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"Help!" Priest Hua fell to the ground and created a giant dent on the ground. The destructive black fire spread out at lightning speed, reaching those leaders and elders from large human clans and families, who were expelled by Ji Hao, within a blink of an eye.

Ji Hao's eye corners twitched intensely.

Should he save them? Should he not?

Before Ji Hao figured it out, a streak of cyan flame swished down from the sky and hit violently on his body. The Pan Gu bell rang, echoing through the sky as it released countless Chaos power streams to shield Ji Hao and Yi Di. The cyan flame exploded and sent them tens of thousands of miles away.

The dark fire swept across the earth and flattened every mountain it touched, erasing all living beings from the earth. Those people who were expelled by Ji Hao screamed in fear as they activated all of the powerful life-saving treasures they had. However, none of those treasures managed to protect them from the black fire.

The treasures were crushed instantly. Hundreds of leaders and elders, who used to be at high positions among human beings, quivered, then their bodies disintegrated into the finest grains, dissipating in the air.

Not even Priest Mu managed to save these people. Blood Crown roared thunderously. His body was entirely black, and his erect eye had been releasing sharp black lights. He had completely lost his mind as he dove down from the sky like a monster, reaching to Priest Mu within a fraction of a second.

Priest Mu wielded his colorful branch. Blood Crown defended himself with one hand while scratching on Priest Mu's chest with his other hand eighteen times, which was crooked like an eagle claw, at lightning speed.

Following a muffled bang, the branch crushed an arm and a shoulder of Blood Crown. From his wounds, his black blood poured down to the ground. Falling on the ground, every drop of the black blood could drain the life-force of an area ten-thousand miles in radius. Within this area, all plants would turn into ashes, while all of the tree giants and green spirits would become black dust in despair.

Priest Mu's chest shone with a green light because of the 'sacred linden body' he cast; the green light protected him like a strong armor.

Following a series of cracking noise, the green light was torn open by Blood Crown's claw, and with the rest seventeen moves, Blood Crown's claw sank deeply into Priest Mu's chest.

Priest Mu's face twitched slightly. His chest was mutilated, and his blood surged out of the wounds.

Unlike Blood Crown's black blood, as Priest Mu's blood fell to the ground, a thriving life-force suddenly erupted from the area affected by his blood. Countless plants drilled out from the earth as they emitted a refreshing aroma to neutralize the scorching power released from the black blood, cleaning out the destructive force contained in it.

"Die!" Blood Crown had completely lost his wits. As he growled deeply, his arm, which was crushed by Priest Mu's colorful branch, immediately grew back. He held Priest Mu with both arms, then widely opened his mouth and attempted to bite his head.

Priest Mu roared in rage. He nimbly freed himself from Blood Crown's embracement, then pointed his finger at him. Following his moves, a flying sword swished out of his sleeve, dazzling with a beam of cold light. That was a pre-world spirit treasure collected by Pan Heng. The frosty sword light transformed into a pink rain of light and struck on Blood Crown's body.

Blood Crown was nearly shredded by the fierce light rain. Over seventy percent of his skin and muscles were sliced off, and his dark bones were exposed. However, he felt no pain. While howling, he gripped the flying sword which descended from the sky, then put forth his strength and snapped it into two.


The damaged flying sword transformed into two streams of pink mist, slowly drifting back into Priest Mu's sleeve. Priest Mu's expression changed suddenly as he stared at Blood Crown and asked, "Blood Crown, are you possessed by the devil?"

Any danger could happen in the Chaos, which had unimaginable creatures like the sky devils hiding in it. When Priest Mu injure Blood Crown and sent him to the Chaos, nothing was wrong with him except for the injury.

However, when he returned, he had lost his mind completely, and his power had soared. By now, he could even snap pre-world spirit treasures with his bare hands. He had changed in a scary way. It was as if a devil was hiding inside him, controlling his body to fight. Besides, Priest Mu clearly sensed that Blood Crown's spirit blood and soul had been burning speedily. Based on the current burning rate of his soul and spirit blood, in two days at most, his spirit blood would be consumed up and his soul would be gone.

"Die!" Blood Crown burst into a growl. His arms squirmed, suddenly extending for tens of times like a pair of dark tentacles covered in mucus. Along with a series of swishing noise, another six long tentacles grew out of his shoulders. The eight tentacles lunged simultaneously towards Priest Mu's chest, swishing shrilly.

"Ignorant beasts, I won't waste my time on you." With dazzling eyes, Priest Mu snorted coldly and turned around to walk right away. He flashed across the air once and disappeared without a trace.

He believed that Blood Crown would certainly die in two days, so why should he risk his life in fighting against Blood Crown? Blood Crown's power had indeed soared, but still, he couldn't do true harm to Priest Mu. At the very most, Blood Crown could cause Priest Mu some slight injuries with his current power.

In this case, Priest Mu decided to let him die of exhaustion.

Priest Mu followed the great Dao of quietus, and was nearly emotionless. Facing Blood Crown's challenge, he chose the simplest and easiest way to deal with the situation. Rather than putting up a desperate fight against Blood Crown, he should better go save his disciples.

Just now, the hundreds of leaders and elders from large human clans of families, who were under his guidance, were erased from the universe. Watching those people die, Priest Mu's heart truly ached…

Including Giant Kui, his eight-hundred new disciples who were also the guards of Pan Heng world, were still in the golden city down below, with countless tree giants and green spirits, who had also followed his guidance. Priest Mu transformed into a stream of green light, diving down from the sky. As he wielded his arms, countless disciples of his were swirled into his broad sleeves.

"Kill!" Blood Crown failed to locate Priest Mu, who disappeared into the sky. But from a distance away, a bright shout could abruptly be heard. Following the shout, Priest Hua rose into the sky with a burning rage, his eyes sparkling with a seven-colored light. He approached Blood Crown at lightning speed.

Earlier, Priest Hua was pressed to the ground by the natural star from the Chaos. He wasn't harmed, but his robe was torn and his face covered in dirt. Besides, he was trying to stop the star, but as a result, he ended up being smashed to the ground by the star…

Priest Hua didn't have Priest Mu's stable mental state. He felt humiliated. Flying to Blood Crown, he lunged a longsword towards Blood Crown's heart.

Dark spell symbols poured down from Blood Crown's eyeballs like waterfalls. He had lost his wits, but the fighting instinct which had been controlling his body clearly told him that he couldn't win against Priest Hua or Priest Mu.

As he couldn't win, Blood Crown suddenly spread his eight long tentacles and wrapped Priest Hua up.

A dazzling light flashed across the sky, then a dark light sphere emerged in the sky, a hundred times greater than the suns in Pan Heng world. Blood Crown released all his spirit blood and soul power instantly, detonating the drop of black blood inside his body.

The horrifying explosion quaked the earth and the sky. Ji Hao drove the golden bridge at his highest speed and fled desperately with Yi Di.

Bang! In the middle of the black light sphere, Priest Hua's limbs were blown up.

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