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Shrill howls echoed throughout the battleground.

A great number of strange humanoid creatures appeared on the battlefield. They were around ten-meters tall, had iron-like bones, tight muscles, and sharp keratose thorns on bone joints. Their eyes sparkled with a cold, fierce, and dim light. Wearing high-quality armors and holding long machetes, they formed countless square formations as they approached Ji Hao.

The army of these strange creatures was boundless like an ocean. Against the overwhelming waves of arrow attacks from green spirits behind Ji Hao, they forward pushed speedily.

These humanoid creatures had especially strong defensive power. Ji Hao watched arrows shot on their faces cause muffled claps and then fall to the ground, failing to penetrate their skin. Scanning across the bodies of these creatures with his spirit power, Ji Hao found their bodies about thirty percent tougher than high-level Senior Magi.

Inside their strong bodies, an agitated, scorching energy had been flowing. The energy was like sandstorm from a desert, such that one could clearly sense every grain of sand in it.

They wielded their machetes, releasing black and red fires from the sharp edges. Within the fire, fine grains of dark sand had been swirling and clashing against each other, roaring and rolling like a small scale sandstorm.

Both sides charged fast. Within a blink of an eye, the square formations composed by these humanoid creatures and the disordered troop of green spirits mixed together. In close combat, the green spirits' longbows were nearly useless, but the machetes of the humanoid strange creatures turned out to be especially sharp. With a simple swing, a humanoid creature could cut a green spirit into two.

Shadow leopards roared in fury and pounced on these humanoid creatures. Their sharp claws and teeth rubbed against the bodies of the humanoid creatures, causing strange squeezing noises. The faces of some humanoid creatures were torn open, and dark blood gushed out of their wounds, but they seemed to feel no pain. They could always wield their machetes backward and kill the aggressive leopards right on the spot

Ji Hao raised a giant cudgel and launched a heavy strike, smashing hundreds of humanoid creatures. Next, he opened his mouth and released dense clouds of poisonous mist. These humanoid creatures seemed to be immune to herbal toxins, that they were merely slowed down a little bit after they inhaled Ji Hao's poisonous mist.

Some humanoid creatures even began climbing up Ji Hao's body. They hopped onto his branches and madly hacked at him with their machetes. Their machetes clanged against Ji Hao's body and raised dazzling fire sparkles.

Thousands of tree giants who followed Ji Hao into the golden city had humanoid creatures climbed onto their bodies. Countless machetes cut on their bodies, chopping off their body pieces. These tree giants growled with hoarse voices and crazily wielded their cudgels, without being able to efficiently hurt the enemies who were already on their bodies.

Giant Kui and the other world guards also noticed that these humanoid creatures were pretty hard to deal with. Watching them kill more and more tree giants, Giant Kui and the other world guards roared ragingly while violently swinging their giant cudgels. With a single movement, they could smash tens, even hundreds of thousands of humanoid creatures.

They had also been releasing thunderbolts from their mouths. Ten-miles-thick bolts of thunder struck on the earth like the enormous hammer of the Thunder God. Wherever the thunderbolts swept across, square formations of humanoid creatures were wiped out one after another. Nevertheless, the number of these humanoid creatures was way too large, that more and more of them had been rushing out of all building in the golden city, fearlessly launching offensives on Giant Kui and the other world guards.

Because of the life-risking offensives launched by these humanoid creatures, the battlefront on the side of Pan Heng world creatures was pushed back for over a thousand miles. Countless corpses of shadow leopards and green spirits were left on the ground.

Oddly shaped, scorpion-like mangonels were pushed out by these humanoid creatures. Along with thunderous booms, they threw out a wave of hundred-meters wide metal balls, which were thickly covered in thorns.

The giant metal balls were pushed forwards by a mysterious, strong force, that created circles of air-blasts as they struck destructively on the bodies of Ji Hao and the other tree giants.

Ji Hao quivered slightly. To him, these giant metal balls were like a breeze to the face, completely harmless at all. However, surrounding him, those hundreds of meters tall tree giants, who were turned into tree warriors by Giant Kui and the other world guards with their magical powers, were nearly shredded. Some of them were broken into two, with the pieces of their bodies darting hundreds of meters away.

'Dong, dong, dong'.

The metal balls fell from the sky like a thunderstorm. Within a blink of an eye, tens of thousands of tree giants were crushed.

Green spirits and shadow leopards suffered even worse. To them, those giant metal balls were absolutely disastrous. The metal balls landed heavily o the ground and then rolled unstoppably. Wherever a metal ball rolled, body parts were sent flying to the sky, while countless shadow leopards and green spirits were ground up.

In the tallest great hall located in the middle of the city, tens of thousands of Yu Clan nobles in luxurious golden long robes and armors stood straight, calmly watching the fight through a giant golden mirror.

"The first line of defense was guarded by the Shito Family…who claimed to be elites? What a joke! They have already lost seventy-seven point five percent of their family warriors who followed us here this time, but the number of local creatures they killed was less than ten percent of their own losses." Standing on the nearest stairs to Blood Crown's throne, a Yu Clan man said blandly, "The Shito Family people failed to show their potential. They aren't qualified to follow Holy Blood Crown in this expedition…Send all the rest of their members to the dare-to-die troop."

"The Kaya Family guarded the second line of defense…Not bad, not bad, really not bad. I heard that three-thousand years ago, they conquered a mid-scale world. Creatures from that world were born as fighters. Are these the 'iron bones' from that world? Very high-quality slave warriors. Strong, tough-minded, with no fear of death, and will never draw back." This Yu Clan man nodded in satisfaction and continued, "The Kaya Family has given an outstanding performance. Holy Blood Crown will be glad to have such a family as his follower."

The Yu Clan man lowered his head, pointed at a grinning Yu Clan old man standing in the hall, and said, "The leader of Kaya Family, we have seen your potential…Therefore, release the second line of defense and let your brave warriors retreat. Give the Doyu Family on the third line of defense an opportunity. Family Doyu, are you ready?"

Ji Hao slapped hundreds of 'iron bones' to death, prepared to release a thunder magic for mass destruction to destroy the mangonels with an increasing number in front of him. But abruptly, hearing a whistle, all 'iron bones' who flooded out of the golden city just now turned around and left, disappearing from the battleground at an unimaginable speed.

In the front, a sky blue ice screen suddenly appeared. Behind the ice, countless Yu Clan enchanters in dark blue robes rose into the air.

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