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Standing on the highest stair, the Yu Clan man gently drew a line on a scroll with his finger and said, "The 'feather-kind' archers from Ado Blue Family…Very good for long-distance support. Ado Blue Family conquered their world and destroyed their natural enemies, the 'shell-kind'. Therefore, their reproduction rate has been raised largely."

"Hmm, good fertility. At present, they can provide the Ado Blue Family with a billion mature archers every thirty years…In two centuries, this number will be higher than ten-billion, right?" The Yu Clan man pointed at a nervous Yu Clan old man standing in the hall in satisfaction.

"Good! Ado Blue Family people, with the power of the feather-kind's world, you are qualified to follow Holy Blood Crown." Raising his head as he looked at the golden mirror, this Yu Clan man smiled blandly and continued, "How many archers are still alive on the battleground by now? Less than ten-million? No need to retreat. Let them launch the final strike, aimed at ordinary local creatures."

Glancing at the scroll, the Yu Clan Man smiled and said, "Next line of defense, the Moro Family…Eh? You brought magical, spiritual creatures from the 'dim-kind', didn't you? Interesting, very interesting. Let us see the power of the dim-kind. Put up a good show. The Moro Family is relatively strong among mid-grade families. I look forward to your performance."

In the hall, a Yu Clan middle-aged man politely and deeply bowed to the ones standing on the stairs, then took out a golden crystal ball and quickly gave out his order. A cold sweat had been streaming down his forehead.

Ji Hao stood on the battleground as he watched the raging white fire rise from the bodies of hundreds of feather-kind archers with beautiful white wings. These archers dropped their bows and arrows, then ferociously pounced on Ji Hao and the army of green spirits behind him like flying moths darting into the fire.

Before they approached, Ji Hao crushed hundreds of them in his surroundings. But, in other areas, Giant Kui and the other world guards didn't manage to stop these nimble feather-kind warriors due to their enormous bodies. The world guards watched the feather-kind warriors leave long streaks of white flame in the sky and falling to the ground like shooting stars.

White mushroom clouds rose from the earth, while fist-sized fireballs darted everywhere. The feather-kind warriors detonated themselves, and the fire erupted from the body of each of them covered the area over ten miles in radius, burning at least ten-thousand green spirits to death.

The desperate final strike launched by over ten-million feather-kind warriors caused a severe damage to the army of green spirits. All green spirits around Ji Hao were nearly wiped out. Only about a hundred-thousand of them right behind Ji Hao were shielded, luckily surviving the explosions.

Before the dazzling fire released from the explosions faded and more green spirits rushed up from behind, strong spirit power waves were abruptly released from the series of buildings in front of Ji Hao.

Ordinary creatures weren't able to discover these enemies with their eyes, but with Ji Hao's eye of Dao, he saw countless twisted spiritual creatures flooding out of the series of buildings. These creatures had incredibly strong spirit powers, and all their spirit power had merged together, vibrating at the same frequency. All of a sudden, an overwhelming spiritual strike was launched.

Ji Hao failed to stop the strike. Behind him, the last one-hundred-thousand green spirits and their shadow leopards paused instantly, as their souls were all crushed by the spiritual strike. They thudded heavily on the ground. They were still breathing, and their hearts were still beating, but they had died already.

Silently, green spirits fell to the ground wave after wave. Gradually, hundreds of meters tall tree giants also fell down; the spiritual strike even affected the shortest few world guards, made them tremble, and forced them to bumble backward for a few steps.

"Exotic evil things." Ji Hao murmured. These dim-kind creatures were like an original version of sky devils, which were shapeless, traceless, and existed in a weird spiritual form, hard to be defeated through usual means.

But, in comparison with those scary sky devils, these dim-kind creatures were so easy to deal with. Ji Hao didn't even need to cast a magic for them, because the moment his Pan Gu bell rang, all of them would be gone. However, at the moment, Ji Hao was a tree giant, and it wasn't convenient to let out the Pan Gu bell in front of everyone. After all, represented by Giant Kui, all world guards seemed to be a bit one-track-minded. If they found out that Ji Hao was an 'extraneous devil', heaven knew what they would do to him.

Ji Hao came to Pan Heng world to bring Blood Crown a trouble, not to start a war against Pan Heng world creatures.

Ji Hao was hesitating, but suddenly, the space around him dimmed down. A destructive power rose straight to the sky, while dense and dark streams of mist rolled out from the air, surrounding Ji Hao and his seventy-two clones, who were in the shapes of green spirits.

Strong and sticky forced wrapped Ji Hao up and slowed him down. Next, torrents of fierce power approached from all directions. From the dark mist, twelve handsome, god-like Sun and Moon knights in golden armors showed their faces. Above their heads, three suns and nine moons were glowing, creating a suffocating scary aura.

"Barbarians, you have caught the attention of our lord. He sent us to kill you especially. You should feel honored." One beautiful and blond Sun and Moon knights smiled to Ji Hao and said with a gentle voice, "Some mid and small-scale families want to follow our Master. The test for their family warriors is in progress. You have broken the balance of this battle…In fact, I'm okay with it, because it's actually fun to make more of those overconfident mid and small family people die or get injured."

Spreading his hands, this young knight helplessly sighed and said, "But, since our chief executive officer has ordered us to clean you out, we have no choice but to follow it."

The dense and heavy dark mist surrounded the twelve Sun and Moon Knights. Soon, a three-thousand-meters-tall, single-eyed giant stood up from the mist.

Ji Hao raised his eyebrows. A test for families? Was the chief executive officer under Blood Crown's command running a test for the family warriors of every mid and small-scale family,which intended to follow Blood Crown? No wonder the non-humankind army acted so weirdly just now.

"Interesting! You are actually using a life-taking battleground as a testing tool. I do admire the cruelty of your Pan Yu world very much." Ji Hao smiled and raised his six giant cudgels. Back in Pan Gu world, he once destroyed a Sun and Moon Samsara violently. Therefore, he now had no fear of this formation at all.

"Eh? How do you know we're from Pan Yu world?" The single-eyed giant looked at Ji Hao in surprise, asking the question without much of thinking. Ji Hao swung his cudgels with his greatest strength and accurately hit on the slight flaw located where the powers of the twelve knights merged.

Following a thunderous boom, the Sun and Moon Samsara formation disintegrated. By wielding his six giant cudgels together twice, Ji Hao smashed the heads of the twelve Sun and Moon knights like raw eggs.

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