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Priest Mu and Priest Hua's expressions changed slightly. Ji Hao cursed out loud at Yu Man, which was no different from slapping their faces directly. If Yu Man were a wild animal, as his allies, what were they?

Priest Mu remained silent with a gloomy look while Priest Hua pointed his finger at Ji Hao and shouted angrily, "Ji Hao kid, how dare you…?"

Before he finished, Yu Man raised his head and laughed out loud, sounding like a group of roaring beasts. His rumbling voice devoured Priest Hua's shouts and disabled him from finishing his speech.

"The Dao of wild animal? Smart, correct, my Dao is exactly the Dao of wild animals. So what?" Widely opening his single eye, Yu Man looked at Ji Hao with a strong interest and continued, "When I'm hungry and thirsty, I eat and drink; when I want women, I capture one, a hundred, a thousand women to have as much fun as I want; when I want to kill, I slaughter as many as I like."

"Everything I do follows my heart, my nature, the most original desires in my soul. I do everything I want with the purest strength, in the most direct way. This is the Dao, the most original, purest Dao in the world, the most basic Dao of a world!"

Yu Man suddenly pointed in the direction of Pan Gu world and yelled, "Kid, let me ask you a question. Saint Pan Gu, as the creator of your world, did he create the world by following his instinct and launching his greatest strike…Or, did he carefully ponder in the embryo for countless years and patiently dug into the great Dao for millions of centuries before he created the world?"

Ji Hao remained silent. Yu Man argued irrationally, but Ji Hao couldn't disprove what he said about one thing — Did Pan Gu follow his instinct to create the world? Or, did he create the world for any other reason?

In his spiritual space, the mysterious man sat with crossed legs and frowned, with his pair of eyebrows squirming like a pair of flood dragons. "Did Pan Gu create the world because he instinctively wanted to, or he believed he should do so upon a deep consideration? Hmm…Who can answer this question?"

Remaining silent for a short while, he pointed his finger at his heart and said, "I can't…What about you?"

Through Ji Hao's eyes, the mysterious man glanced at Priest Dachi, Priest Qingwei, and Yu Yu, who also fell into a weird silence. Their eyes dazzled, while countless thoughts had been emerging and disappearing in their minds. They were all lost in their thoughts.

Priest Hua and Priest Mu glanced at each other embarrassedly. One of them pursued the great Dao of quietus and attempted to find the great power of rebirth from quietus, then free himself from the limitation of life. On the other hand, the other one followed the Dao of evolvement, attempting to discover the flaws of the great Dao of nature, and then attain the ultimate freedom through these flaws.

They weren't Pan Gu's descendants. Therefore, on hearing Yu Man's question, they only wanted to laugh, without falling into the indescribable state of thinking like Yu Yu and his two brothers. Therefore, they were embarrassed. They wanted to angrily question the universe — As same-level 'masters', why were Priest Dachi, Priest Qingwei, and Priest Yu Yu always at a higher state than them?

Yu Man gave a twisted grin and exposed his four tusks, then straightened his long black hair. He suddenly burst into a thunderous roar as he raised the giant bone cudgel with his right hand and started a dark fierce gale, lunging towards Ji Hao while roaring.

"Kill the weakest first, then attack the second weakest one!" Marching towards Ji Hao, Yu Man roared, "Cutting off his one finger is better than hurting his ten fingers; having one bird in your hands is better than looking at ten birds in the forest. The great Dao of killing, the death of the targets leads to the true 'Dao'!"

The bone cudgel raised a fierce gust of wind as it swished towards Ji Hao.

Ji Hao hurriedly activated the Pan Gu bell. A bell ring echoed through the sky as the bone cudgel landed heavily on the bell. With a deafening bang, dazzling sparkles erupted from the entire bell, while the bell rings made everyone feel dizzy. Ji Hao's whole body was numb, as if a bolt of thunder had just fallen on his head. He sensed a sharp pain from his internal organs as he was sent flying away along with the Pan Gu bell by the bone cudgel.

"Cutting off one finger, cutting off one finger, cutting off one finger…" Yu Man roared madly and leaped nimbly towards Ji Hao, then hit the Pan Gu bell three times in a row with the bone cudgel.

Ji Hao wasn't able to even stand. Under the heavy strikes, the bell buzzed rumblingly. Through the bell, an awfully strong force landed on Ji Hao's body, paralyzing him and hurting his internal organs. He saw nothing but bindings lights and tasted blood from his mouth, as a steam of blood had already gushed to his throat.

At last, Ji Hao's ribs were crushed, and the stream of blood was squeezed out of his mouth, squirting a long distance away.

Yu Man was incredibly strong, and the giant bone cudgel had an immense power. The cudgel was clearly a supreme treasure, at least at the level of the Pan Gu bell.

The bone cudgel perfectly neutralized the defensive power of the Pan Gu bell. Yu Man's terrifying strength was weakened halfway by the Pan Gu bell, then landed on Ji Hao's body. Fortunately, Ji Hao was protected by his own Pan Gu body. Otherwise, he could have been crushed long ago.

"Can't I kill you with thirty percent of my power?" Yu Man looked at Ji Hao in confusion. Suddenly, he heavily knocked on his own forehead with the giant bone cudgel, and burst into laughter. "Yes, your bell… Same as my weapon, it is made from a body part of 'Pan', isn't it?"

In dizziness, Ji Hao raised his head. But before he could respond, Yu Man lunged to him once again and banged the bone cudgel against the Pan Gu bell.

"Forty percent of my power, explode!" Roared Yu Man. From the bone cudgel, wisps of dark fire rose into the sky, while a much greater force struck on Ji Hao's body through the bell.

Ji Hao gave a muffed snort. As more of his bones broke, he vomited even more blood. This time, he was sent hundreds of thousands of miles away with the bell, nearly bumping into the giant metal city.

What disappointed Yu Man was that Ji Hao was injured, but didn't explode, become a puff of meat paste, and fly all over the Chaos as he expected. Even worse, as Ji Hao gasped desperately for air, all his inner injuries and outer injuries had been healing rapidly.

"B*stard kid. Cutting off one finger, cutting off one finger, why haven't you died yet?" Yu man murmured over and over again like a madman while he marched towards Ji Hao with giant steps once again.

But this time, before he approached Ji Hao, a cyan-colored beam of sword light flashed across the Chaos from behind. In fury and with his full power, Yu Yu sent his sword towards the heart of Yu Man from the back.

"If you can't cut off one finger…you damage his ten fingers!" Roared Yu Man. He abruptly turned around, dodged Yu Yu's sword, and opened his mouth ferociously, rushing to Yu Yu like a mad wild dog and attempting to bite Yu Yu's neck with his shiny sharp teeth.

Yu Man's style of fighting was indeed exactly the same as that of wild beasts.

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