Qilin? Kun Peng? White Tiger? Rosefinch? Turtle? Xie Zhi? Pi Qiu…Ah, millions of kinds in this world are gifted with wisdom…How can this number be so huge? Is the origin of Pan Gu world a hundred times stronger than that of Pan Yu world? Not possible!"

"But, less than a thousand species are born with wisdom in Pan Yu world…"

Yemo Tian's eyes sparked dimly as he murmured in a low voice, "In this case, this Pan Gu world does have secrets. And, this world has 'spirit creatures'! Some muddleheaded creatures can actually cultivate themselves into spirit creatures by absorbing natural powers!"

"This amazing method of evolution doesn't exist in Pan Yu world, which means, the natural system of Pan Gu world is more complicated, maturer, and immeasurable than that of Pan Yu world…Such a world, oh, oh, oh… It should be enjoyed by me alone. As for the others, they better sleep!"

While murmuring, Dishi Cha walked in quickly and immediately saw the corpse of the Yu Clan girl lying on the bed with a broken head, and the bed covered in blood.

Face twitching slightly, Dishi Cha smiled, politely bowing to Yemo Tian as he said, "Lord Yemo Tian, why did you…?We were in a hurry, so we only managed to bring this one maid…"

"Woman? Ah, that is not a problem!" Yemo Tian turned around and crossed his arms before his chest, looking at Dishi Cha from head to toe as he said, "I have no interest in fleshy bodies, but I value souls. I can accept any creature with a beautiful and strong soul, regardless of the physical body and gender."

Smiling evilly, Yemo Tian looked at Dishi Cha with his sunken eyes and continued in a bland tone, "For example, your soul is shining with a strong light, very beautiful! So, I am very interested in you."

"You are?" Dishi Cha's fine hair stood straight up. He took quite few steps backward in panic, pointed at Yemo Tian, and shouted.

Yemo Tian walked forward slowly, smilingly nodded to Dishi Cha, and responded with a dim light flashing in his eyes, "You may have heard my name. At the very least, you should have worshipped me in your coming-of-age ceremony…I am Yu Huo, who passionately loves all beautiful souls!"

Dishi Cha paused, then let out extremely despairing screams from the deepest area of his soul.

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