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Sending away the ones who were human leaders but followed the guidance of Priest Hua and Priest Mu, Ji Hao stood on top of a mountain and gazed at this world for a very long while.

He wasn't heavy-hearted, because he understood those leaders and elders. They had high positions and great wealth, which they never wanted to lose. Almost everyone from the upper class was like them. Those kinds of people had a shared goal, and no one was better than the other. Priest Mu and Priest Hua tempted them with immortal lives; how many people in Pan Gu world could ever say no to that?

Ji Hao didn't expel them because they were disciples of Priest Hua and Priest Mu. Wasn't Ji Hao a disciple of Yu Yu? Didn't he grow an embryo of Dao? With the embryo of Dao, he was now immortal.

Ji Hao sent them away simply because they hindered Ji Hao and Si Wen Ming, and also disgusted him. For this simple reason, Ji Hao expelled them from the troop in Pan Heng world, and the humankind in Pan Gu world.

If Priest Mu and Priest Hua weren't here, Ji Hao even wanted to leave these people in this world forever. This world was filled with thriving giant trees, which could certainly use some more nourishment.

"Ji Hao, what are we doing here?" Yi Di leaped down from the back of a giant eagle and curiously looked in the direction Ji Hao gazed at. In a far distance away, the magnificent golden city stood on the ground. Green thunderbolts had been landing on the city one after another, while the wind brought the raging roars of countless tree giants to Yi Di's ears.

"Wait, for a result!" Ji Hao said calmly, "I need to watch Blood Crown be killed, and his city be taken away, so I can stop worrying. Once he dies, we will return to Pan Gu world…to flatten Liang Zhu City."

A tremor went through Yi Di's body. Flatten Liang Zhu City? Did Ji Hao mean wiping out all the remaining forces of the non-humankind in Pan Gu world? With the current power of the humankind, without the threat from the non-humankind, human beings would become the true owners of Pan Gu Motherland, wouldn't they?

Dragons lived in oceans, while phoenixes dwelled in volcanos, and the entire motherland would become the ranches and the homelands of human beings.

"We will live a good life, won't we? With no wars?" Yi Di murmured to himself, "But, what about the art of archery we've been spending all the effort on? If we don't need to fight the Yu Dynasty anymore, what would we use our art of archery for?" Yi Di seemed to lost in his thoughts.

"What are you thinking? Will the world truly be at peace after we have destroyed Yu Dynasty?" Ji Hao curved his lip corners downwards and said carelessly, "When can the world be in peace? Hehe."

"Of course, the world will be in peace without the Yu Dynasty. Conflicts do exist between clans, but the human emperor will mediate those!" Yi Di looked at Ji Hao in confusion and said, "For so many years, hasn't it always been like that?"

Ji Hao remained silent, but grabbed Yi Di's shoulder, activated the golden bridge, and directly teleported him to near the city of Blood Crown. Standing on a towering mountain, they looked at countless tree giants roaring hoarsely while marching to the golden city.

Yi Di couldn't see what Ji Hao had been seeing clearly with his eye of Dao. Ji Hao saw Priest Hua and Priest Mu sitting side by side high up in the air, with countless different sized lotuses drifting out of their mouths and falling on those tree giants and green spirits.

From time to time, some tree giants and green spirits would burst into roars towards the sky, then uncontrollably kowtow. Afterward, their powers would soar, and when they rejoined the battle, the number of lives of non-humankind beings they harvested would rise sharply by a few times.

Ji Hao also clearly saw Priest Hua and Priest Mu pointing down their fingers from time to time, easily breaking the powerful defensive seals in Blood Crown's city. The formidable army of Pan Heng world creatures broke the lines of defenses one after another, crushing more and more non-humankind troops as it pushed the battlefront forward for thousands of miles.

This was cheating. Priest Hua and Priest Mu had been secretly helping the Pan Heng world army. Without Blood Crown coming out to face the enemies himself, how could those non-humankind nobles under his command ever stop the Pan Heng army?

More lines of defense were broken, as countless non-humankind beings threw away their armors and escaped desperately. The splendid golden city was already halfway occupied by green figures.

Ji Hao slightly shook his head. What happened to Blood Crown? If he did not make a move, his subordinates would all die.

In the Chaos, tens of Chaos tide waves bumped violently against each other. A strong destructive power tore open a black hole in the air. From the black hole, Blood Crown, with a large hole in his chest and barely maintaining his shape, was thrown out.

Having suffered a strike from Priest Mu, he was injured badly. A faint layer of golden light glistened on his body, shielding him through the disordered Chaos tide waves as he held his last thread of life-force together.


With a thunderous noise, a dark-green, mottled giant city, which was many times greater than Blood Crown's golden city, thickly covered in breaches and scratches, broke the space in the Chaos and appeared right in front of Blood Crown's face.

Two men with golden clothes walked out of the city in large steps, coming to Blood Crown with scornful smiles. Judging by the senses of power released from their bodies, these two men weren't weaker than Blood Crown.

"This is how the man who didn't want to share profits with the others ended." Glancing at Blood Crown, they sneered together.

One of them pressed a hand on Blood Crown's head and incanted a secret spell to suppress his soul, to not give him a chance to wake up. The other man took out a human-head sized black crystal ball and carefully put it near Blood Crown's mouth.

As he flicked his finger, the crystal ball split up and let out a black drop of blood, which emitted an endless desire of killing. The blood dripped slowly out of the crystal ball and flowed quickly into Blood Crown's mouth. Blood Crown quivered immediately, then dark and thick veins bulged under his skins.


Blood Crown laughed with a weirdly twisted voice. If one listened carefully, one might find that the voice wasn't coming out of his mouth, but from every cell of his body.

The two men hurriedly grabbed Blood Crown and aimed at one direction, then threw him back to Pan Heng world.

Blood Crown's gigantic body transformed into a blood-red streak of light as it flashed across the space and disappeared from the Chaos.

"A drop of spirit blood from Ancestor Saint is enough for him to make a show." The two men in gold clothes sneered simultaneously.

"Ah, so expecting. How much will his power be improved? A hundred times? A thousand times? Or ten-thousand times?"

"No matter how much he can improve, as the expense, his souls and spirit blood will be burned. In three days tops, he will die and his soul will perish!"

"Three days, enough for us to find out exactly how powerful was the one who injured him."

"Let's wait and see, until we know exactly how powerful Pan Gu world is. That world and the group of great worlds surrounding it, so promising!"

They sighed, then turned around together and looked at the dark-golden, mottled city in awe and veneration.

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