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Giant Kui wielded his eight giant clubs as he marched to the golden city. While running, he roared thunderously and released torrents of green mist, merging into the surrounding towering trees. Absorbing Giant Kui's power, these trees immediately turned into hundreds of meters tall giants, following behind Giant Kui while growling hoarsely.

Gradually, a formidable army emerged around Giant Kui, and the forest left behind by him was emptied.

Surprisingly, while running, flowers had been blooming and withering on the crowns of all tree giants. Fruits matured on their branches, fell on the ground, rooted, and sprouted in the soft soil. Before long, a giant number of saplings drilled out of the ground.

Clearly, all tree giants under Giant Kui's command prepared themselves to die on the battleground. Before the war between them and the invaders began, they had left their 'descendants' in this world.

Priest Mu followed behind Giant Kui in a distance away. Witnessing Giant Kui's powerfulness and the 'smart' behaviors of these new tree giants, Priest Hua even danced in excitement. These were his ideal disciples; these were the disciples he wanted the most.

Priest Mu had made up his mind, that no matter how, he would take Giant Kui as a disciple. Whoever dared to hinder him would be treated like an archenemy, and he would destroy every archenemy of hi.

Maybe because of the excitement, Priest Mu didn't notice Ji Hao, who was right behind him, under the protection of the Chaos power from the Pan Gu bell, hiding in the extreme negative power. Ji Hao restrained his spirit power and soul power, quietly moving in the shade of the forest as he carefully tailed Priest Mu and Giant Kui.

The space quaked intensely. As the golden lights reached tens of thousands of miles away from the golden city, the green thundercloud above the golden city was finally formed without collapsing. Following a deafening series of thunder, water-tank-thick green lightning bolts descended from the sky, landing on the golden city and the non-humankind brings rushed out from it like a heavy rain.


An extremely thin, honeycomb-shaped magic shield emerged above the golden city. Green lighting bolts struck on the shield and raised clouds of fire, making the shield shake slightly. But, they failed to penetrate it and harm the city.

Non-humankind warriors who marched out of the city and rushed to Giant Kui and his warriors burst into howls and screams. They activated their defensive treasures and tried their best to protect themselves.

A lightning bolt struck down, breaking into thin electric currents that swept across the air. The electric currents generated from every bolt of lightning would cover the air for a million miles. All of a sudden, sizzling and dazzling electric currents covered the sky, shredding non-humankind warriors one after another. Their shrill snarls echoed through the world.

That, was the fury of a world, the strongest counteroffensive from a world to the invaders.

Polo Yan were invaders too, but they weren't so strong. They didn't even manage to disturb world guards like Giant Kui, not to mention the natural thunder strike. To Pan Heng world, Polo Yan and his people were like a group of bugs, which were too insignificant to start a war for.

However, Blood Crown in the golden city and his warriors were greatly powerful. If one compared Polo Yan and his people to weak bugs, Blood Crown and his warriors would be like Chaos monsters that broke directly into this world and forced the spirit of Pan Heng world to wake up from the deep sleep. Before the world was completely awake, the natural thunder strike was launched.

Lighting bolts descended waved after wave. The golden shield above the city swayed intensely. As the natural thunder strike began, a dense green power gathered around the city. Not long after, the exquisite golden statues on the wall of the golden city were covered in a thin layer of moss.

With a thriving life-force, the mosses grew crazily fast, slowly yet constantly corroding the golden city. Tiny yet dazzling sparks had been bursting from between the surface of the golden city and the mosses, while a burnt smell slowly suffused the air.

"What can you possibly change by stubbornly resisting?" From the towering sacred hall inside the golden city, a deep and strong voice could be heard.

A giant golden and shining hand reached out of the hall. The million-miles wide hand slapped on the green thundercloud and shattered it, extinguishng the lightning bolts brewing in it.

The giant hand then easily and unhurriedly shaped around in the sky, dispelling the lingering power of the natural thunder strike, leaving nothing.

"Pan Heng world, no stronger than this. Weak creatures, how dare you resist the power of Yu Clan?"

The golden palm turned around and slapped down at Giant Kui like a mountain.

When the hand was still over ten-thousand miles away from the earth, the ground trod by Giant Kui and the tree giants around him began sinking and splitting. In the surroundings, mountains were flattened while earth meridians were broken. Strong natural power streams rose from the broken earth meridians, roaring into the sky like violent dragons.

Some tree giants unfortunately stepped on the splits of earth, where the fierce natural power streams rose from. Before their bodies were shredded by the rapidly flowing natural power streams, they only managed to give a deep growl.

Giant Kui cursed in a rumbling voice. He raised the eight giant clubs and roared towards the golden hand descending from the sky, attempting to fight against it with his eight arms and clubs.

Priest Hua narrowed his eyes and sighed. Finally, he made his move. He couldn't help it.

He raised the branch held in his hands and sent a million miles long streak of seven-colored light into the sky, brushing on the golden hand.

Along with an ear-piercing metal-clashing noise, the golden hand was cut into two by the colorful light, then fell apart. Golden lights and clouds of golden mist erupted from the disintegrating giant hand, while some heavy pieces fell to the ground. Raising fires and creating giant holes, these pieces killed countless tree giants woken up by Giant Kui.

Watching all this from behind, Ji Hao raised his eyebrows — Priest Mu had actually picked up a fight against Blood Crown on his own initiative!

This couldn't be counted as an action to fulfill what he promised Ji Hao, because he did it for his sect, and he did it based on his own decision!

'This is perfect, so perfect! Fight, fight harder, fill till one of you is dead!' thought Ji Hao.

Giant Kui immediately turned around, stared at Priest Mu, and yelled, "No need for you to fight! Devil! We, eight-hundred brothers, will guard Pan Heng world! No need of you! We will defend our people, defend our asleep ancestors!"

Priest Mu raised his eyebrows as his eyes shone.

'Asleep ancestors'? Sounded excessively valuable!

In the golden city, Blood Crown snorted, coldly and deeply.

Green tornados approached from all directions, as a giant figure walked out from every tornado. These giants were one-thousand and five-hundred to three-thousand miles tall.

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