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Same as the Buzhou Mountain in Pan Gu world, the core of Pan Heng world stood straight on the earth, reaching directly to the sky. Standing at the foot of the mountain, one wouldn't be able to see the top. This mountain of world core was smooth and crystalline, covered in complicatedly interweaving natural stripes. Thin streams of Chaos spirit milk had been flowing ceaselessly down through these stripes.

A magical glow was emitting from the world core, making the surrounding space glisten like egg white.

Down the world core was the one-hundred and twenty-thousand miles wide pool, which was tens of thousands of miles deep, and fully containing the colorful Chaos spirit milk. A breeze blew across and brought an indescribable scent out of the milk. It wasn't an aroma, neither was it a stink; it wasn't light, and wasn't strong. It seemed to contain all smells in the world. The strangle scent even disordered Ji Hao's power glow.

When Green Ginseng guided Ji Hao out of the split trunk of a large tree, about ten stooped elderly people were already standing by the pool. They all looked at Ji Hao in a strange way.

"Little kid," An amiable old lady, who had pool-like shining eyes, abruptly began talking, "Don't risk your life…Back then, Old Gold didn't listen to us, because he believed that as a golden skin jade bone vine, he was strong enough. He did the same as Pan Heng had done, putting down his roots in the pool…He's still lying there now, half dead!"

"Not to mention Old Gold," An old man, whose long beard reached the ground and had earlobes dropping on his shoulders, coughed loudly and said, "Old Flower, you didn't listen to us either. You thought you can detoxify all poisons in the world as a red heart dark jade orchid, so you dove in directly, then crawled back out screaming in tears. Hm, you weren't much better than Old Gold, were you?"

"Kid, it's not easy for us to meet a kid like you who can naturally suppress us but is nice, so you…" With brightly shining eyes, the group of green ancestors looked at Ji Hao and tried to persuade him to not risk his life.

Ji Hao smilingly bowed to them, then without hearing another word from them, he flashed across the air, transformed into a golden beam of light, and disappeared in the pool.

From Ji Hao's shadow, a twisted silhouette rose. Expressionlessly, Yemo Shayi stood up from Ji Hao's shadow, turned around, and looked at the group of green ancestors coldly, then said, "Please don't interrupt my Master's cultivation. Otherwise, don't blame me for being impolite."

The group of green ancestor glanced at each other, then creepily chuckled together.

Yemo Shayi's expressions changed instantly. He leaped up, transformed back into a shred of shadow, and attempted to run. But, a green vine had already darted out from behind, immediately weaving into three slipknots that tied him up perfectly.

The green vine floated in the midair, disabling Yemo Shayi from moving. The old lady, who talked the first, 'smilingly' walked to Yemo Shayi, raised her palm, and threw a series of spanks on Yemo Shayi's butt. The old lady seemed to have one foot in her grave, but she spanked with a scarily strong strength, causing a very loud sound to be produced. Yemo Shayi's face twisted in pain, which almost made him scream.

"Misbehaving little kids need to be spanked, hah! I have so many good grandsons, and so many naughty kids are taught well by me. Kid, if you talk big again, you may learn a serious lesson from me!" The old lady then grinningly took out a large piece of honey, which emitted a strong aroma, and thrust it into Yemo Shayi's mouth.

"Behave yourself, and there will be sweets for you. Stay quiet and wait, let's see if your…'Master' can get through this!" Finishing this, the old lady turned around and walked to the edge of the pool, looking at it worryingly without saying another world to Yemo Shayi.

All of a sudden, an old man raised his staff and smashed on Green Ginseng's head. Thud! Green Ginseng was sent flying to a long distance away.

"You silly old thing, why did you tell the kid about this bloody place? If anything happens to him, if Pan Heng truly wakes up…" In fear, the other green ancestors pointed their fingers at Green Ginseng and began complaining.

Green Ginseng's head swelled. Rolling up his eyeballs, he squatted on the ground and buried his head in his arms. Hearing the other green ancestors, he dared not to even raise his head.

At the moment, down in the bottom of the pool, Ji Hao was never in a better state.

He didn't need to move or activate his power, but naturally, the power of his Pan Gu body had been releasing from him, and the Chaos spirit milk in the pool had been permeating into his body like a smart living being.

He never felt so warm and comfortable, closing his eyes with delight. That warm and comfortable feeling made him want to sleep. He felt that he was back in his mother's womb. Without needing the mysterious man to explain a thing, Ji Hao had naturally learned a lot from the Chaos spirit milk.

Chaos spirit milk was a supreme spirit treasure produced in the endless Chaos. Pan Gu, Pan Yu, Pan Xi, Pan Jia, all these saints, who had the power to create worlds, were nourished by it when they were still embryos in the Chaos. The Chaos spirit milk made them strong and healthy.

To after-world creatures, the Chaos spirit milk was the strongest poison. But, to the powerful ones who had the potential to become world creators, it was the best replenishment.

To Ji Hao, the Chaos spirit milk was the greatest magic drug for him to strengthen himself and cultivate his Pan Gu body. A drop of Chaos spirit milk could largely enhance his Pan Gu body. But now, this one-hundred and twenty-thousand miles wide pool was filled with Chaos spirit milk for his taking.

Streams of Chaos spirit light had been flowing rapidly on Ji Hao's body. He didn't need to do anything but naturally absorb the Chaos spirit milk, like a fetus absorbing nourishment in its mother's womb. Without making any extra effort, Ji Hao's basic-level Pan Gu body had been growing stronger and stronger.

His body began growing taller and stronger. He was about three meters tall, but soon, he reached three-hundred meters in height. Before long, he was tens of thousands of meters tall, and then he became a hundred miles tall giant, and his growth was still turning faster.

The cultivation method with nine turns sensed his rapidly improving body condition. This magical cultivation method activated itself, after which, Ji Hao's three-hundred-mile-tall body started shrinking slowly. Like a piece of iron which was converting into steel, the density of his body was increasing speedily.

The Chaos spirit milk had been flowing into his body without an end. His body then stopped shrinking, and began expanding again. As the cultivation method with nine turns operated faster and faster, his body again shrank quickly.

While shrinking and expanding, Ji Hao's physical strength had been soaring at an unbelievable speed. His blood flowing in his veins sounded like the natural stars orbiting in the sky. The rumbling noise could even shatter souls.

When Ji Hao reached thirty-hundred-and-sixty-thousand miles in height, the operation of the cultivation method with nine turns ceased.

The cultivation method had met its limit, the ninth turn. Ji Hao had cultivated himself to the limit of this cultivation method with nine turns, which was created by Priest Dachi, Priest Qingwei, and Yu Yu with their knowledge of Dao.

In the next moment, Ji Hao's body suddenly grew even more gigantic. His body condition broke the limit of the cultivation method with nine turns and stepped into a higher, immeasurable, mysterious level, that even Yu Yu and his brothers couldn't tell for sure.

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