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The nine suns shone high up in the air, and a continent laid quietly below the suns. Between the suns and the continent, stars were orbiting in the vast void, glowing faintly. They were not bright enough to dim the suns, but gave the world inside Ji Hao's body a mysterious beauty.

In the middle of this inner world of Ji Hao, the nine suns composed the pure sun great formation, while the stars orbited in the same way as the natural stars in Pan Gu world since the beginning of the world, composing an immature yet magnificent great formation of natural stars.

The origin of Pan Heng world wasn't strong enough. Therefore, the natural stars in Pan Heng world were less than half of the natural stars in Pan Gu world.But, as the stars orbited in the great formation of natural stars, pure and strong starlight poured down from the sky onto the continent like waterfalls, nourishing the earth.

Except for the lack of living beings, this inner void of Ji Hao now already looked like an independent small world. The Pan Gu bell buzzed gently, louder than Priest Mu's raging roars.

Hearing the buzz of the bell, Ji Hao suddenly understood the true purpose of the Pan Gu world…no, it was the true purpose of Saint Pan Gu, who created the supreme Dao of Pan Gu world — Creating a vast void with one's own body, containing the pan Gu world inside the strong body, and using the Pan Gu body as a strong flying ship, freely traveling in the Chaos.

"The cultivation system of Senior Magi…the Dao of Supreme Magi who draw natural stars into their bodies…even the Dao of Priest Mu and Priest Hua, who created independent quite worlds…are no more than hazy shadows of the supreme Dao of Saint Pan Gu, generated from parts of great Dao of Saint Pan Gu."

The bell rang while Ji Hao's embryo of Dao glowed with a mysterious dim light. His mind was clear as water. Within a moment, he figured out many questions which used to puzzle him.

He, Ji Hao, had been walking on the most correct path which led to the great Dao of Pan Gu, the truest, purest, most original, most powerful, and most incredible Dao of Pan Gu. At the moment, the half of Pan Heng world which was torn and forcibly drawn into his body, had become the foundation of Ji Hao's great Dao of Pan Gu.

Yes, in this very moment, Ji Hao formally started the cultivation of the great Dao of Pan Gu, laying a foundation of his own great Dao. As for the others, including Priest Yu Yu, Priest Qingwei, even Priest Dachi, they might have unbelievable achievements in their cultivation of Dao already, but still, they hadn't reached the true great Dao of Pan Gu.

A seven-colored light poured down and landed on the Pan Gu bell in a formidable way like a great river. Priest Mu was blushing as he roared in rage, crazily wielding the colorful branch while marching to Ji Hao. The Pan Gu bell swayed intensely. Under Priest Mu's full strike, even the Pan Gu bell seemed to fail.

Ji Hao opened his eyes and glanced at the bell.

It wasn't because the Pan Gu bell wasn't strong enough, but because Ji Hao was too weak in comparison to Priest Mu. The colorful branch in Priest Mu's hand was also a supreme great Dao, and greatly powerful. Based on equally powerful treasures, the power difference between the treasure holders could largely affect the result of a battle. Apparently, Priest Mu was in a great advantage.

Priest Mu controlled the colorful branch with all his powers, while the Pan Gu bell defended Ji Hao on its own with difficulty. The bell seemed about to fail at any moment. Ji Hao took a deep breath. Under his will, in the half Pan Heng world inside his body, the continent, the stars, and the nine suns glowed simultaneously. Ji Hao felt that his body was filled up — He felt like a man who could eat three bowls of rice for a meal, but had just forced whole three potfuls of rice into his stomach, totally stuffed.

The Pan Gu bell ran an accurate calculation. Half a Pan Heng world met the limitation of Ji Hao's current body condition, such that with one more grain of dust, Ji Hao's body would break; half a Pan Heng world was so appropriate, so fit.

"Priest Mu!" Looking at Priest Mu who acted so aggressively, Ji Hao smiled and asked, "Are you crazy?"

While teasing Priest Mu, Ji Hao had been sending his power into the Pan Gu bell and quickly adapting to the power inside his body.

Priest Mu gritted his teeth without saying a word. Was he crazy? Ji Hao had just taken half a Pan Heng world!

Priest Mu had already been seeing Pan Heng world as his own property, but Ji Hao took a half of It!

If Ji Hao took a half of the world with his own power, Priest Mu could take this fact in a better way. But, he didn't. Ji Hao forcibly sealed the half Pan Heng world inside his body purely by depending on the power of the Pan Gu bell. He locked up the great Dao of this world with the bell, then forcibly occupied a half of this world, which already belonged to Priest Mu.

A Pan Gu bell, half Pan Heng world, and Priest Mu's results of great Dao of quietus which he had spent countless years of severe cultivation on…All of these were serious enough for Priest Mu to put up a desperate fight against Ji Hao without a pain spared, even by risking his own life!

The colorful light poured down on Ji Hao overwhelmingly like a hurricane, a tsunami. The Pan Gu bell shone in the light while Priest Mu cast a spell and generated a series of linden thunderbolts, floating in the light. Once the Pan Gu bell was forced to move slightly, all linden thunder bombs would immediately swish to Ji Hao and go off, tearing him into a billion bits, crushing his bones and souls.

Glancing at Priest Mu who seemed to have lost his mind, Ji Hao gave a resonant shout, then let out the golden bridge from between his eyebrows. A clear light flashed across the air while Ji Hao disappeared with the Pan Gu bell. In the following moment, he showed up beside Shadow Crown and Evil Crown, who were sent flying away by Priest Mu, and had still ben vomiting blood.

Laughing out loud, Ji Hao didn't pull out his sword, but gave Shadow Crown a palm attack.


Witnessing Ji Hao's palm strike, even Priest Mu and Priest Hua had their expressions changed.

Ji Hao's palm suddenly grew tens of thousands of miles wide, turned colorless and translucent, with countless splendidly shining stars orbiting in it. Inside his tremendous palm, a continent had been spun swiftly, while a sun shone dazzlingly in the top of every finger, with four suns flaring in the middle of his palm.

As Ji Hao pressed his palm down, Shadow Crown felt that a world fell from the sky.

Priest Mu was suddenly lost in his memories. Long, long ago, back in his 'childhood', he had witnessed a similar palm strike. The powerful being who created Pan Gu world also pressed his palm down like this when facing millions and millions of ferocious Chaos monsters.

With a palm strike, he crushed countless Chaos monsters with the power of a world, with the suns, the moons, and the stars. Not even the souls of those Chaos monsters managed to survive.

Along with a shrill howl, Shadow Crown was crushed by Ji Hao's palm like those Chaos monsters who died under Saint Pan Gu's palm back then. Ji Hao now shared the same origin with Saint Pan Gu. His palm strike was millions of times weaker than the one made by Saint Pan Gu, but it did crush Shadow Crown.

The golden bridge flashed again. Laughing wildly, Ji Hao disappeared without a trace after killing Shadow Crown.

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