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Fighting to his heart's content, Ji Hao never felt so good before.

He learned the fighting style from Pan Heng world tree giants, expanded his body to hundreds of meters tall, and swung down his giant cudgel, which was condensed from pure green power. With one strike, he generated a hurricane wrapped in thunderbolts, that exploded suddenly. Intense vibrations happened millions of times within a second. Not even a strong flying fort built by Xiu Clan masters could take one strike from Ji Hao.

"Er!" Smashing a flying fort, Ji Hao raised his left arm. Next, hundreds of Jia Clan warriors trod on golden metal plates with all kinds of weapons, who had been darting to Ji Hao, watched a green bolt of thunder descend on their heads with pale faces.


Hundreds of Magus-King-level Jia Clan warriors were torn into pieces. The green thunderbolt struck violently on the city and landed on a luxurious hall. Creating a water-tank-sized hall on the magic shield outside, it shattered the roof and fell in, generating another thunderous bang as it flattened the great hall.

"Hoo! Hoo!"

Hundreds of tree giants climbed onto the city wall through the vine ladder, carrying their large cudgels. Witnessing Ji Hao's powerful strike, their eyes shone with a dazzling green light. Ji Hao boosted up their morale. They howled with rumbling voices and pounced on non-humankind warriors in the city from all directions.

Ji Hao laughed out wildly. As a tremor went through him, four new arms grew out of his body. With his six giant arms, he raised the huge cudgel and leaped up into the sky like a tornado, then landed heavily on a flying fort with both feet.

He swung down his cudgel again and caused a sky-shaking boom, slamming this flying fort to pieces. Ji Hao was trembling, as his endless strength surged inside his body. In Ji Hao's spiritual space, the mysterious man failed to restrain his excitement. He showed up in the spiritual space, waving his arms while growling, "Break them! Break them all! Smash! Yes! Just like this! Pure strength! The greatest strength!"

Sky-opening, earth-splitting, everything-grow, everything-perish, all living beings reincarnate! Ji Hao launched the combined move of the five over and over again. His cudgel cracked the space and left dark traces in the sky; wherever he reached, all non-humankind warriors were ripped into bits. Armors, shields, bodies, the giant battle puppets and flying forts, and even two cities of great calamity were crushed by Ji Hao's full-strikes.

"Hoo!" Ji Hao gave an earth-shaking roar. He widely opened his mouth and released a dark-green hurricane that swept across the area hundred miles in radius, along with all the strong toxins from plants. Touched by the hurricane, countless non-humankind warriors, who had been fighting in a battle formation, twitched and fell to the ground, fainting in an instant.

Ji Hao again burst into laughter. He covered the entire battleground with his spirit power. Priest Hua's results of the great Dao of evolvement almost made Ji Hao an all-powerful being. He observed, absorbed, and perfectly copied the fighting modes of tree giants, shadow leopards, green spirits, and poisonous bugs in Pan Heng world, then created his unique means of attack with the power of green.

The great Dao of Yan was ever-changing. At the moment, Ji Hao had become an omniscient and omnipotent tree giant, who was born and had been living in Pan Heng world since always. He wielded his giant cudgels and destroyed every flying fort and cities of great calamity that crossed his eyes. He sprayed the poisonous mist from his mouth and killed countless non-humankind warriors; releasing thunderbolts from his arms, he tore non-humankind warriors apart, limb by limb.

Gradually, he became the sharpest arrowhead of the green army. Leading tens of thousands of tree giants, he marched into the golden city forward for tens of thousands of miles, breaking tens of lines of defense in the city in a row.

Behind him, countless green spirits mounted on shadow leopards rushed in. Because of Ji Hao, the non-humankind had fallen at a great disadvantage in this battle. Their arrays were disordered, and they could not organize any effective counterattack. Green spirits flooded into the city and killed great numbers of non-humankind warriors with storm-like waves of wooden arrows.

Ji Hao's seventy-two clones mingled in the green spirits army, releasing the arrows of the twenty-four solar terms that Yu Yu once taught Yi Di. With the results of the great Dao of evolvement, they forcibly activated the powers of the twenty-four solar terms arrows. By now, Ji Hao had learned about eighty percent of Yi Di's art of archery.

Highly lethal arrow lights flashed amongst the arrows to kill the stronger non-humankind warriors.

Some Divine-Magus-level non-humankind warriors had been shouting and yelling, building defense lines. But, the arrows swished through the air, penetrated their heads, and harvested their lives right on the spot.

A thunderous bang could be heard abruptly. Giant Kui, the first world guard Ji Hao saw, had already torn open the golden magic shield in front of them and squeezed his giant body into the shield, nimbly climbing up to the city wall. The thousand-miles-tall city wall was nothing to Giant Kui, who was a thousand and five hundred miles tall. Giant Kui swung his enormous palm and crushed hundreds of divine towers standing on the city wall, then burst into howls as he leaped into the city while wielding six large cudgels.

With one leap, Giant Kui covered over a hundred miles, surpassing Ji Hao, who had reached tens of miles into the city, and landed among a luxurious group of buildings.

Giant Kui's feet were about a hundred miles long. When his pair of enormous feet landed on the ground, countless buildings and over a hundred thousand non-humankind warriors were flattened.

"Kids! Kill the devils!" Giant Kui roared. Turning around, he glanced at Ji Hao in surprise, who rushed in the front of the army of tree giants, then delightfully nodded and said, "Pan Heng will give you strength!"

Giant Kui widely opened his four mouths and released fierce hurricanes and dense poisons smoke, as same as Ji Hao.

The green-dark poisonous mist rolled in every direction. Giant Kui was way too enormous, that the poisonous mist he released instantly covered the area tens of thousands of miles in radius. Countless non-humankind warriors struggled, twitched, and coughed hoarsely within the mist.

Within a couple of hours, except for some extra strong Jia Clan warriors, all non-humankind warriors in this area died in the poisonous mist.

Ji Hao laughed out loud. He leaped to the sky and conveniently dragged a flying fort down. With all of his strength, he threw this ten-mile-square flying fort away. Amidst the shrill screams from non-humankind warriors, this flying fort smashed into a splendidly shining group of buildings, creating a deep ditch on the ground.

More and more giant holes were torn open on the golden shield of the city while Pan Heng world guards squeezed in one after another.

They raised their gigantic cudgels high and bashed everything in front of them. Wherever they reached, all exquisite buildings were shredded. A huge number of tree giants and green spirits had also been gushing into the city, madly killing and destroying. Dense clouds rose from all over the city.

The resistance of the non-humankind was surprisingly weak.

Ji Hao had killed many, many non-humankind beings, but he felt that he hadn't even been making an effort.

"Weird, weird. The holy being, Blood Crown's warriors are too weak, aren't they?" Ji Hao frowned as he stopped moving.

He began worrying. Blood Crown was a powerful being who frightened Piji Nu and the other Yu Dynasty emperors. His warriors shouldn't be so weak.

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