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The giant hand violently crushed the space. Ji Hao exclaimed out loud while the Pan Gu bell released streams of Chaos power to shield his entire body. The golden bridge buzzed shrilly and transformed into a tens of thousands of miles long golden streak of light, forcibly creating a path that brought Ji Hao away from this crushed area of space.

From the crushed space, a silhouette flashed out. It was Priest Hua, wrapped in smoke and fire sparkles, injured badly. While vomiting blood, he popped out from the space beside Ji Hao.

Ji Hao was standing on the golden streak of light transformed from the golden bridge, while priest Hua showed up beside the golden bridge, less than thirty meters away from Ji Hao.

Staring at each other, both of them paused briefly. In the next moment, Ji Hao burst into a thunderous growl while raising streams of Chaos power with both arms. The Chaos power streams wove into a hundred-miles wide giant hand and descended on Priest Hua's head. The power of a half of Pan Heng world was sent into the pair of giant palms, creating a heavy pressure which even frightened Priest Hua.

Back in his best state, Priest Hua could ignore Ji Hao's offensive. But at this time, Priest Hua had already been injured by Priest Qingwei and Yu Yu. His countless spirit warriors generated from his great Dao of evolvement were destroyed by Yu Yu with one single move, and at the moment, Priest Hua was in his weakest state, with no power to fight Ji Hao.

Sighing in anger, Priest Hua flashed across the air, transformed into a gust of wind which emitted a refreshing aroma, and fled.

Ji Hao's pair of enormous hand slapped in the air, quaked the space, and crushed tens of Chaos tide waves.

"Priest Hua, you're a master and an elder. How can you flee with a sky devil magic? Aren't you ashamed?" Yelled Ji Hao while his eye corners twitched in rage. Priest Hua had actually escaped through a sky devil magic, and Ji Hao didn't even know what to say about this behavior of his.

A distance away, Yu Yu walked out of the crushed space, seeming to be startled, but remained perfectly unharmed.

Priest Mu took a deep breath. In the following moment, he teleported himself to tens of thousands of miles away. As a nicely scented gust of wind blew across, as Priest Hua showed up beside Priest Mu. Covered by Priest Mu, Priest Hua hurriedly took out a jade bottle and poured eighteen thumb-sized golden pills into his mouth. Hearing Ji Hao, he made no reaction at all, as if he heard nothing.

Priest Dachi, Priest Qingwei and Priest Yu Yu turned away from Priest Mu and Priest Hua, who were injured quite badly, then looked seriously at the enormous metal city far away.

"My friend, where are you from? What are you here for?" Priest Dachi put away the purple jade cudgel, then slowly took out a wooden cudgel from his sleeve, which was not eye-catching at all. Next, he took out a vividly green Japanese banana leaf, and put it in his neckband.

Priest Dachi seemed to worry that the wooden cudgel and the leaf might not be able to deal with the unknown powerful enemy. Therefore, he took out a pair of beautifully glowing gemstone rings and wore them on his left fingers. Following the movements of his fingers, the pair of rings released two streams of mist, one turbid and one clear, coiling on Priest Dachi's palm and condensing into a hazy diagram of Taiji.

On the giant metal city, a large number of Yu Clan nobles and Jia Clan warriors in luxurious armors flew up, silently floating in the air. A deep laughter could be heard from the city, cold and hoarse, sounding like muffled thunder in a summer night as it slowly swept across the sky. The color of the Chaos suddenly changed. Within Ji Hao's line of sight, everything became evilly black.

Black Chaos, black tide waves, black, disordered energy clashed against each other and generated dark light and thunderbolts, while a giant blackhole quietly emerged. The surrounding space turned quiet, but the dark cold laughter which wasn't pleasant to hear lingered in the Chaos and echoed through Ji Hao's spiritual space.

Gradually, this cold laugher turned louder and louder, stronger and stronger, tearing Ji Hao's body and soul like a thousand rotten, dull knives and blades. It even dazzled his eyes and made him indescribably uncomfortable.

"Devil, how dare you?" Priest Qingwei frowned and abruptly launched a strike at the Chaos with the dragon and tiger Ruyi in his hands.

A rumbling thunder erupted all of a sudden, clearing away the noisy laughter in Ji Hao's head. Ji Hao took a deep breath and hurriedly incanted a spell which could clear his mind and restrain the inner world, calming himself down with a secret magic.

The Pan Gu bell floated above Ji Hao's head and rang brightly, shielding his embryo of Dao together with the spell.

"Devils?" From the core of the metal city, an extremely ferocious, hoarse voice shouted, "To me, you're the devils!"

Along with the voice, another millions of miles long giant arm with thick dark hair reached out of the metal city. The two arms grabbed the wall of the metal city and squeezed the city wall with a tremendous force, making the bronze wall creak.

Slowly, a giant figure straightened its upper body. Even from millions of miles away, everyone clearly saw the thick black hair on the wild face of this creature, and the enormous single eye on his forehead, which was filled with the sense of violence and destruction, as if he were right in front of everyone's eyes.

This creature had such a wild look, like a chimpanzee with physical disabilities. He was like a wild animal with its head smashed by a giant rock tens of times in a row, ending up completely out of shape, extremely ugly looking, yet who suddenly became an intelligent creature.

Wild, rude, violent, hideous… No light of wisdom could be discovered from his twisted face, and there was only the obvious wildness and desire of destruction. Two long lines of saliva hung on his mouth corners, making him look like a fierce hydrophobic dog.

The single eye between his eyebrows was glowing red, because of the swollen blood streaks in his eyes.

"I am Yu Man." His pair of arms trembled slightly and supported his body, allowing him to stand up with difficulty.

It seemed that he hadn't moved his body for long, because he stood up very slowly and strenuously. From the long distance, Ji Hao heard the creaking noise from his bone joints.

"Every world has its own Dao. The controller of the Dao of every world believes that his or her Dao is the true great Dao. Those who believe that they are 'saints' all see the others as devils."

Yu Man was such a scary-looking creature, but what he said sounded reasonable.

"I have conquered and destroyed countless worlds. I thought the Dao controllers from the worlds I destroyed were devils, but they saw me as a devil too. But, what about the results? The winner's Dao is always the true great Dao, while the losers end up as failed devils."

"I am stronger than you, so you are devils."

"This is the absolutely right Dao I learned from my long life!"

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