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Millions of Yu Clan nobles and Jia Clan warriors composed a tremendous, formidable array in the dark Chaos. They looked at Yu Man in reverence and admiration, like ordinary human beings looking at their gods. Led by Evil Crown, they kneeled and kowtowed to Yu Man.

Yu Man, the enormous creature roared with a deep voice, and slowly straightened his body. As he stood up slowly, his body had been shrinking ceaselessly. When he completely straightened his body, he shrank to about thirty meters tall.

He had a ferocious and hideous face. His thick black hair covered his body like a blanket, and he didn't wear a thing. Shaking his head hard, Yu Man creaked his neck loudly, which sounded like tens of shaking cowbells.

Ji Hao looked at Yu Man from a long distance away. He looked like a disfigured gorilla walking upright, single-eyed and extremely ugly. However, from this single-eyed ugly creature, a strong sense of Dao was emitted. Judging by the sense of Dao, he was a 'master' like Yu Yu and his brothers, or even a 'saint'.

He stretched his neck, then his arms, waist, legs, and feet. After that, he laughed out loud and cleared his throat, then reached his hand backward. A giant black bone cudgel flew out of the metal city into his hand, along with a deep swishing noise.

He wielded the thousands of meters long black cudgel and started waves of whooshing noise that made people feel dizzy, then carried the cudgel on his shoulder as he walked out of the city in giant steps. Behind him, millions of Yu Clan nobles and Jia Clan warriors shouted crazily, as loud as they could, their faces blushed.

Ji Hao heard them clearly. They used an ancient language from Pan Yu world, which was profound, hard to understand, and very unpleasant to hear, completely different from the gentle and beautiful language used by current Yu Clan nobles from Pan Yu world.

Yu Clan people who invaded Pan Gu world were qualified to lean this ancient language, which, according to the legends, contained a magical power. Therefore, Ji Hao had only learned a few simple sound marks of this language from the books he found from the collections of some Xiu Clan people. Based on what he knew, these non-humankind beings had been praising Yu Man with all their passions, for his great achievements of destroying thirty thousand worlds.

Ji Hao sensed that the souls of these non-humankind beings were boiling, and scorching hot streams of faith power roared into his body like melted iron. Supported by the faith power, Yu Man's stiff, inflexible body turned nimble and agile within a short couple of breaths.

Carrying the giant bone cudgel, he came to Ji Hao, Yu Yu, and Yu Yu's brothers. He widely opened his single eye and carefully looked at Ji Hao and the others from heads to toe, one after another.

Ji Hao didn't know about the feelings the others had, but when Yu Man looked at him with that single eye, he sensed his gaze, which was like a tiny yet especially sharp dagger violently cutting every cell of his as it attempted to dig out every secret he had.

Yu Man looked at him in such an aggressive way. From his gaze, Ji Hao also sensed a strong maliciousness, and craziness.

"My two friends!" Yu Man laughed abruptly. Before he laughed, he looked just averagely scary. But, once he widely opened his giant mouth, which was like a bloody hole, and exposed his three layers of sharp teeth, he looked unacceptably scary.

He was so ill-looking, that Ji Hao instinctively glanced at those beautiful Yu Clan nobles and strong Jia Clan warriors above the metal city. He couldn't believe that these perfect-looking non-humankind beings actually shared an origin with Yu Man, such a wild, deformed creature!

"Hehe!" Priest Dachi laughed with a gentle voice, while his pair of rings tinkled.

Priest Mu and Priest Hua glanced at each other, pondered for a short while, then flew up and landed beside Yu Man. Priest Mu remained silent with a bitter face, while Priest Hua bowed seriously to Yu Man and said, "Greetings, Yu Man, my friend."

Yu Man laughed, then carelessly waved his hand to Priest Hua and said, "Cut the crap. These courtesies are useless, meaningless. The three of us together…Hmm, which one of these three is the weakest? Let's combine our power and launch one strike to kill one of them first, then the rest will be easy to deal with."

Priest Hua and Priest Mu paused right on the spot.

Yu Man's style of handling things was completely unacceptable to them. Why would they do that?

Some people were straightforward and simple-minded, but as high-level, powerful beings like Priest Hua and Priest Mu, shouldn't they act less straightforward than the others. In other words, shouldn't they be hypocritical and conceal a part of their real purposes?

Although what Yu Man had just said was exactly what Priest Hua and Priest Mu always wanted to do, clearly, they couldn't just say it out loud, instead just do it directly! Therefore, Priest Mu and Priest Hua felt so embarrassed. They looked at Yu Yu and his two brothers while struggling, without being able to say a word.

"So, you don't understand what is the true great Dao like, neither do you know what the right Dao is!" Watching Priest Hua and Priest Mu's reactions, Yu Man scornfully shook his head and roared, "The right Dao is doing whatever you want to do."

"If you like something that belongs to some other people, just grab it. Wealth, treasures, lovers... As long as I am strong enough, everything in the universe belongs to me. So, I can attain anything I want without a doubt. As for the things I don't like, I will destroy them. I am strong enough, so I do whatever I want. I am powerful, so I do anything I like!"

"I saw these three, who were hindering my conquering of Pan Gu world. You two,are the allies I chose, who should give me your full cooperation. At all costs, we kill one of these three, then we will be at an advantage."

Yu Man looked at Priest Mu seriously and said, "Don't think, don't ponder, don't hesitate. Any kind of thinking is wrong. We follow our natures, our hearts, to kill, to destroy, to loot, to rape… and this… is the rightest Dao, the strongest Dao, the…"

"The Dao pursued by wild animals!" said Ji Hao coldly, "Without reason, without thinking, but to instinctively kill and loot and burn, this is the Dao of animals, without intelligence at all!"

"Yu Man, you're a giant wild animal! Don't you understand? Do I have to say this?" continued Ji Hao scornfully, "As an undeveloped, primeval, barbaric creature, how dare you even talk about the 'right Dao'?"

"Bullsh*t! Unbearable!" Ji Hao pointed at Yu Man and cursed.

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