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The moment Ji Hao broke the limitation of thirty-hundred-and-sixty-thousand miles of height and grew taller, he suddenly felt stiff for a second.

A blinding golden light burst from inside his body, penetrated his body, and condensed into a hazy figure around him. Countless strange spell symbols were faintly visible on the figure, while deep growls could be heard from it.

Along with a magical, fair-sounding rumbling noise, this hazy figure merged with Ji Hao's body. A scorching hot stream of power poured down into his body from the top of his head, momentarily flushing through his body for countless times. Ji Hao nearly screamed out in pain.

Every time the power stream flushed through his body, his body would shrink a little bit, and his bones would grow slightly stronger. Before, he needed to activate the cultivation method with nine turns with all of his power to gain extra strength. But by now, that strength completely belonged to him; it was accumulating inside his body, bit by bit.

Suddenly, Ji Hao figured out the secret of the cultivation method with nine turns. Priest Dachi, Priest Qingwei, and Yu Yu found a piece of Pan Gu's body; it might have been a finger, or a small piece of bone. But without a doubt, it was a remnant of Pan Gu, a part of Pan Gu's body.

They studied the body piece for countless years. Based on their own cultivations, they explored the secrets of the circulation of the great Dao in Pan Gu world, and finally created the cultivation method with nine turns.

That was a supreme cultivation method. Through this method, a cultivator could attain his or her great Dao with strength, and turn him or herself into a 'saint'. Yu Yu and his brothers hoped that someone from their sect could reach the extreme of this cultivation method, build a Pan Gu body, and attain his or her great Dao with pure physical strength. This cultivator would become the strongest being and the best guardian of the sect.

Nevertheless, the great Dao of Yu Yu and his brothers wasn't purely about strength. Plus, the quantity of the remains of Pan Gu's body they found wasn't great enough for them to dig deep into the great Dao of strength. Therefore, even at the extreme of the cultivation method wth nine turns, a cultivator could not build a true Pan Gu body.

At the extreme of the cultivation method with nine turns, Ji Hao attained no better result than an obvious improvement of his physical strength. It was like adding brilliance to his present splendor, not so meaningful. After all, Ji Hao had now stepped onto the right path to a true Pan Gu body, which was far smarter and more advanced than the incomplete cultivation method with nine turns.

However, the cultivation method with nine turns did give Ji Hao a strong controlling force. Because of this cultivation method, while attaining a great strength, Ji Hao was also able to freely and flexibly control it.

Merely under the mysterious man's guidance, Ji Hao would become a violent giant who knew nothing more than madly hacking everything with his axe. But, with the cultivation method with nine turns, this wild giant would be able to carve rivers, mountains, fishes, bugs, all kinds of animal on dew drops, with the finest details.

The burning hot power stream was like a heavy hammer that struck Ji Hao back to about three-meters tall. As the power stream flew across his body over and over again, Ji Hao could clearly sense the existence of every single one of his cell, and control every slightest strand of power inside him.

That feeling was fabulous. A thick screen was shattered by his incomparably strong physical strength. Suddenly, Ji Hao realized that he could now shift into any shape with his strong and magical body, even without using Priest Hua's Dao of evolvement.

With his pure physical power, without casting any magic, Ji Hao was actually able to transform his body into anything in Pan Gu world, that was generated from the body of Saint Pan Gu. He had the ability to control every slightest part of his body. Therefore, he could turn into anything he had seen back in Pan Gu world.

Flashing across the air, Ji Hao became a five-clawed golden dragon and curled in the pool.

He then smiled and turned into a seven-colored phoenix, slowly stretching his wings.

A dragon, a phoenix, a Taotie, a Piqiu, a Yaci, a tortoise, a rosefinch, a Bi Fang, a Gold Crow…

A giant tree, a vine, a grass, a moss, a flower, wheat, corn, sweet potato…

A hill, a rock, jade, gold, a pearl, colorful glass, coral, earth…

Animals and plants, the living beings and the lifeless things, the ones flying in the air and the ones swimming in the water, or the ones living underground…Without consuming any power, Ji Hao could turn his body into anything in Pan Gu world under his will.

Different from the results of shape-shifting magic, when Ji Hao turned into another being, he would actually become it. For example, when he turned into a dragon, he was a true pure-blood dragon, and could even be authenticated by the divine treasure with the dragon ancestor's bloodline. When he turned into a phoenix, he was a real phoenix with all nature-given powers of a phoenix. He could even be reborn in the fire.

This kind of a transformation was based on his physical body instead of magic power. Therefore, no energy vibration would be caused during his transformation. Not one, not even powerful beings like Priest Hua and Priest Mu could recognize him after his transformation, unless they saw him do that.

This was a true great power, an unimaginable power delivered by Pan Gu body.

His bones creaked in his body. The cultivation method with nine turns finished its final strengthening of Ji Hao's body. He then began absorbing the Chaos spirit milk at an amazingly high rate, while his body started growing rapidly once again.

Ten miles, a hundred miles, a thousand miles, ten-thousand miles…

His strength had been growing along with his body. Ten miles, a hundred miles, a thousand miles, ten-thousand miles…His physical state soared and soared. Chaos power streams spread on his body and condensed into giant dragons, coiling on his limbs and roaring silently.

Inside his body, the boundless void started expanding. The Pan Jia sun floated inside him, all alone and seeming to be so small. The void suddenly turned so vast that the Pan Jia sun only occupied less than one ten thousandth of it.

This void represented Ji Hao's current capacity. He was able to take over ten-thousand suns like the Pan Jia sun into his body.

With efforts, he could even swallow the Pan Gu sun with his current body, and truly turn the Pan Gu sun into a source of his energy.

Ji Hao growled, as a one-hundred and eighty-thousand miles tall giant slowly rose from the drained pool. His head penetrated the clouds. As he raised his arms, a hurricane was started. Countless dragons condensed from Chaos power streams coiled on him, letting out muffled roars, making Green Ginseng and the other green ancestors feel dizzy. They exclaimed and fell to the ground one after another.

Ji Hao raised his head and looked at the nine suns in the air.

The suns in Pan Heng world were hotter than the Pan Jia sun. The sun power that belonged to a Pan Heng sun was about a hundred times greater than if of the Pan Jia sun.

Looking at these suns, Ji Hao gave a grin. 'Nothing too bad would happen to Pan Heng world if I take three to five suns, right?'

"Good." In his spiritual space, the mysterious man looked at Ji Hao's gigantic body, then nodded in satisfaction, "Little guy, go, kill Pan Heng. Get the…axe back."

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