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One day, in only one day, a large half of Blood Crown's city had fallen. The Pan Heng world army had already occupied a big part of the city, leaving only the ten-thousand-miles-squared, central area under the control of the non-humankind.

The subordinates under Blood Crown's direct command, including the chief officer who was in the highest position, had all put on armors, led the troops of Blood Crown, and joined the battle. But, everyone that rushed out of the great hall was dead.

The chief officer was slightly weaker than Blood Crown. The moment he rushed out of the hall in a destructive weapon, a seven-colored light descended from the sky and brushed across his body, instantly turning the hundreds of meters tall destructive weapon and him into ashes, without leaving even a trace of his soul.

"Master, where are you?" In the hall, all non-humankind nobles watched the death of the officer with a soul-deep fear. What kind of power could kill such a powerful being instantly?

The smarter one even thought of Blood Crown. Since this destructive force ended the life of the officer so quickly, what happened to Blood Crown, who was only slightly stronger?

The enemies had marched to the city center, but Blood Crown still didn't show up. Did the enemy kill him already?

But, how could it be possible? Blood Crown was one of the one-hundred and eight holy beings from the Holy Realm, one of the most powerful beings in Pan Yu world, and the conquerors of thousands of worlds. He had killed countless powerful beings from much greater worlds, so how could he ever fall in such a small world with a single nature of green?

The roars of countless tree giants quaked the sky. Enlightened by Priest Mu and Priest Hua forcibly, Giant Kui and the other world guards had already transformed into their human shapes and learned some simple magic. As they flicked their arms, countless green thunderbolts roared down and striking on the great hall, vibrating it ceaselessly.

Suddenly, a defensive screen was violently broken, and thousands of green thunderbolts landed on the hall.

The great hall, which looked so magnificent and had been emitting a dazzling golden light, was shaken. Exquisite embossments fell from the hall and hit some guards nearby, turning the perfectly ordered array around the hall into a mess.

Ji Hao stood on the mountain as he calmly watched the city fall into a hopeless situation.

If Blood Crown still did not show up and let Priest Mu and Priest Hua do whatever they want, all tree giants and green spirits on the scene would become Priest Mu and Priest Hua' disciples, and all non-humankind beings in the city would be gone.

No one could survive the power of quietus from Priest Mu, not even a trace of one's soul.

Non-humankind nobles shrieked hysterically, darting around in the great hall in a panic. This was a well-planned conquering, but how on earth did it end up like this?

According to those poor lowly families who had invaded Pan Gu world, Pan Gu world had immeasurable resources, but was incredibly weak, wasn't that right? Didn't all the world owners from the group of great worlds around Pan Gu world die? Those poor people said that no one powerful enough could be found from all these worlds. Weren't they telling the truth?

Didn't they conquer Pan Gu world so smoothly and easily? Didn't they kill all local creatures in Pan Gu world with no effort, then take possession of Pan Gu world and all owner-less worlds around it?

But, how on earth could all this happen? The creatures from Pan Heng world, the small world chosen by them as a bridgehead, had actually broken the unbreakable golden city and marched to the great sacred hall. How could this happen?

"Nightmare, we must be having a nightmare!" Said a Xiu Clan master while wielding his arms and darting around in the hall. He wasn't a fighter, and was freaking out since long ago. "Everyone, everyone, don't panic, don't panic. We're just having a nightmare. Haha, this can't be real! How can supreme Blood Crown ever lose? Haha, how can we ever die in this barbaric place?"

From the top of a mountain less than a hundred miles away from Ji Hao, those leaders and elders from large human families and clans, who were expelled by Ji Hao, suddenly showed up, surrounded by countless green spirits. They proudly glanced at Ji Hao, then kowtowed in the air, passionately calling the names of Priest Hua and Priest Mu and eulogizing them with the most beautiful language they knew.

Hearing them, Ji Hao wanted to even laugh. According to these people, Priest Hua and Priest Mu were the saviors of Pan Gu world, that without them, Pan Gu world would definitely fall into a dark, hopeless situation!

"Savior?" Shaking his head, Ji Hao said, "If they're the saviors, back then when non-humankind invaded Pan Gu world, they should have fought the invaders with all their powers…But they didn't. On the contrary, they seized the opportunity, made use of the invaders, and overturned the ancient heaven!"

Ji Hao didn't know what exactly happened back then, but based on all he had found out during these years, and the powers showed by Priest Mu and Priest Hua, Ji Hao deduced this.

He even suspected that if those poor Yu Clan families who lived a vagrant life in the Chaos were truly able to arrive in Pan Gu world or not! Those poor Yu Clan nobles were kicked out of Pan Yu world, to hopelessly explore the Chaos. But, how did they manage to invade Pan Gu world so easily? Did someone show them the way to Pan Gu world on purpose?

"Savior?" Hehe, they only want your faith power." Ji Hao looked at these crazy large family people coldly.

All of a sudden, the sky of Pan Heng world split up, and a light-cyan sun exploded. Cyan-colored fire streams descended from the sky. Countless cyan fireballs hit on the ground, causing thunderous noises.

The smallest cyan fireball was over a thousand miles in diameter. With a great heat, the cyan fireballs landed heavily on the ground, turning everything it touched into ashes. The thriving forests was burned. Countless tree giants and green spirits were gone, and mountains were flattened.

Priest Mu and Priest Hua had already been seeing Pan Heng world as their own property. The falling of a sun caused extremely severe damages to Pan Heng world. Watching the sun falling, they stood up and grinned in anger, looking at the enormous figure darting in through the crack in the sky.

That was Blood Crown. His body had turned purely black, wrapped in dark smoke. From his erect eye, beams of black light had been releasing. He roared rumblingly while diving down from the sky.

He brought a hundred-thousand-miles diameter natural star composed with pure divine metal from the Chaos. Carrying the star with both arms, he threw it to the earth.

Priest Hua flashed across the air and raised his arms underneath the star, attempting to hold it back.

The tremendous star struck down and landed on the earth of Pan Heng world along with Priest Hua. With an earth-shaking boom, a giant dent appeared on the ground, with a diameter of over a hundred-million-miles. Dark flame rose wave after wave, rolling up from the edge of the huge dent and spreading with an unstoppable power, which seemed to destroy the whole world.

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