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Extremely deep underground, looking down through a precipitous cliff, one would see a faint red light of lava bursting from the earth core. The great heat released from the lava provided the living beings in this underground world energy. Bushes which adapted to the dark environment grew thickly in this area, and under the bushes were a large number of fluorescent mushrooms.

Rodents moved swiftly across the bushes, searching for anything that suited their tastes. Larger sized predators hid in the shadows, quietly observing this giant number of targets.

All of a sudden, a roar burst from the darkness. A purely black tusk leopard leaped high into the sky and pounced on a two-feet-long rat. The rat was scared to death. But, before it turned around and fled, a giant axe spun over and cut off the head of the leopard.

Blood splashed everywhere, scaring away all the small creatures in the bushes. A few heavily armored Jia Clan warriors split the bush and walked in with solemn looks. They looked around vigilantly, especially giving a few glances at a tunnel which led to the upper world, then picked up the headless leopard.

They cleaned the leopard quickly, covered all the blood and traces, then returned with large steps, a relaxed smile on their faces.

In an underground valley, thousands of elite Ji Clan warriors had been walking in or out of some caves. All kinds of peeled animals were put upon bonfires, oozing oil and emitting a pleasant aroma of grilling meat.

Dishi Cha sat on a rock and frowned, looking at golden crystal plate in his hands. He incanted spells from time to time and sent strands of power into the plate. A golden, castle-shaped spell symbol glowed brightly on the plate, without giving any response to all his moves.

"What happened? I can't hear a thing from it. Why? They should, should…have arrived already!" Dishi Cha looked at the motionless spell symbols on the plate worryingly. His erect eye blinked from time to time, glowing with a dim light.

He didn't know that Blood Crown had already fallen. Instead, he believed that Blood Crown and his enormous army were hurrying to Pan Gu world. He expected Blood Crown to descend soon, sweep across the whole area, and gain a full control of Pan Gu world and all the surrounding worlds.

With the resources from Pan Gu world and surrounding worlds, Dishi Cha believed that one day, he would be as powerful as Blood Crown. As for Blood Crown himself, Dishi Cha believed that Blood Crown would naturally reach to an even higher level, attaining the supreme power which only belonged to those legendary, terrifying, but great beings from Pan Yu world.

"The Dishi Family is meant to be gifted with a supreme honor because of me." Dish Cha murmured to himself longingly, "Perhaps, one day I will become a 'crown', or…even higher? Who knows?"

Behind Dishi Cha, in a cave which was decorated by a giant amount of gold and crystal, an extremely luxurious bed had been shaking regularly. On the soft and smooth leather mattress, Yemo Tian had been 'working-hard' with a beautiful Yu Clan girl.

The thuds of skins echoed through the cave. With an obvious pair of eye bags under his deeply sunken eyes, Yemo Tian's face twisted slightly while he rubbed and scratched the body of the girl in his arms.

Hearing the girl's soft moans that sounded like sobs, Yemo Tian suddenly paused, then rolled up his eyes and began twitching. After quite a while, he slowly relaxed his tightened body, and had sweat streaming down his back. Weakly closing his eyes, he gasped loudly for air.

The Yu Clan girl carefully stroked a corner of Yemo Tian's forehead and asked him a few questions with a low voice.

Yemo Tian shook his head. With effort, he opened his eyes and glanced at the girl, then rummaged in the blanket with both hands. Soon, he found a pink bottle, took out a strongly scented red pill from it, and threw into his own mouth.

In a quarter of an hour, the large beg began shaking again, and the girl's screams echoed across the entire cave.

This time, after the short span of time which could allow a strong man to finish a bowl of rice, Yemo Tian gave a long moan while showing the whites of his eyes. Afterward, he rolled down from the girl's body, tremblingly got off the bed, and walked to an embossed golden round table, pouring himself a glass of wine.

Baring his teeth, Yemo Tian took a sip of the wine, then suddenly threw the glass to the ground.

"Master, what's wrong?" The girl was scared. She trembled and hurriedly sat up on the bed, asking.

Shaking his head, Yemo Tian threw a threatening glance at the girl and said, "I am not good, I feel terrible. I have an awful mood…Looking at your face every single day, how happy do you think I can be?"

The girl lowered his head, daring not to say a word. Shaking his head, Yemo Tian abruptly raised his arms, looked at the golden roof, and screamed, "How long do I have to wait for? My dear father, pleased descend to this world now! Ah…Damn it! When I return to Liang Zhu City, I will have a thousand different girls each day!"

Throwing a heavy kick onto the round table, Yemo Tian grabbed the crystal on his neck, which contained the destruction weapon, then shouted, "I feel so bad! I am so unhappy, so angry, so uncomfortable! I, Yemo Tian, who is meant to be the owner of this world, is now hiding underground like a rat!"

"With no sunlight, no green grasses, no fresh flowers…Even woman, I have one woman only!"

He gritted his teeth, stared at the Yu Clan girl, and continued, "The others out there are all men…Even if one male slave…Oh, no, they're terrible, those ugly creatures! But, I have only one woman around me. I can't live like this!"

Gripping the crystal, he sneered through gritted teeth, "Dishi Cha…When my father arrives, I will punish him! Dishi Cha, this coward, he made me hide underground like a rat! What a useless coward! In the future, he won't have a position under my leadership! I swear, he will…"

Yemo Tian didn't notice the erect-eye glowing suddenly inside the crystal.

The emotionless erect eye blinked for a few times, then the crystal cracked, turning into dim light spots and quietly merging into Yemo Tian's body. Yemo Tian paused instantly. As his eyes grew wider, his body began twitching.

Cold and sticky perspiration oozed out of his skin, along with some stinky dirtiness.

In about a quarter of an hour, Yemo Tian blinked his eyes.

The weakness in his eyes was gone, being replaced by a coldness and fierceness. Those eyes seemed to belong to a strong, experienced being, who had been through trials and hardships.

Slowly raising his head, he narrowed his eyes, looked at his snow-white, soft palms, slowly curving up his mouth corners and showing a weird smile.

"What a trashy body! But…better than nothing!"

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