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Based on the first target chosen by Blood Crown, Ji Hao had a preliminary judgment of his personality.

This Blood Crown must be a completist with OCD. Everyone in the cell could be his first target, but he chose Fan Hai. Fan Hai wasn't the nearest one, neither was he the strongest among all the people in the cell. He wasn't even the most important-looking one. Emperor Shun was surrounded by a group of earls and marquises, that made him look way more important than Fan Hai, a Yu Dynasty emperor.

However, among all targets in the cell, Fan Hai was definitely the ugliest one; he was from the Nether Moon. Nether Moon people worked with zombies, ghosts, and dark souls every day. As a Yu Clan emperor, Fan Hai was skinny, with a dark-look and a strong sense of death releasing from his body. He was absolutely the ugliest one in the cell, the one who was the most unpleasant to look at.

Blood Crown's finger pointed straight at Fan Hai's erect eye.

To a Yu Clan man, the erect eye between his eyebrows was the source of his power, the origin of his life. The erect eye was much more important than the heart of a Yu Clan being. One couldn't kill a Yu Clan man immediately by smashing his heart, but if one broke his erect eye, one would annihilate his soul right away.

Fan Hai shrieked. The layers of defensive seals before his face was broken by the finger, as a great pressure sealed the space around him. He attempted to break the space and escape, but he couldn't even move his finger.

Standing around Fan Hai, Piji Nu, Dishi Yanluo and the other few Yu Dynasty emperors changed expressions. None of them rushed up to try saving Fan Hai. Instead, they instinctively ran away from Fan Hai at their highest speeds.

Standing right under Fan Hao's nose, Yemo Luoye burst into a deafening scream. Next, she swished away at a strange high speed, that even shocked Ji Hao. In an instant, she dashed to the door of the cell and hid behind Yemo Xiu and another Dark Sun power elder.

Even the two Nether Moon power elders didn't try to save Fan Hai. In reverence, they watched Blood Crown's finger point at Fan Hai, then resolutely and determinedly abandoned him without any hesitation. They transformed into two gusts of wind and whooshed to the door of the cell.

Fan Hai was the Nether Moon Emperor, and was facing such a frightful strike, but no one from his family, or the group trusted by him, lent him a helping hand!

Watching these non-humankind beings, Ji Hao and the other human leaders sensed a sharp coldness from their teeth. They now gained a deeper understanding of the moral integrity of these Yu Clan nobles. These three-eyed people were definitely unreliable, and the humankind could never trust them on battlefields.

"Damn it, damn it, damn it!" Fan Hai screamed desperately. Layers of grey mist coiled before his erect eye. With both hands, he gripped an oddly shaped staff which was made from the spine of an unknown creature, then a strong death power surged out of his erect eye and flooded into it.

Carved on the staff was a crystalline, glistening but strange skull with six horns. From its deeply sunken eye sockets, a green colored fire emerged. Following a shrill series of scream, tens of fist-sized green burning skulls drifted out from the eye sockets of the skull, flying towards Blood Crown's finger while causing a bright swishing noise.

Popping noise could be heard without an end. Fan Hai created those green skull with all his powers, but before the skull approached the finger, they were all crushed by the invisible pressure.

Poor Fan Hai. He wasn't even a Sun and Moon stage being. He was merely as strong as a peak-level Divine Magus, a half-step Supreme Magus at most. Just like a mayfly could never shake a towering tree, with his own power, Fan Hai couldn't possibly stop the Blood Crown's finger, which was pointing at him through space!

"Save me, I promise you a half of my savings!" Fan Hai turned around with difficulty and looked at the human beings.

The eyes of the two Nether Moon power elders shone with a cold light, 'Damn you, Fan Hai! You're dying, but why did you choose to give it to the humankind instead of leaving your wealth to your people?'

Emperor Shun remained silent, so did Si Wen Ming. A half of Fan Hai's saving, a half of a Yu Dynasty emperor's saving, it was indeed tempting. But, these human leaders would never risk their own people for it.

They would rather sacrifice Fan Hai to carefully see how terrifying Blood Crown was, than letting their people risk their lives to fight against Blood Crown through the space. When Red Lei was killed by Blood Crown through the space with one strike, everyone on the scene was shocked, and didn't manage to clearly see Blood Crown's moves. This time, everyone was well-prepared. Fan Hai wasn't weak, but wasn't especially powerful either. Therefore, he was a perfect experimental subject to measure Blood Crown's power.

Seeing no on human leader responding at this essential moment, Fan Hai's face was instantly covered in a thick layer of death power. He now understood that everyone wanted to watch Blood Crown kill him, then analyze this process to measure Blood Crown's power!

These damnable people!

Fan Hai gave a twisted grin. From his skinny face, a dense cloud of black mist was suddenly released, merging into his staff.

Following a shrill buzzing noise, the staff quaked intensely. In front of Fan Hai, before Blood Crown's finger, which was less than thirty meters away from him, nine layers of bone walls rose from the air, dazzling with an eye-piercing light. But, Blood Crown's finger shattered all nine bone walls one after another.

"All my savings!" Fan Hai turned away from his own people and shouted out loud to human leaders, "All my savings…Or, do you want anything else from me?"

"All your savings will belong to me. All the zombies, puppets of the Nether Moon, and the bodies and souls of your warriors who will die in battles in the future, will belong to someone else!" Ji Hao's erect eyes shone with a sharp light. By using his spirit power, he sent his voice into everyone's head.

Blood Crown's finger was only tens of meters away from Fan Hai. At any moment, that finger could land on his erect eye. It was difficult to deliver any clear point with language within a short span of time. Instead, under the current situation, using spirit power was the most appropriate and time-saving method of communication.

"Great!" Fan Hai gave a growl. He didn't hesitate to agree.

"My Netherworld friend!" Ji Hao shouted aloud while wielding a short triangular flag, which suddenly appeared in his hand. "Listen to me. All of Nether Moon's zombies and puppets, and the bodies and souls of their warriors who will die in battles in the future, will belong to you! If you have an interest, save him for once!"

A bronze gate wrapped in the Netherworld power quietly opened behind Fan Hai. From the gate, a pasty hand reached out, momentarily broke the space, and slapped against Blood Crown's finger. The hand had been releasing a strong coldness, as if it were carved out of ice.

Blood Crown's finger pointed heavily in the middle of Netherworld Priest's palm and generated a clear popping noise.

Along with a sizzling noise, wisps of dense mist rolled up from where the finger and the palm touched. The cell quaked slightly, then all thirty-six divine towers and four altars were turned into ashes simultaneously.

"Interesting! This Pan Gu world is not as weak as you said! Stupid things, you didn't even figure out the true power of this world…You should die!"

Along with Blood Crown's deep growls, that finger disappeared without a trace.

"Fan Hai? Your life belongs to me now!" Netherworld Priest took his hand back into the bronze gate while laughing with a cold and hoarse voice.

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