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"My friend Yu Yu is so lucky." This short sentence included everything Priest Mu wanted to say.

Looking at Ji Hao, Priest Mu pondered with the bitter look on his face.

Same as what happened today, a conflict started between Po and Priest Mu, leading to a fight. Priest Mu was infuriated, so he launched a palm move with all his power. He believed that the palm move could easily kill Po.

However, Po was incredibly powerful. As Yu Yu's oldest disciple, Po took a strike from Priest Mu, and was injured to the point of vomiting blood. But, the result of his palm move was far away from what Priest Mu expected, as he wanted to crush Po's body and destroy his soul.

How could a disciple take a full strike from Priest Mu and survive?

This fact strongly stimulated Priest Hua and Priest. For this exact reason, they started to recruit disciples from all over the world by all kinds of means.

Today, Yu Yu's younger disciple Ji Hao, who started his cultivation less than a century ago, took a full strike from Priest Hua with the help of supreme treasures. Indeed, Priest Hua was weaker than Priest Mu, but wasn't Ji Hao weaker than Po too?

Po took a full strike from Priest Mu with his actual power and cultivation. Stimulated by this fact, Priest Hua and Priest Mu began absorbing talented disciples from all over the world, in order to catch up with Yu Yu's sect. But today, Ji Hao took a full strike from Priest Hua with the help of a supreme treasure…It was easy to find talented disciples, but where could Priest Hua and Priest Mu find supreme treasures like the Pan Gu bell?

"Brother!" Priest Hua called Priest Mu coldly. Above his head, a dense cloud had been spinning slowly. From the cloud, beams of golden light poured down, spreading on the ground and transforming into blooming golden lotuses.

The intent of killing grew stronger in Priest Hua's heart. Under Yu Yu's guidance, Priest Po had already overshadowed all disciples under the guidance of Priest Hua and Priest Mu. But now, Ji Hao had become another threatening disciple of Yu Yu. Ji Hao hadn't started his cultivation for long, neither was he as powerful as Priest Po. But, judging by Ji Hao's performance today, no one under Priest Hua or Priest Mu's guidance would be able to rival Ji Hao.

Ji Hao was such a powerful and promising disciple. But sadly, he didn't belong to the sect led by Priest Hua and Priest Mu. Priest Hua and Pries Mu decided to seize the opportunity and kill Ji Hao, as they were in Pan Heng world with no other people around.

Even though Ji Hao was under the protection of the Pan Gu bell, by putting down all their pride and dignity, by combining their powers, couldn't Priest Hua and Priest Mu break the Pan Gu bell and crush Ji Hao's soul?

If Ji Hao were killed by Priest Hua and Priest Mu, the natural fortune of Priest Dachi, Priest Qingweim and Priest Yu Yu would certainly be decreased largely. Apart from this, Priest Hua and Priest Mu could also seize the Pan Gu bell and the Pan Gu sword. With the bell, Ji Hao was strong enough to take a full strike from Priest Hua. Similarly, if the bell belonged to Priest Mu and Priest Hua, it would certainly become a greatly powerful treasure in boosting the fortune of their sect.

Deciding to kill two birds with one stone, Priest Hua resolutely and determinedly decided to do this.

Priest Mu pondered for quite a while. The colorful branch in his hands slightly quaked, while a sense of quietus spread from his body. Silently, this sealed area collapsed, and the corpse body of Pan Heng gradually turned into ashes, drifting away.

All of a sudden, a splendid light rose into the sky. Within the light, over a thousand pre-world spirit treasures and supreme treasures screamed shrilly while flying into the sky. Pausing briefly, all treasures transformed into streaks of light and attempted to escape.

Ji Hao, Priest Mu, and Priest Hua didn't see this coming. They hurriedly fixed their eyes on these treasures, then their souls were shocked. Instinctively, they all released their powers to forcibly occupy these treasures, which attempted to run.

Back then, Pan Heng joined the great war between Pan Gu and hundreds of millions of Chaos monsters. In the end, Pan Heng managed to drag the Pan Gu axe back to Pan Heng world with a badly injured body. As a greedy creature, she surely wouldn't let go of the treasures belonging to the other Chaos monsters who were killed by Pan Gu.

Over a thousand pre-world spirit treasures and supreme treasures, those were Pan Heng's harvest from the battleground.

No one knew how she suppressed the powers of so many powerful treasures with an injured body for so many years. Perhaps, because she burned too much energy and spirit power in suppressing all these treasures, she ended up being sealed by Green Ginseng and his friends all these years.

Whatever the truth was, the moment these spirit treasures and supreme treasures, which had all been releasing strong power waves, appeared, Priest Hua's strong intent of killing was gone, and so was Priest Mu's rage. Ji Hao's calmness was broken as well. The three of them immediately made their moves with all their powers, without paying more attention to the tense atmosphere between them.

Priest Mu slapped on his head and released dazzling light streams. Fifty-two strangely shaped 'spirit warriors' of his roared thunderously and reached out their giant hands, cracking the space as they grabbed towards the treasures in the sky.

Priest Hua flashed across the air and created three-thousand weird-looking spirit warriors, sending them into the sky along with a beautiful melody. They weren't as powerful as Priest Mu's fifty-two spirit warriors, but they moved swiftly and nimbly. Within a few seconds, they had grasped over a hundred treasures.

Ji Hao also let his power erupt. With his one-hundred and eighty thousand miles tall Pan Gu body, he raised an arm and slapped one-thousand and eight-hundred spirit warriors of Priest Hua flying away, then moved a leg and swept away eighteen of Priest Mu 's spirit warriors before they could even react.

Ji Hao then reached out his pair of enormous hands and clenched his fingers towards the air, crushing countless layers of seals cast in the space by Priest Mu and Priest Hua. He grasped over five-hundred treasures from the air and threw them into the Pan Gu bell.

Priest Hua and Priest Mu exclaimed out loud. They witnessed Saint Pan Gu create the Pan Gu world, how could they not recognize the Pan Gu body?

It was just, just, just…

While forcibly restraining the shock in their heads and continuing to grasp the treasures from the sky, they gritted their teeth and roared in their heads. Ji Hao, a kid who didn't finish his first century of cultivation, had actually grown such a strong Pan Gu body. How could he even deserve it?

The overwhelming power and the great pressure given by Ji Hao's Pan Gu body even suffocated Priest Mu and Priest Hua.

Facing the tremendous Pan Gu body, they helplessly realized that no one among their disciples could take even one strike from Ji Hao anymore, not to mention that terrifying long sword held in his hand, which could even injure Priest Hua so easily.

"The cultivation method with nine turns! It must be the cultivation method with nine turns that Priest Dachi, Priest Qignwei, and Priest Yu Yu created together!" Seizing about ten swiftly darting treasures, Priest Hua growled through gritted teeth, "The pool of Chaos spirit milk, Ji Hao, did you absorb it all? No wonder you managed to bring your Pan Gu body to such a high level!"

Hearing the words 'Chaos spirit milk, Priest Mu's face twisted intensively. He gave Ji Hao a complicated glance. Silently, he was determined to create another cultivation method to rival the cultivation method with nine turns, and to raise an elite from his disciples, who could compete with Ji Hao on the cultivation of Pan Gu body.

Otherwise, how could his sect ever expand and grow stronger?

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